Increase Your Metabolism With 5 Steps

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Increase Your Metabolism With 5 Steps

Increasing your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) is an important goal for anybody who is wishing to lose body weight. Outlined below are 5 simple steps which can help you safely increase your metabolism without using supplements or illicit drugs.

1. Eat regularly

It may seem odd to many that eating regularly can help you lose weight, but this disbelief just further illustrates the mistruths and myths which surrounds weight loss and diets! It is all too common for people to drastically cut down their food intake when trying to lose weight, only to be left hungry, de-motivated, grumpy and fatigued. Furthermore, such an approach will turn your own body against you as your metabolism slows as it goes into energy retention mode!

Eating regularly heightens your metabolism; hence why it is recommended you eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones. Doing so will also leave you feeling less hungry in between meals, and therefore less prone to snacking. Alternatively, you could eat your three normal meals (although at reduced serving sizes) and also eat healthy snacks (fruit, low fat yogurt, mixed nuts etc) in between them.

2. Drink green tea

Green tea is a natural thermogenic and is commonly used in weight loss supplements due to its ability to increase the metabolic rate. Three to four cups of green tea daily can help you increase your metabolism, as well as supply the body with a whole host of health benefiting substances (see our Green Tea article for more details).

3. Start playing a sport

Increasing your physical activity levels is probably the most obvious way in which you can increase your metabolism, yet we would encourage you to find a way of ensuring the activity is sustainable. Pounding the treadmill for an hour a day is not everyone’s cup of tea, so find something you enjoy and can stick to.

Maybe start going swimming a few times a week or see if a few of your friends would like to play tennis or another sport during the weekend!

4. Include weight training within your fitness routine

Cardio may be your first exercise choice when it comes to weight loss, but do not dismiss weight training. Some weight training can be highly effective if you wish to sculpt a more athletic body and increase your metabolism! Weight training not only uses up calories during the exercising itself, but it also uses a good amount of calories/energy for several hours post training, when the body is trying to recover and repair itself.

5. Eat plenty of protein

Protein rich meals boost the metabolism and also will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Good sources of protein include; fish, meats, chicken, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Whey protein is another high quality source of protein which is great mixed into smoothies and also for post workout shakes.

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