Anabolic Steroids / Bodybuilding Blog review Reviews is USA based company well known for its original anabolic steroids. It was established in 2006 and since then it’s working day and night to fulfill the needs of the customers. It offers extraordinary customer care and support to all of its customers. The main focus of the company is to provide quality products with new design and innovations. You can order your package by signing up on the website where large numbers of products are available. No matter what is the size of your package, you will always receive reasonable discount of every item you purchase from Delivery system is quick and your package reached to you within 3 weeks to 1 month. There is also a suggestion bar available for customers to give feedback and suggestions about the services.

Bodybuilders have different goals. Some loves light anabolics while others likes to potent ones. One of the happy clients said that is an excellent place to buy online steroids. He added that I always buy anabolics from this site because of the quality of their products and fast delivery system. They are the best ones available in the market. Another said that it’s the best place for you if you are I search of quality and cheap steroids. Prices are very low and they give you discount on every product which is awesome. They have quick delivery system and your order reaches to you in very short time. I have tried many websites before but no one is better than I just love the way they treat their customers. Customer care service is fantastic and they brief you everything in detail. I would love to do business with them again.

Broadly speaking, it’s a fine old school steroid store selling anabolics at very low prices. Quality is high. Order system is user friendly and there are no complications. Customer care facility is also available to solve the problems of customers. I would like to give it 5 out of five stars on the basis of user’s comments. If you are looking for some cheap steroids to buy on internet, this place is 110% fit for you. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Dr. Steroids


  1. big greek says:

    Another good landing and experience for me with The way I’m feeling and looking now I wish I could feel and look forever. Truly!

    My experience with GXXLG was top notch, if I had any Questions he would always answer and get back to me quickly, but most times I would just order my gear and things were always smooth sailing. If you need him he’s there for you.

    3 days and it landed at my place, Packaging is always tight and discrete. The delivery time is always first rate and for me it’s been first rate every time, and if you want you can track your package but by the time you do that it will probably be in your mail box lol.

    I first want to say I felt lots of strength from the Kalpa Dbol within days for the first two weeks, next came the swelling pumps and the good sence of well being, now Im visually seeing the results from my effort and the gear and I’m a little more than half way through, I’m up 8lbs and can’t wait to see the end results. My neck,shoulders, forearms, biceps, triceps, legs and chest are all feeling tight and pumped all day even when I wake up in the early AM.

    I’m really glad I chose GXXLG and the kalpa Dbol. The one true thing Iv learned from experience and seeing from my own eyes is that some gear may work great on others and not work so good for you , gear works differently on different people. My personal experience with this Kalpa Dbol has been great and when I need to I’ll order it again without hesitation. Plus ordering from GXXLG is easy and Iv never had any problems, I definitely recommend him and his gear.

  2. TrainInsane says:

    Great seller have used several times and Kalpa test e, deca, sus and dbol and all products are good to go. Hope pricing doesn’t continue to climb weekly because this guy is legit. Discreet shipping and 5 days to from day of purchase!!! highly recommend

  3. Chemi-catom says:

    Finally completed using the products, finished with PCT, so I owe this site a review.

    Communication was fast and good. They were quick to answer my questions regarding gear and delivery times.

    Packaging was discrete. You couldn’t tell the contents by shaking or poking the contents, which is a plus in my book. Arrived within a week.

    Was injecting Cut Long 300 E5D to complete the cycle, which started with oral Tbol (40mg/day) for 3 weeks. The gear quality was alright*, and only had PIP from the initial injection into left quad. At end-cycle I had gained 8kg, and have kept 6kg after completed PCT.

  4. SwOleGuy2019 says:

    Almost done with my 1st cycle of test enan. Growxxlgear is the man. None better, a guy who has a lot of real knowledge on his product. The prices are horrible but not when compared to quality. Just remember you get what you pay for. All others have to try extremely hard to be this good. I got shipment within days after I paid. The Balkan Test Enan is money. I have gained 20 pounds of muscle in less than 2 months, unreal stuff. A+ + + Rock on man!

  5. boots2asses12 says:

    Received contest gear in 7 days including weekend cant wait to start d bol and glad clomid is taken care of and was packaged very nicely, was very impressed so placed another order which only took 4 days! Will be starting soon for further review

  6. simonp says:

    this was my first order from growxxlgear and everything was as expected.

    good, friendly communication. good gear. fast delivery. what do you want more? 😉

    communication and support were great, very helpful, because there was a problem with the tracking no. but everything was alright then.

    packaging was neutral and discrete. gear was good packed, no chance to get broken.

    im on the genotropin now since 11th of june and must say WOW!

    im leaning out week for week. i sleep like a baby. i have no acne problems on my back and shoulders. (im using test,tren,mast belong)

    really great hgh, best i ever had.

    dosage is 5iu every morning and on traning days 5iu post workout with 9iu slin.

  7. HPTAxis says:

    First order, got a box of sustanon. USPS screwed up and missent, but it would have been here within 1 week from time of order, which they shipped out the day after payment. They’re awesome. Hopefully they get more sustanon soon.

  8. tootallslim says:

    These guys are the best, period. I have used 2 other sourcces and they were good but the shipping and service with Growxxlgear was FAST like everyone said. 5 days to the US, ordered some Test E and Nolva and I just pinned today and it was smooth as butter. I will post back later on quality but is Pharma grade official Test (not underground labs stuff) If it is good as I have read I will be ordering some more in a few weeks and some provirion.

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