Linear Smith Machine Squats and Vertical Leg Presses: Better Calf Muscle Exercises

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Linear Smith Machine Squats and Vertical Leg Presses: Better Calf Muscle Exercises

vertical leg pressTired of doing those barbell squats just for you to work out those calf muscles, quadriceps and glutes? Well then, try something new. Check out the linear smith machine squats. Your training routine doesn’t have to be monotonous. You can always try something new to challenge yourself while still achieving the same goal.

First of all, the quadriceps, which composes the front of your thigh, is one of the largest muscle groups in your body. Its primary role is to extend the leg outwards. Therefore, when this quadriceps is fragile and weak, it can have harmful effects on your leg posture and to the correct movement and positioning of the knee. By doing the squats movement within the linear smith machine, you can surely build up your quadriceps to avert any negative effects.

smith machineSmith Machine Squat can be used as an alternative exercise to the barbell. It can be executed from time to time after the usual squat has been yielding lesser results. And, it can be done even without a spotter. The smith machine squat is a really good way for beginners or less experienced gym goers to achieve the strength, technique and confidence for squatting. Moreover, taking a variety of squats in your workouts and you can keep your body balanced and strong.

Also, always keep in mind that in doing this exercise, proper posture should be maintained in order to avoid injuries. A lower back pain is usually a sign that you are not performing the squats correctly. Aside from the incorrect form, if you are doing the exercise improperly or simply cheating, your muscle and muscle fibers will not reach their fullest development

Another exercise to compliment this smith machine squat is the vertical leg press. Leg press is ideal for increasing the gluts which are for helping with the squats. The muscles you are working out here are the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh, and the butt. The aim of the vertical leg press is to train the legs in near isolation using heavy loads while minimizing the risk of injury to the lower back. It can allow you to pump more blood into the legs allowing them for growth. Like any other form of exercise, never start your lifting with too much weight and stop if pain is felt. You are putting yourself into risk if proper caution and procedure is not observed. Proper breathing should also be practiced. Remember this exercise is a great method for building great solid legs if done properly.

Smith Machine Exercise and Leg Press are a good combination exercise to add in your routines. Start building and flaunting those solid legs and thighs!

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