I Wanted To Pass This On.

Sciroxx Brand

I just received an email about the exceptional customer service a gentleman received from Sciroxx , and he passed it on to me. With the article I just wrote a few months back , I figured I would post it:

I read all your blog entries, but I’ve waited until my situation was resolved to contact you. One Post in particular stood out to me, your entry about customer service in the black market.

Sciroxx without doubt has exceeded expectations and has gone the extra 10 miles when it came to my case.

I paid back in August… his chinese contact maintains he never received my wire, but i have had it verified.

Sciroxx has made good on my order despite in his mind not receiving any money from me. He even sent me some movies to hold me over in the mean time.

I can’t go around advertising for him like one would usually do with a legitimate business, but I figured you might be able to, or use my case in a future blog.

We’re lucky to have an honest and good guy in this industry.

Thanks again Dr. S

I want you to ask yourself , how many sources that you have used in your life have done such???? How many sources just wrote you off and said fuck you???? I guess in an Industry gone to the dark-side , it is over-appreciated when one tries to raise the bar…..

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] .

Dr. Steroids

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