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So You Want To Do Your First Steroid Cycle

While I write to all level of steroid users, I feel the new comer is the  most important person (I wonder where I heard that before).  So vets please understand when at times my blog seems very basic, I promise I will make it up to you.  One day you decide you want to do a cycle of anabolic steroids, or maybe it has been a  dream for a long time but you just didn’t have the balls.  Now that you feel ready, it doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy steroids now, nope that’s the last step.

First off, it has been my experience that joining a well respected steroid forum is a great idea.  Here is where you can take your first step towards an intelligent cycle, that being, do a lot of research.  Learn about how the different compounds work and what qualities they produce when used.  With this you also want to read up on possible side effects, because anyone that injects a substance in there body without a clue of what it does, is an idiot.  Years ago there weren’t resources like this so take full advantage of them.  Next ask questions, especially to the well respected members of this forum, asking how much of the steroid should I use is always a good one.  This will give you a gauge of how much you know and how far you are from being ready to order the juice.  Just as a side note, your first cycle should be Test only.  When you have done enough research on steroids, the next task is to learn about PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).  This is very important because your PCT decides how much of your gains you will keep.  So now you have done your research and know your stuff, now its time to order, but make sure you order everything at once, you don’t want a cycle stalling because you had to order mid-cycle and ran out.  When ordering make sure you order enough for the entire cycle and PCT.  Waiting for your steroids to come in, when your about to run out is the worst thing to have happen.  Now buying the steroids should be a very easy task if you found yourself a reputable forum already, please never type in buy steroids in the Google search engine and expect to get real steroids, it is estimated that anywhere from 75 – 90 % of sites are bogus, so a quality source is a must.  Now you sit back and wait for the arrival, but in the mean time there is still work to do.  Proper nutrition and supplementation are very important to get the most out of you workouts, so with the help of your new friends, get a diet planned based on your overall goals.  Find out how much protein you need to take in daily, which opinions range from 1-2 grams of protein per pound you weigh per day.  With this get a idea of what your carb intake should be, and what fats are needed to build muscle ( like EFA’s).

With a sound diet plan behind you, once again based on your goals get a workout routine that best suits your build, there are so many out there but my rule of thumb is don’t overwork your muscles, they need rest just as much as they need to be ripped.

Finally learn how and where to inject the steroids so when they arrive you will know, I recommend the delts and glutes for the first go around, remembering to aspirate after inserting the needle in you ( aspirating is lightly pulling on the plunger to make sure no blood enters the syringe, if blood does enter pull out needle and try another spot).  I asked a nurse i knew to inject the first few times to help me learn.  Once you start your cycle make sure to get your blood work done monthly, this is very important.  Well now that you have read this you might say damn this is a lot of work, yes it is and that is why unless your serious you won’t even bother, but if your dedicated, not only will your muscle grow but so will your knowledge of steroids, which is imperative for a safe cycle.  To all I say enjoy and please be careful.  You only have one life so take care of yourself.  If anyone has any question on what I have stated today please ask, I am always here to answer questions.


  1. DrS says:

    First cycle should be Test only , normally Test Cyp or Test Ent , so you dont have to take so many shots… Make sure to do research on PCT..

  2. ATrain says:

    So I’m close to buying my first steroid cycles, seems legit, was told I have the following avail to me. Enth, dec, prop, and cyp apparently separate shots or together for max price. So my question is, which is best to start with and/or in what order?? Please advise….thank you…

  3. Dave says:

    i can get primaboline too… but basically i wanna be 25 pounds heavier and shredded… any other types you reccomend i can see if i can get my hands on them but this is what i can walk down the road too and purchase from a friend… thanks!

  4. Dave says:

    Hello, I have access to Cyp, Sust, Decca, Prop, Enth, dbol, anavar, wini, and super test… 2 years ago i took stacked cyp and decca and took dbol in the beginning. I ended on a shoulder injury durring football and wasnt able to do my PCT but i bought Chlomid and Nolvadex… I was happy with my size and strength gains but i was not cut like i wanted to be… does anyone have any recomendations on what to take? i want less water retention… should i do the same cycle as before and then after my PCT switch to winni and prop? any information will be greatly apreciated… any tips as well… Also, ive always only injected in my glutes, does shooting in your shoulder give you better gains on your upper body or does it not matter? Any recomendations on vitamins to take as well? last time i took the megamen vitamins and a couple other things from GNC but is there any specific needs or favorites? thanks for listening…

  5. Tom says:

    I am 145lbs, I fight MMA and I’m looking to begin using steroids for the first time. I don’t know how to go about acquiring but i want to move up to the 165lbs weight class. any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated

  6. DrS says:

    Email me and I can help you better. [email protected]

  7. kevin says:

    i am 20 years old and I have been seriously working out for 2 years now..My diet is good and i supplement well. This summer I experimented with a anavar only cycle to help with performance in a sport..I know it would of been ideal to stack it with test but i couldnt take the risk because Test would stay in my system for some time and may have been blood tested..Im 185 pounds and if i wanted to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle what cycle would you recomend..i know anavar is meant more for cutting but with test would this be possible..I want something that is safe, and gives quality gains with little risk of sides no matter the cost..thanks you for your time

  8. DrS says:

    Well thank you for your opinion but , I am not sure why you decided to write such. Please feel free to debate the topic with me but please come with fact and not uneducated statements as above. Steroids do not turn your skin yellow , bad spray tanner and kidney failure do. Kidney failure is not a main concern within recreational steroid users. Steroids are illegal in the US , but happen to be legal in several countries. Thank you for stopping by and God’s speed

  9. hatesteroids says:


  10. DrS says:

    Well as much as I appreciate your opinion, speaking for all well rounded mature people, have you spoken to all well rounded mature paople and this is the results or are you speaking for people that didnt approve of such. Its your opinion so state it as such. Talking about gutless, and shortcuts, the work has to be done, it just allows your body to have the capability. As I state in most of my blogs , there is no shortcut, you have to work and work hard for your gains. As for me pushing someone towards using that is against everything I believe in. It is like you forcing people not to. I don’t mind opposition to my views, but I do require when you do so, you come educated on the topic, and you back everything up with fact. Thank you for your viewpoint it is always welcomed here….

  11. Stavros says:

    i think information on this topic of anabolic steroid use is good, but encouragement? “you wanted to try steroids … but didn’t have the balls”??

    most rounded, mature people would think that it takes balls to work on your body WITHOUT taking gutless shortcuts and risks.

  12. Lawrence says:

    A very good place to learn how to inject yourself is youtube . They have numerous videos showing everything from how to open ampules , satchels and how and where to properly inject roids . I live 30 minutes from Mexico now , so supply is no problem . But I ordered from the same overseaa pharmacy for 10+ years . Only order a personal ammount , because if custom intercepts it they will mail you a letter saying what they confiscated and tell you if you have a prescription you can come pick it up . DON’T !!!!
    DR Stevens is correct that a minimum of 75% of overseas pharmacies are scams . Besides a forum your second best bet is the back of certain bodybuilding mags. Start with a small order $10-30
    another help is if there is a ad in a 1995 magazine and the same comp/person has a ad in a current mag , your odds just went up 100% Good Luck , and sometimes less is MORE !

  13. Kyle says:

    I’ve been a mamber of a well standing gym for years and am fairly big for my age at 195 at 25 although never once have i heard about any users around . it has always been a secret wish of mine to make the next step for serious gains. did’nt know if you could throw some names of sites at me so i could live my dream truly yours kp

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