How To Exercise More At Home

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How To Exercise More At Home

Many of us live busy lives; getting the kids to school, working long hours, cooking meals, looking after children etc so it can be increasingly difficult to find the time to exercise. Being active is important for health and fitness levels, and just thirty minutes of exercise a day can drastically improve fitness abilities, as well as heighten mood and energy levels. Fitness exercises can be performed at home, or outdoors, not just at a gym. Below we have listed some ideas on how to exercise more at home or during the day, even if time is limited!

Exercise with the kids

Kids are bundles of energy and enjoy running around and playing. Playing football, catch, tag, basketball etc with your kids can be fun, and also be very effective as a form of exercise. This also has the added bonus of tiring the children so they sleep early!

Take a walk during your lunch break at work

Walking for forty or so minutes during your lunch break each day can be a great method of increasing activity levels, expelling calories, and also relieving stress. As fitness levels are built up the walk can be quicken in pace, and can cover a greater distance. Make sure you also consume your lunch however; skipping meals is unproductive and not recommended. Also remember to stay hydrated.

Cycling to/from work, and use the stairs

Cycling to work each day is healthier, economical and also environmentally friendlier than driving or taking the bus. This is a great way of exercising when time is limited elsewhere during the day. Other alternatives can be chosen to heighten activity levels, such as choosing the stairs over the elevator.

Power walk whilst pushing a pram

Walking is a great exercise for people of almost all ages. The intensity, speed and distance can be chosen depending on current levels of fitness, and the activity can be performed whilst pushing a pram or when walking the dog.

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