How To Give Your Workout A New Year Boost

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It’s that time of year again where health and fitness start to become very popular. The major problem is that a lot of people get bored of exercise very quickly and this can be very de-motivational. This can turn people off exercise for life and leave people out of pocket if they have joined a gym and signed up to a 12 month contract.

Depending on the level of exercise you have, I find that by mixing things up a bit, you can remain motivated and keep challenging yourself. Here are some quick tips to give your workout a boost!

  • Don’t separate “cardio” and “resistance”, What you tend to find is that the weights are kept separate from the treadmills etc, this creates an environment where people either use one or the other. I would say that any exercise that works the cardiovascular system is “cardio” so if you can your heart rate up by doing weights then this is cardio! The other benefit is the retention of lean body mass which helps increase the number of calories your body burns at rest.
  • Time your workouts! I have started doing this recently and it’s great fun! If you are doing a traditional resistance workout, then try timing it with a stop watch so you do as many exercise as possible in say 30 minutes. You may have reduce your rest periods and get more in but it is very cool. You can do the same workout in half the time and get a decent sweat on as well
  • Mix up your cardio, I believe a lot of people don’t stick with exercise because they feel they HAVE to do 45-60 minutes of jogging etc. Interval training is a great way to elevate heart rate in less time. You can do this on a treadmill, bike or rower and it involves very fast or high intensity intervals mixed with slower rest periods. You can get a really good workout in 10-15 minutes of doing this and sweat more than 45 minutes of steady jogging!
  • Go to classes, some classes such as Zumba or body combat are good as they create variety and also get you in a group setting. Exercise is exercise in my opinion and if doing different things keeps you motivated then great! Yoga and pilates are great for stress relief and flexibility as well.
  • Use “different” equipment, depending on where you train, things like kettle bells and medicine balls are great to add variety and provide a great workout. When it comes to using different types of equipment it is always worth consulting a personal trainer before attempting to use them. This way you can get advice on safety and effectiveness.
  • Go for walks! I am a bit fan of walking outdoors, it is great for energy levels and stamina. It takes out the “stress” of having to work out at a certain intensity and can be very relaxing.
  • Do some bodyweight exercises at home, to add variety, some of the old classics like push ups, burpees and star jumps are fantastic exercises for fat burning and endurance. You can do a really quick work out as well that really gets a sweat on!

There are some quick ideas and for me, the main thing is keep it varied. I wouldn’t wait until you get bored, there are plenty of resources available that can spice up your workouts as you go along. I believe that exercise doesn’t have to always be a struggle and can be both challenging and fun!

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