Combination Upper Chest Workout and Lower Chest Workout

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Combination Upper Chest Workout and Lower Chest Workout

Why settle for a single exercise when you can make it for a combo? When you have your meals, aren’t combo meals perfect and more satisfying? The same can be applied to workout. You can do combo workout to get the most out of it for your everyday routine. You can do combinations to get a better and more satisfying results. A combination of exercises makes for a great workout. This can be done on a single muscle group for maximum effect. To start hitting those combos check out the Killer Home Chest Workout.

First, the essentials for doing this combo workout is a carpeted floor, a pair of pillows and a pair of dumbbells which are slightly lighter than the ones you usually lift. This will be very useful to note later on. Position the dumbbells on top of the pillows and space them equally within arms’ reach.

This combo workout is made up of three different chest exercises with no rest in between. The first part of this chest workout is doing push-ups on the carpeted floor, in between the pillows and dumbbells. Form is very important here. No bouncing and arching of the back. One should go up and down slowly without ever sacrificing form each time. One needs to do as many push-ups as one can with perfect form. Once done with the push-ups, one should immediately lay down on the floor. Doing this limits one’s range of motion and prevents injuries. Do chest flies with the dumbbells. This is done by laying down in the middle of two dumbbells, grabbing one in each hand and bringing them together up until one reaches just the front of the chest with the dumbbells held out front then slowly back down. This is done in repeated motions right after the push-ups.

One’s muscles should have a burning feeling while doing this. This feeling is a good sign and one should stick to the workout, having perfect form with each exercise repetition. Once done with the dumbell flies, one immediately shifts the arm motions to do dumbbell presses. These are done by bringing the elbows down to the shoulder level then raising them up again with the dumbbells in hand. The weight of the dumbbells provides resistance to the motion and gives the upper chest a workout. The burning sensation in the upper chest and arms are really strong at this point but one should hold out for as long as one can while doing the repetitions with perfect form. At the moment when one cannot do any more, one must slowly set the dumbbells down on the pillows. The purpose of the pillows is to have a resting place for the dumbbells one you put them down and to prevent injuries as you do so.

Training one’s chest muscles to this killer workout at regular intervals per week can result in a greatly sculpted chest in no time. Strength can also build up as one’s muscles get used to the workout. Pretty soon, one can even add a little more weight to the dumbbells to increase resistance and build even more strength.

After the intense workout, it is most important to stretch a little and let muscles relax before putting them under stress again. Relaxing the muscles helps bulk them up for the next workout session. So start taking combos of routine and start getting combos results!

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