Resistance Training

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Resistance Training

Any form of resistance training, whether through a machine, with free weights, or via bodyweight training is beneficial to anyone who seeks to lose weight in the long term. For each 1lb of muscle that adds to the body, expect to burn on average an extra 50 calories per day. The more muscle on the body, the more of a fat burning machine the body will become.

Men usually want to build up their bodies with a fine bit of sexy muscles, but women, on the other hand, may stray from any form of resistance training because of the belief it will bulk them up. A sculpted, sexy body has just the right amount of muscle tone. Resistance training will help to build muscle, which will shed the overall body fat.

What are weighted machines?
Resistance training uses weighted machines to challenge the body. The great thing about these machines is that they usually have a picture situated somewhere on how to perform the exercise. They challenge the body but nothing like free weights would. With exercise, many people usually want to find the easiest way to work their body, although exercise performed regularly can help to increase the endorphins, which are the feel good natural hormones, which release during exercise. It can be surprising how easier exercise gets once performed 3-4 times a week. Examples of weighted machines include the leg press, abdominal curl machine, and bicep curl – to name just a few.

Benefits of weighted machine
This training helps to push the body into the fat burning zone. They are easier to perform than free weights and bodyweight training, and still build the muscle. Overall, they are a safer muscle training method because the machine supports the body. After a good workout, the muscles will be working overtime and burning fat for up to 48 hours.

What is free weight resistance training?
This is very similar to resistance training performed on a machine, but the core muscles are engaged (core: back, abs and trunk) throughout the exercise. The great thing about incorporating free weights into a workout is that the muscles will fatigue much more quickly. For example, a squat can be performed on a machine, but if performed with a free weight, the correct posture is required to perform the exercise correctly or the body may face a strain or a pulled muscle. A machine corrects the posture. Therefore, performed correctly, free weight resistance training works the core muscles and fatigues the muscles faster. The only downside to free weight resistance training is the strain the body may come under if the exercise is not performed correctly. If you work out at the gym, make sure to ask a fitness instructor on correct alignment if unsure.

What are the benefits of free weight resistance training?
The body will start to tone up dramatically in just a few weeks, together with a healthy diet, and the body achieves muscular strength from each exercise performed correctly. Many calories are burnt during these workouts, and additionally any form of weight training helps to burn fat for up to two days afterward.

What is bodyweight training?
Bodyweight training is fantastic, although tough. The exercises performed use bodyweight as resistance. For heavier persons these exercises can be tough, but for those people who want to achieve an even tone all over the body, bodyweight training can be very useful. Bodyweight exercises include press-ups, crunches, squat thrusts, and burpees (squat thrust and jump) etc.

Benefits of bodyweight training
Bodyweight training has many benefits. It can be performed anywhere – at home, in a garage, or at the gym, and you will burn calories throughout the workout and after the workout, for up to 48 hours.

What is the difference between weighted machines, free weights, and bodyweight training?
Resistance training uses machines to perform an exercise, and usually the core is relaxed throughout, unlike free weight resistance training, which fatigues the muscles faster and works the core muscles. Bodyweight training is much tougher because bodyweight is used as resistance in order to tone up the body. Regular body weight training will shift a lot of fat from the body and, although tough in the beginning, in no time changes will be seen in the body from the reduction of fat loss in the body. This will show up as inch loss, but may not show on the scale as muscle weighs more than fat. If clothes feel bigger, it is more than likely you have lost weight.

Both men and women can benefit from this training, although many women may still believe that myth – weight training of any sort builds big ugly muscles. This is simply not true. Without it or focusing just on cardiovascular exercise, people may find it harder to lose weight in the long term. Cardiovascular exercise is great, yes, but it does not burn fat for up to two days afterward, only resistance training can offer this.

Bodyweight training, free weights, and weighted machines work the muscles. When the muscles are under strain, they tear and grow back bigger and stronger. For anyone looking to lose weight, this is great news. 1lb of fat only burns on average 1-2 calories per day, but 1lb o fat burns an extra 50 calories per day. Over a year, this adds up to a significant reduction in fat loss.

When performed regularly, any form of resistance training boosts the metabolism. A high metabolism is the secret to long-term weight loss and sexy sculpted look.

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