bent knee close grip rows

Bent Knee Close Grip Rows

Bent Knee Barbell Rows Exercise Summary Technique User Level Intensity Primary Muscle Secondary Muscle Exercise Goal Benefits Technique Novice + Moderate Back Muscles Bicep Muscles Size Strength Equipment Needed: A barbell and a suitable amount of weight. Bent Knee Close Grip Rows Technique Instructions Technique – Start by positioning yourself[…]

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butt workout

Butt Workout

Want to firm and tone up your butt? The butt is an area which can carry stubborn body fat and is therefore an area of the body which females often want to target for fat reduction. Below is a workout which targets the muscles of butt, as well as advice[…]

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arm workout

Arm Workout

The muscles of the arms, the flexors and extensors, are recruited during many upper body exercises such as the bench press and chin up. The arm muscles will receive a significant level of stress from a routine which is composed of compound exercises, even if there is no curl or[…]

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calve training

Get The Most From Your Calve Training

As we all know, the calves are a very stubborn body part to develop and are often unresponsive to any passive training techniques. Unlike other body parts which can grew reasonably well from the major compound exercises, the calves usually require a more direct and aggressive approach. As we naturally[…]

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workout schedule

Lunch Hour Workout Schedule

Maintaining a workout schedule can seem an ever increasingly hard feat if you work and have kids. With the weekdays consumed by work and the weekend taken up by family commitments, it can seem there is no time at all to stick to a sustainable workout schedule. For those busy[…]

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beginners weight training

Beginners Weight Training Top 5 Tips

Beginning weight training can be confusing. Which exercises should I be doing? How often should I weight train? Do I need them protein shake thingies? With an ever increasing resource of information available to many on the net, including conflicting advice, and advice which appears to have alternative motives, such[…]

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Mass Building Reps

Exercises And Reps When Mass Building And Cutting

After the initial gains which come from beginning a weight training program, gains in muscle growth can begin to dry up resulting in many trainers periodising their training. Gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat very rarely go hand in hand for advanced trainers, with each goal requiring specific conditions[…]

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calfs and abdominals

High Or Low Reps For The Calfs And Abdominals?

The scenario: You hammer your chest, back, shoulders, arms, thighs and hamstrings with a moderate repetition range which is believed to be optimal for muscle growth. The calf and abdominals are stubborn and do not seem to respond greatly however, so do we increase the repetitions due to the fact[…]

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training forearms

Training The Forearms

The forearms naturally get exercised during many workouts which involve heavy lifting, as the forearm muscles are called upon during the action of gripping. Back workouts can be particularly stimulating for the forearms, with deadlifts, pull ups and rows requiring a strong grip as well as requiring flexion of the[…]

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barbell curls or dumbbell curls

Barbell Curls Or Dumbbell Curls?

Q. I have just started going to the gym and my goals are to increase my muscle size, especially in my arms! I have looked through websites to see all the exercises which can be used to exercise different muscle parts and I am finding some of it confusing. For[…]

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