UFC 100 Results, Lesnar Earns His Title

Brock Lesnar leaves a rock on the side of Frank Mir’s face, and then walks away with a well deserved title. Mir, who dropped about ten pounds for this fight, was absolutely dominated the entire time, barely even getting the chance to get in a strike. Lesnar took a chance and spent most of the fight on the ground, despite the risk of Mir’s vicious ground game, proving to the world that he absolutely can beat Mir at his own game. In the final seconds, Brock delivered blow after unrelenting blow, knocking Frank unconscious. Lesnar didn’t have so much as a scratch! That’s how a championship belt is supposed to be won. Lesnar had a lot to prove to a lot of haters out there and hopefully now they’ll give him the respect he truly deserves. Though, I doubt it after he flicked them off. Oh well, they kind of deserve it after all the smack. Oh, and his closing statements: classic. Bud light doesn’t pay him enough, so he’ll have a Coors, and maybe, just maybe he’ll celebrate his victory on top of his wife. Ha-ha! That was almost as entertaining as the fight itself.

UFC 100 lived up to the hype and then some. Georges St. Pierre also did a magnificent job of defending his welterweight title. Though Thaigo Alves showed a lot of heart by being able to stick it out for nearly a full five rounds before giving in, St. Pierre won hands down. I’m one who would absolutely love to see him go toe to toe with Anderson Silva. St. Pierre knows how to defend his title and isn’t willing to wait for the attack, like I’ve seen Silva do. Georges makes use of every second in the octagon and gives the fans what they want to see. Way to go.

Also, excellent fight, Dan Henderson for clocking  Michael Bisbing and hopefully putting an end to all his trash talk. One thing I can’t stand is petty trash talk. But one thing I love is trash talk that gets knocked the *$%# out! People are going to be talking about this night for years to come.

Awesome, awesome evening. UFC really delivered on this one.

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