True Life (MTV) – I Want To Use Steroids ( Really??? )

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True Life (MTV) – I Want To Use Steroids ( Really??? )

So I watched it on TV today for the 10th time, and I am not sure why I keep watching it, especially since it aggravates the shit out of me. Not because the guys, including the nutritionist , are clueless.

Or because so many were throwing out untruthful facts about steroid side effects , and /or general use.  Mainly because MTV took this popular topic and used it as a platform to further these bullshit myths, but tried to make it seem like they were neutral and had no opinion about this topic, but this showed to be untrue.

At least if your going to bash steroids, be upfront enough  to state so, don’t portray like your doing an unbiased show and then show all the angles of where these people found failure, and to top it off bring in the parents of a young athlete who committed suicide, which in itself is a tragedy, but just a ploy to make steroids look bad.

First off , I love Brian, he is the best story, he openly blames steroids for his mental issues, when he was an obviously unstable person long before steroid use. He states after his stripping show at the club , that he was still unhappy inside even though he looked so much better.

Point being , steroids don’t make a sane and sound person into a massively depressed person.

Don’t get me wrong, steroids can have some adverse effects on people with depression issues, and I won’t deny that, but this show made steroids into this horrible creature that takes normal people and makes them into these manic depressive people.

So for the record, Brian you were fucking crazy long before steroids, and the fact that you put so much hope into the idea that changing your appearance will fix your inside, is the  cause of your problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing more.

Next, the tragedy of the USC baseball player is a sad situation, and I really do feel for his family, so in no way should they take this as an attack , take it is the other side of the coin because they spewed opinions in the  form of so called fact.

Lets be honest, a lot of potential D-1 athletes use steroids to make up for the lack of genetics, and let me fully disclose that , in my opinion, steroid use before you are fully grown ( before 21 or so )  is stupid, unless your a pro bodybuilder, so I don’t condone such.

 But without significant research into exactly what he did, and who he really was before use ( not what his parents thought, because parents normally have no clue of who their child is during  the teen years ), it would be wrong of me . With that said, they have very little knowledge of steroids, to exclaim that steroids made him depressed and that he was a normal happy person until steroids, and they did all the damage , just seems off to me. They don’t mention the pressure D-1 sports put on a young person, or the work load of a top notch school, people commit suicide every year from just one of those issues, or less, without steroids ever being used, but why would the average American take responsibility for their own actions, or lack there of. Nope it is easier to blame a substance.

Like steroids, drugs, alcohol, but there is always a reason we pick up the substance, and normally that reason is the culprit.  Withdrawals of steroids is possible, but with such a young body , his test levels should have rebounded pretty fast, and if he did a proper PCT there would not have been much issue to see, but like I said I don’t have all of the evidence so it would be hard to state.

Just the same God bless his family, and hopefully this situation will make stressed out athletes think before acting.

PCT, a term I didn’t hear once during the program, which shows how little these guys know, PCT is the basis of the cycle, without it you will lose the majority of the gains, depending on what you used.

So when I here the Fitness model went from 4 plates to 2 plates on the Hammer Strength Decline machine, you know that he and the people around him were clueless.

PCT, let me say it again, PCT, so not only are they stupid, but they portray a picture that states you lose all your strength.

well I have a bench press that states different.

I think the girlfriend of the MMA fighter got under my skin with the comment, I have been looking on the internet and the side effects are horrible, well my friend look at the side effects for the majority of the medicine your prescribed, it is way worse.

So get a clue, I am so tired of the biggest opposers to steroids, are the least educated on the subject , just take Taylor Hooten for an example.

Steroid users have shaved heads ( because we all are going bald ), we carry around towels ( because we all sweat uncontrollable ) , and we all are angry ( well with such moronic opposition , you would be angry too ).  Remember ignorance is bless to the ignorant and harmful to the intelligent.

That’s all I have to say about that ( Forrest Gump ), so thank you for reading and please feel free  to contact me with any questions or comments.

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