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Is a legit steroids source or a scam one ? is an approved and verified steroid source:

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All pharma products are exclusively factory quality. RoidsPharm works without intermediaries, therefore, they do guarantee that the products are original!

All orders are made through their site:

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They work without any minimal order – so that you can ensure of their efficiency and integrity by making a small order.

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  1. jeff.88 - 2017-10-19 11:06 AM

    I’ve ordered from Roidspharm exclusively for at least my last 5 cycles, and as long as they don’t go anywhere I’ll be a customer forever.

    Communication was on point as ALWAYS. I’ve never needed it as I’ve ordered multiple times and my order has always showed up.

    Only had one issue ever and it was with my previous order…It showed shipped so I had been watching my mailbox and nothing was showing up, I didn’t send an email regarding the issue cuz USPS sucks sometimes but I received an email from Roidspharm after a couple days stating that there was a mistake in the system and it showed my order as shipped but it wasn’t as they were out of one of the products I ordered. Roidspharm allowed me to substitute it for a different product and offered 20% off next order for the inconvenience. I asked if I could just get an extra sachet of Dbol instead and he threw in 2 sachets for me without hesitation for the mix up.

    T/A this time was faster than expected. Packaging is always perfect and discreet. Vacuum sealed, and bubble wrapped and taped.

  2. getjackedfast - 2017-11-02 12:33 PM

    This source is great, great on shipping time, great with communication and getting back to me, great on the quality of product and I’m shopping here as long as he is open!!!

    No pip and quality is 100% on what I wanted it to do for me

  3. daboss999 - 2017-11-03 1:17 PM

    great communication, great service, quick shipping cant wait to start the kalpa!

  4. stampit69 - 2017-11-09 10:23 AM

    Been ordering from Roidspharm for awhile. This review is for my last cycle of prop & tren ace…ran both compounds at 50 MG’s ed, switched it from EOD & boy did I notice a remarkable difference. I put on 20lbs in 12wks, my strength & aggression went thru the roof… I did get considerable night sweats from the tren & was puttn dents in the ol lady… Top notch SRC & a class act Roidspharm is!!!! Highly recommend shopping here…

  5. XxCHiNKZxX - 2017-11-29 6:23 PM

    Fast delivery, well packaged, easy to work with. Good source for sure!

    Sent a few emails back and forth. I don’t think it ever took him longer then an hour to respond! Amazing!

    2x test e 400

    1x deca 500

    Pinned for the past few days. 0 pip on 2ML in the delts! Cant complain there! clear vials so you can see that the gear isn’t cloudy and they are filled to the top!

    I originally wanted a deal that they sold out of and since they did not have it. He emailed me a really good deal on a replacement product! I’ll stick with the source!

  6. Steele3426 - 2017-12-01 12:24 PM

    This is now my go to source. Roidspharm sets the bar real high. I dont know what else I can possibly say this is by far the easiest transaction I made.

    Test c

    Tren a

    Too early to tell…I will be running these soon…but from what I see everything is clear and legit.

    By far the best source I have dealt with. Will be ordering again real soon.

  7. johnmarshall12 - 2017-12-13 12:04 PM

    In this business it’s very important to have someone you can work with and trust! With RoidsPharm you have that. He is a genuinely nice guy and the products are excellent! It’s a pleasure doing business here, and RoidsPharm understands that you are the customer. A lot of people in this and other industries seem to have forgotten that!

    Communication and support are top notch. RoidsPharm is genuinely concerned with giving you good service and being helpful! RoidsPharm was supposed to send my second order Tuesday, but was unable to. So, he threw in an extra vial of Sustanon with a lot of apologies. It wasn’t necessary but it says a lot about the man!

    T/A is AMAZINGLY FAST! Tracking number provided. Packaging is excellent and very discrete! Vials are packed tightly so there cannot be breakage and nothing rattles around inside the box.

    My initial order was 2 Deca 500, 1 Test Cypionate

    I took advantage of RoidsPharm promo and re-ordered all and added Sustanon. received today!

    My first shot was large! I used 1 cc of Deca and 1/2 cc Test Cyp. Little to no PIP. Some guys run to labs for blood work to see if products are legit, or they go by gains. I’ve been around this game for many years and have a simple method that never fails. I do a killer workout after injecting eat a good protein carb mean sleep 8-10 hours and if I’m not sore the stuff is g2g! I had no soreness at all! My next shot was Deca 500 1 cc smooth as butter. No pip. BTW; I also can tell product effectiveness by the large amounts of oil on the top of my bald head, and acne at my age! My head was soaked with oil after two injections! The next shot was the Test cyp at 1 cc. No immediate pip but some soreness around site next day. This is not unusual for me some of the test esters do that to me. So you may not have the same effect. However it has a great kick…so what’s a lil pain? I’ll be using the Sustanon next and will review it.

    I am very happy with RoidsPharm and the products, and the SUPER FAST delivery! Overall this makes for a winning combination. I highly recommend RoidsPharm and his service! Hope this helps you.

  8. Wahhdude86 - 2017-12-14 3:07 PM

    This was my first order with RoidsPharm. While I am impressed with delivery time, i do have some criticism. I am very excited to see all the positive feedback about RoidsPharm’s products, but unfortunately I am suffering the worst PIP of my life. Really not sure if it’s just the one vial or my whole order.

    I have not communicated with RoidsPharm, hoping to have better luck on this site

    Test p is giving me terrible pip. Still hurts from over 4 days ago. I have been doing 1.5 ml eod and have been constantly asked why I am limping everywhere ha. Heat therapy and location massaging seems to help. Haven’t started winny yet but based on the reviews I have seen so far I have high hopes

  9. Pinjammer - 2018-01-04 1:08 PM

    This is the first time I’ve used Roidspharm, and I was not dissapointed. Turnaround was good, got exactly what I ordered, and the communication was excellent. I’ve been using the Liquid Dbol as a kicker to a test/tren/mast cycle and I gotta say I love it. It was easy to dose, and the cherry flavor made it go down easy. In six weeks I’ve put on 20+ lbs, some of which I’m sure is water weight from the Dbol. Got that familiar bloated feeling within the first couple of days. I used the Anastrazole for a short while but it was making me so lethargic, I discontinued it, but at least I know its good, and I’ll def use for another cycle. I’ll definitely use Roidspharm again.

  10. opeth71 - 2018-01-11 12:13 PM

    Love Roidspharm’s Gear! Ordered twice from him! And will again!

    Communication was amazing! I ordered and got an email almost immediately stating that funds would be picked up shorty! They were picked up within hours of my payment.

    Received product in less than a week both times. Packaging was tight and discreet!

    Tren Ace

    Test 400

    Quality was great! Ran 200 mg of test a week along with 100mg eod of the Tren. Strength went through the roof, got vascular as hell and could see my abs for the first time EVER! I never thought I’d have visible abs. I was over 300 LBS years back and have come a long way. I recomped like I never thought possible on this cycle. Great Quality Tren! Only bad sides I get are anxiety and a bit depressed. Night sweats as well, but slept pretty soundly otherwise. I ran it for 10 weeks but will run for 8 next time. The anxiety gets a bit much for me any longer than that.

    I’ll be using ROidspharm’s gear again! Will run Tren again in the spring and can’t wait! He is a stand up guy and has a quality product.

  11. AthleteX - 2018-01-17 3:17 PM

    Put in my first order with him several weeks ago and am very pleased! Couldn’t have asked for it to go any smoother. All of the service and gear is top notch. He definitely has my business and everyone should shop here. Zero doubts about it. 100% recommended (and I’d go as far to say as guaranteed).

    It took less than two weeks total from payment till it was on the doorstep.

    Everything is definitely legit and properly dosed. Ordered enough for myself and a buddy to do a 12 week cycle. Plan is to start at 250mg per week of Test E for 12 weeks and maybe bumping up to 500mg down the road while front-loading with 50mg of Anavar per day for the first 4-5 weeks. Also, will be using 500iu of HCG twice per week throughout cycle while doing a mini-blast between end of cycle and PCT. Than do standard PCT protocol of Nolva and Clomid. Let me know if you have any opinions.

    Love how it’s literally a one-stop shop! I dunno if anyone else can match-up especially in that regard.

  12. Somebody - 2018-01-24 7:06 PM

    Here is my review. I ordered 3 times now, and I will definitely order again

    I used propionate myself and I can garantee the quality. Actually I am running Kalpa’s tren ace, but cannot tell anything right now.

    I have sold test E and deca to many peoples and they seem to be happy about it. So I am absolutely confident about the quality of all products.

  13. jeff.88 - 2018-02-07 2:32 PM

    By far the best source I have found to date, and I won’t be testing the water with any other now that I found Roidspharm. Prices are more than reasonable, and for the communication and turnaround time you can’t find a better source out there. Roidspharm should be at the TOP of the boards.

    Communication and support were by far the best I have received from any source on here…Actually the best I’ve received from any online consumer based company ever!

    Turnaround was just as good as the communication. Packaging was extremely discreet and secure.

    1 x 10ml Test P

    1 x 10ml Test E

    1 x 30ml Test E

    2 x 10ml Deca

    Product quality is as expected or better. Strength gains are through the roof, energy is high, no more being lethargic. I’ve had NO PIP at all injecting 2ml or less and soo smooth! Will be getting bloods done in the next 2 weeks and will be sure to post to show T levels.

    Currently running Test P @ 100mg EOD, Test E @ 300mg E3D, Deca @ 300mg E3D.

    I have used other sources found on here, and I had my go to which was eventually shut down.

    Anyway after my last cycle I was skeptical to run another one as I kept getting injection site infections. Even when injecting only 1ml I couldn’t walk for 3+ days, so I didn’t know if I was having allergic reaction to EO, or the oil used, but after some research pretty positive that wasn’t the case.

    To keep this from getting any longer, just want to say I’m glad I decided to try another cycle, but with Roidspharm this time. He has delivered the best quality products I have received to date, and will be a customer forever.

  14. sayanbroly - 2018-03-21 4:51 PM

    This is a review for the KP trenboxyl enanthate, that I used with another brand of tren in a clean bulking cycle of 12 weeks at 500 mg/week with 1 gr of test enanthate and 50 mg/day of oxandrolone in the first 6 weeks… Trenbolone KP was used in the first 4 weeks

    Packaging is discret, the T/A time for this order was very high, the package was blocked in the country of origin for two weeks, after this period the package was released and after 1 week was at my home

    Product quality is very very high, that tren is extremely effective, little pip but nothing of painfull.

  15. lkj23 - 2018-04-04 11:10 AM

    Good source with good quality real pharma products!!

    This order took about 20 days to get to my door. All professionally wrapped and very discreet.

    Clomixyl worked perfectly at 2 pills a day for 2 weeks then 1 a day for 2 weeks more. Never lost my libido and other than water weight I don’t believe I lost any muscle. Like clomixyl I buy at pharmacy, next weeks I will post bloods. Arimixyl worked perfect at 0.5mgx3 a week, estrogen under control and minimal water retention with 500 of testoxyl enanthate every week. Pregnyl was heated in shipping, I told them and send a replacemment, once again a wonderfull customer service. Used at 250ui x2 every week, with this protocol I haven´t noticed a crash in or after the ptc, very smooth!!! Clenbutaxyl not used, is for my neext cycle, very soon hehehe

    One of the best customers service and affordable prices with pharma quality, I am very happy with this source.

  16. getswole2127 - 2018-04-18 10:55 AM

    This is an long and overdue review

    RpoidsPharm is very professional, answers questions in minutes.

    3 weeks from when the payment was received!

    I started pinning the Testoxyl Suspension and the Testoxyl Enanthate right away. The TS kicked in about an hour after I pinned and had me going at the gym for 2 hours, I finally had to get out of the gym. Left me pumped and explosive. After 4 weeks the test e kicked in hard! Making my workouts even more explosive and veins popping out everywhere. The girlfriend was like wtf? You want it all the time lol by far some of the best test I have used and I have used pharma grade before. I gained 8lbs by week 6, by the end of the cycle, I gained 19lbs and kept 14lbs. Not too bad!

    Thanks a lot RoidsPharm for being a reliable and reasonable source. You can’t go wrong especially him being I. The US, the shipping is unbelievable. Discreet and fast!

  17. Bigdawgrocky - 2018-06-20 12:15 PM

    This review is for the Kalpa Test Enanthate that was used during my off season bulking season.

    Used the Test E during my off season bulking season, and was satisfied with the benefits it gave me. The best thing I liked about it was that I didn’t have to pin frequently, and also the slow acting. Stacked it with other Enanthate esters (tren e and Mast e). Noticed an increase of libido, energy, mass, and strength at the gym. Ran it higher than the Tren E, and in my opinion I feel a lot better running it higher, and sex drive skyrocketed. When ever I ran tren higher, my sex drive has plummet, making me not interested in sex, which isn’t a good thing. Another I have noticed was my mood seem to be a lot better than when I was running higher tren. Everyone is different, saying tren should be higher because it’s stronger, but I like running it lower, and it gave me amazing results. I was doing a lean bulk, and didn’t have any problems with water retention/bloating, kept a strict diet still, and had my ai’s on hand, and controlled sodium intake, while gaining mass and weight.

    Recommend these guys

  18. johngiggins - 2018-06-27 2:58 PM

    Every thing was great, the packaging and the product, I received in 14 days after I placed the order. I was kinda unsure to order since the whole process seemed unlegitimate, but it was great. I have been using for 5 weeks and results are absolutely great. I was 175 when I started and now Im 198, what is so great is that my waist is the same but my arms, chest, butt, thighs and calves are way bigger. My pants fit me tighter in a good way, I still use a belt for my 31 in waist but I am also stronger. I will order again tomorrow to finish the 12 week cycle. I will get Clomid for the post cycle therapy to prevent gynecomastia, that is my ultimate fear especially in the chest. I have combined this with a mass gainer.

    For 5 weeks so far: Fast resuts if you work out extensively of course. Bigger pumps in and out the gym. I love that pump feeling. Only minor side effects so far such as oily skin, minor nipple discomfort (weird i know) and pimples like crazy. On the positive my libido is incredibly up. I wake up with immense boners and my girl is really happy with those results.

    I have been injecting 900mg once a week, 450mg on monday and 450mg on thursday. Along with 4 tabs of Anabol for the first 4 weeks.

  19. Lad26 - 2018-07-04 1:24 PM

    This was recommended to me and I would definitely recommend this site for anyone else inquiring the best products to receive.

    They were very discrete on packaging info. At first, I was very skeptical if the people I lived with would discover what I ordered but fortunately they thought is was an ordinarily package.

    I only ordered Test E and cant vouch for other products at the moment but I’m looking forward to the benefits! I was recommended this site so I have faith in it so far and the previous review I’ve seen sound outstanding. I will be definitely using this site for future orders

  20. longhorn1rob - 2018-07-12 2:12 PM

    The Tren E had a little bite to it. I ran it at just 200mg along with test deca and eq. It was definitely some potent tren. I instantly had a metal taste in my mouth and had tren cough twice. Aggression was way up and I started feeling it around week 5 but noticed increased vascularity at week 3. I would definitely buy and run Bodypharm’s Tren again if I order international.

  21. von_stroem - 2018-07-18 3:47 PM

    I’ve ordered from this site and I’m happy. I received my order in one week.

    My order is only Kalpa brand: testo e, nolvadex, clomid,viagra and winstrol.

    I don’t have tried the products but when I’ve tried I make a new review.

    The package was very good.

    Communication is very quick. Order sent quickly. This guy is a really good seller.

  22. zipo - 2018-08-13 11:23 AM

    placed order with this guys and im happy i did. i have recommended RoidsPharm to friends also.

    five start very fast respons. even during weekend i got reply with in 1h.

    very well packed, discreet and fast delivery.

    i did pregnyl at 2500iu twice per week for 3 weeks clomid at 50mg per day for 24 days armidex at 1mg every day Pregnyl was very effective in getting my testicle back to normal size. with in days i noticed they where getting bigger and fuller. by the time i finished pregnyl i think testicles got biger then they have ever been Clomid also worked very well. i have used other lab clomid before but this one is so potent, i felt effect with in couple of ahours. really works in getting your test levels back to normal. armidex was for gyno problem. it did take about 1 week before i started seeing result but it was very puffy to start with. im happy with end result as it did solve gyno problem. only side effect i had was headeck. i think that was from clomid but then again i think that is one of side effects of clomid.

    happy with service and recomend to all

  23. bgood82 - 2018-08-20 11:21 AM

    Awesome service. Was sceptical at first but every email I sent they responded back quickly. I have used the test prop twice now and it is good quality. Would def recomend and will be using them again real soon…

  24. DHulk - 2018-09-03 9:59 AM

    Review for Kalpa Mast Prop

    Always fast very nice source to deal with

    T/A well under 14 days. I was actually impressed with the packaging very safe and discreet

    Very smooth oil no pip even in various sites. Pinned every other day along with some Test Prop. Didn’t notice much the first week; the second week sex drive went crazy. My motivation was up I got everybody part at the gym dang near 3x in 6 days. After finishing the vial I do look defined and dry. Stubborn muscle became more apparent and recovery is awesome. I was able to do both cardio and weights with no issues at all. Product is as solid as my abs.

    Roidspharm is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for letting me sample this product I was very pleased with.

  25. pit4 - 2018-09-10 4:07 PM

    This is a review of some months later because i wanted to try the gear first and have a fully review.i had take part at the promo the fastest win and i was in.

    Communication was great support i wasn`t in the nerd of.

    Package was discret.

    Hgh jintropin

    Primo kalpa

    Products was great hgh gave me great endurance and great sleep and primo is fantastic i am in week 10 and muscle and veins are there again

    Keep up the great job.


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