5 Top Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

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5 Top Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

Keeping it simple is the key to any plan to lose weight quickly and safely. No magic cure or secret recipe kept by a hidden tribe only recently found in the jungle. No bizarre exercise rituals that will leave you sore and confused, all you will find here are simple methods showing how to boost your metabolism and help you with your weight loss. Use these 5 top tips to help you kick start your metabolism and help you on the way to losing weight!

Top Metabolism Boosting Tip 1: Eat your breakfast

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know why? When you get out of bed in the morning your metabolism is running at the slowest rate you will see it all day. As soon as you eat breakfast, you kick start your metabolism and it starts working at a faster rate. This higher metabolism will go a long way towards you losing weight.

Top Metabolism Boosting Tip 2: Eat something every 3 hours

When your body is working on digesting some food, it has to work really hard to break down the contents of your stomach into something useable. This is known as the thermic effect and simply means that every time you eat your body needs to fire up to break your meal down. If you eat every 3 hours, your body is always working at breaking food down and speeds up your metabolism some more making losing weight a little bit easier.

Top Metabolism Boosting Tip 3: Include protein with each meal

Eating protein really does help to kick start your metabolism. When choosing a protein source use the legs rule- The less legs the better. Fish is an excellent source of protein, as is lean white meat like chicken.

Top Metabolism Boosting Tip 4: Add some variety to your exercise

After exercise your body burns off a lot of calories in what is referred to as the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The scale of EPOC does however depend on the type of exercises you were doing. Circuit training and weight training all really increase your metabolism, as does interval training. All exercising will cause EPOC but the above exercises will give more than any other and really help you to lose weight. Keep your simpler exercises for a day when you’re tired and want to relax a bit.

Top Metabolism Boosting Tip 5: Drink 5 cups of green tea a day

Loose leaf green tea has an effect on your metabolism. It has been proven that by drinking 5 cups of green tea a day a person lost an extra pound in a 6 week period. Green tea contains catechins that help your body burn calories and ultimately lose weight.

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