increase metabolism

Increase Your Metabolism With 5 Steps

Increasing your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) is an important goal for anybody who is wishing to lose body weight. Outlined below are 5 simple steps which can help you safely increase your metabolism without using supplements or illicit drugs. 1. Eat regularly It may seem[…]

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bodybuilder sleep

So How Important Is Sleep Anyway?

Is not getting enough sleep stopping your weight loss goals? Disrupting your sleep/wake cycle will stress your body and increase your chances of gaining weight and putting a stop to your weigh loss because of hormone imbalances. It is fair to say that generally as a race we sleep when[…]

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bodybuilder smoking

Healthy And Wealthy

Smokers are much more likely to develop serious health condition compared to non smokers. The NHS states that smoking can increase the risk of up to 50 different health conditions, some of which are fatal. Included in the possible conditions are; stroke, heart disease, and various forms of cancer. It[…]

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protecting joints

Protecting The Joints

Regular exercise and healthy eating is an ideal way to stay in good shape, but we can often overlook the impact strenuous activity can have on our bodies. Our joints, in particular our knees, elbows and hips can be highly susceptible to wear during exercise as they are used heavily[…]

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sunless tanning solutions

Sunless Tanning Solutions for Bodybuilders

Sunless tanning commonly involves the application of substances on the surface of the skin to bring about the desirable browning of the skin tone. The use of the injectable hormone Melanotan has become more popular in the UK, although traders will most likely not hold a valid trading license for[…]

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kidney stone

Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stones are often too small to cause any notable discomfort, yet those stones which cause a blockage may result in severe pain, nausea, and fever like symptoms. Kidney stones can be caused by high protein intake, or excess calcium, so bodybuilders and fitness athletes who follow a high protein[…]

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acne treatment

Acne And Skin Care

We can spend lots of time and effort in the gym improving the way we look and feel about ourselves, yet acne has the potential to drastically reduce our self-esteem. Face acne can leave people feeling very self-conscious, whilst acne of the chest or back will leave many sufferers with[…]

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exercising safely

Exercising Safely

Exercising can profoundly improve both physical and mental health, but it is important we exercise safely as there can be a real risk of injury or harm. In this article we outline various safety tips which should reduce the risk of injury and accidents when exercising, and we have split[…]

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blood circulation

Improving Your Blood Circulation

If you believe you have poor circulation it is paramount you contact your GP. If you have any worries regarding your health you could also phone NHS Direct for professional and friendly advice. Whilst poor circulation can be a serious issue, for many of us it can be an annoying[…]

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