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7steroids.com legit reviews

7Steroids.com Reviews

As a bodybuilder who is in dire need of effective, safe, and cheap anabolics, I have searched through several online pharmacy websites and landed on one that appears to be legit, 7steroids.com.

7steroids.com has started in the early 2010’s. Its first bases were located in Switzerland. The chain store system just expanded throughout the years and with the advent of technology, it has also found its way in the online industry.

The company sells a wide variety of drugs. From the most common oral and injectable steroids to drugs that can help in sexual activities, everything seems to be available in this site. I took a quick glance of their products and I have noticed that they also sell peptides.

According to 7steroids.com’s claims, all of their products are approved by The European Pharmaceutical Association, though I found no information related to FDA approvals. Throughout the years, they have gained the trust and support of several buyers because of the high quality drugs that they produce and the use of their own and unique customer support ticket system.

I have seen several online pharmacies and have noticed that 7steroids is competitive when it comes to prices. The company is even offering Sustanon for as low as $45 per vial. Is it not that a good catch?

Based on my research, I found out that 7steroids.com is also working with several warehouses and has signed exclusive contracts with them to make delivery faster and safer. As they do business with direct suppliers, there is no need to use local warehouses, thus making each transaction more affordable for buyers.

Of course, there are several other questions that I have in my mind. I would like to know more about the shipping rates, payment options, and return policy. Good thing the website is very user-friendly and I have found all the answers in the FAQ page.

International shipping is available. Rates may vary depending on the product and shipping option you pick. I have tried placing an order and before proceeding to checkout, the total cost will be displayed, which is very good. However, online shopping with 7steroids will not work if you are in a hurry. As of today, there are only 2 shipping options available. Regular Airmail delivery will take around 10 – 21 days while Express Courier delivery via USPS can be completed within 8 – 14 days. I have checked these options and I found out the Express Courier only works for customers in the US.

Payments through international money transfers and bitcoins (BTC, BTCH, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN) are accepted. There is nothing to worry about the return policy. As stated on their website, if I will not be happy with my purchase or if it was lost during shipment, they can replace, exchange for a different item, or refund the product.

I have researched about their contact details as well. I have tried accessing the contact us page to check if I can do live chat, but it is not working as of the moment. You can reach customer support service via their tickets system.

7Steroids Reviews:

Now, it is time for us to check what their customers have to say. Upon checking their Testimonials page, I noticed that their customers are very satisfied with their delivery options. Most comments pay more attention about how efficient their system and service are and how fast their products were delivered.

I will never place an order blindly and risk my hard earned money only to find out that I was scammed. I want to be sure that I am choosing a legit seller which I can always go back to if I need more products. These customer reviews are indeed of great help as they prove to me that online shopping really works.

If I were to rate 7steroids based on the reviews I have read, I would give it a perfect score. I have not seen any complaints so far. The customer named bigkaush purchased Trenolab-E 200 and he was very happy with the service. He even mentioned, “7Steroids is a great man that runs a very tight business , i recommend him if you want legit gear without drama from a source that knows what the fuck he is doing” If customers are making repeat orders, that just proves that the seller is indeed reliable.

Customer Restless has purchased the same drug and used the mail service. Even if the waiting period for this option is much longer, he was still very satisfied and would continue using the company’s services.

7Steroids.com Reviews 2019:

Let us check now some of the most recent comments; most were posted just this year, to validate the company’s performance at present.

It is good to know that 7steroids.com is still receiving five-star reviews until now, which proves its authenticity as an online drugstore.

User The Asian Hound, from USA, has purchased Decalab-250 and Sustalab-250 from 7steroids. He was very happy about the high service standard of this online drugstore. Even if he is located in US, he was able to get his package without any damages. He mentioned in his comment and I quote, “again the gear arrived 8 days after I placed the order. I could not fault these guys at all and will definitely be ordering again and would recommend to anyone.”

I am very much interested in getting products used to treat erectile dysfunction. Reading these comments give me a great relief. I think I have really found the perfect site where I can procure my medications.

7Steroids.com Coupon Codes:

Who does not want discounts or freebies? Aside from looking at the company’s reputation as a seller, we sure want to buy items from companies who can give us the best deal possible.

I have searched through their pages and luckily, 7steroids.com offers some discounts and other special deals as listed on the How to Order section.

When placing orders, after you have added the products to your shopping cart, you will see some bonuses in the form of cash-back, which you will receive on your account balanceafter making your purchase. Other discounts and special offers, though details were not yet specified, are being offered for customers with repeat orders.

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It offers top quality products and services at competitive prices. Discounts and other special offers are great additions too! Its approval from the European Pharmaceutical Association (EPA) proves its authenticity and safety as compared to some other products, including those that are being claimed as all natural.

Their shipping methods and rates are well recommended as well. This site is worth trying.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence

We recommend 7steroids.com to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders.

If you have your own user experience with 7Steroids.com -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. Hulk2272 says:

    Did you ever get your order?

  2. mhyne3889 says:

    Giving an update on my most recent cycle. Still my favorite site too use. And highly recommended.

    Always on top of responding promptly and professionally. Have helped me with any questions or issues I have had.

    haven’t ordered once yet without receiving my order in 2-3 days. Very discreet and safe.

    decalab 250 mg

    boldelab 200 mg

    This is an update from my previous cycle just finishing up this current one. After previous cycle ended at 235 lbs at 5’9 with what I thought was little water retention but strength gain was amazing. This time around I only went up 5 more lbs sitting at 240 but my waist went down from 34 to 30 and became very vascular and strength continued to sky rocket hitting strength gains I have never done before. Very impressed. Had never tried injectable dbol (bodypharm) but tried siting it and felt it to be very effective in my strength gains. Still no heavy sides little breakout on my shoulders very little but that’s about it. I used this cycle for 5-6 weeks.

    Will continue to update as I go along. About to start one more 6 week bulk cycle then start prep/cutting cycle for a show. Will post my cycle for my show as I make progress and go along!

  3. Pauly5476 says:

    Order one week ago they got payment haven’t heard from them since should I be concerned

  4. Polish Mad Dog says:

    This isn’t first order with 7steroids & wont be my last. i’m just finishing up with some 7labs products and couldn’t be more happy with the results.

    All questions answered in a timely and informative manner.

    My purchase: 2 7Lab Test E 250mg, 2 7Lab Tren E. 200mg, Anastro-lab

    7Steroids selection of products are excellent. I gained 12 pounds of muscle on this cycle. The test I was running it to double the amount of the tren as it was working better as on my last cycle I cocked it up.

    I was running 900mg Test a week & 400mg of tren this was a ten week cycle I injected 2 times a week, veins are popping, pumps are tremendous, looking more vascular. I’m much leaner and my muscles are much fuller. Was expecting to put on as much muscle as I did. Was mainly looking to cut up.

    Great products great service I’m always a returning customer

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