What Is Wrong About The Steroid Community? And The Only Way It Will Stop.

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What Is Wrong About The Steroid Community? And The Only Way It Will Stop.

I know that I would like as many readers as possible, and what I am about to say may piss some people off, but who cares I already have been contacted by a few different groups’ lawyers.

I say to hell with it, if you are doing something wrong then you should be called on it. As I have found out through years of being around, is that the bigger the following someone has, the more likely he is a scum bag.

Let me start with the forums where ALL the bullshit starts.  The forum’s purpose is to inform and educate the recreational steroid user.

This is a great ideal , because for years upon years there were no place to find such info until these forums started popping up.  I know for myself I could have made a lot less mistakes if such a place was to be found when I started.

So why do I find that the majority of these forums are breeding grounds for scumbags and scammers.  LET ME SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR ANY SITE THAT ERASES ALL POST THAT FLAME A SOURCE IS A FUCKING SCAM.  There should be the occasional edit of a comment if it is way off base, but never a full protection of a source.  I know just like everyone else, no one is a 100 percent guaranteed, there will always be a situation where a dirty postal worker or something interferes, but if they do their job right, they will make it right.

So why, if the source is legit, do they need MODs and ADMINs erasing history to make the source look good.  The answer is they don’t!!!!!  But for some stupid reason this is common practice at a good amount of these forums.

Let me also say that when a site is sponsored by a source, that should only entail a banner on the site and source information, NOTHING ELSE.  We have several so called honest boards abusing their power by keeping dirt bags in business by removing any complaint about said source.  This allows for dirty vendors to stay in business years past their reliability.

If you are a member of a board that does so, you need to ask yourself why they do it.  There are many sources that never do this, but stay in business for a long time, so ask yourself if you were a vendor and were a upstanding person, why is it necessary to pay sites so much money when they could be using such money to resend packages, and things of that nature.

This bothers me to such an extreme, because if the steroid community (at least the honest members) could come together, we could eliminate such practices and improve the quality of service immensely.  Because to me, I don’t understand why any member of our community would go to such great lengths to help facilatate bad sources ( as a matter of fact 90% of sources are bogus) , and increase the terrible conditions that plague our world.

Please guys take a look at what we can do, and please start helping the situation.

If you see a scammer call them out and if your too scared call me with facts and I will personally call them out.  That’s why I stress the importance of the great sites I frequent (www.roids.biz, www.rxbodybuilders.com) because neither have sponsors ( as far as I know) and freedom of speech is encouraged.

Lately I have been hanging out in www.newmass.us and www.health-secrets.net and both seem like they are on the up and up ( only time will tell) but I am making an effort to look around and find the offending sites.  We need to police our own community!

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

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  1. The Steroid Experiment says:

    What’s your opinion on bodybuilding.com and musclesci.com (these are the two I use)? I recall seeing a post about the Testosterone Recovery Stack at some forum or another and I’m sure there were some negative posts about it that were later removed (not necessarily at the two forums listed above I don’t recall now).

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