To Blog Or Not To Blog ( Is That Really a Question?)

to blog or not to blog

I am the most inconsistent blogger ever to have any type of success, and I mean success because someone actually reads this….. I have been able to help a lot of people through my contacts and my own , barely legible , writings.

The issue is helping people has lead me to write less . So over the last few months I have mulled over the idea of just helping , and this seemed like a great option , but will I be able to help anyone if I stop??? The answer is ” not as much as I can now” .

So with that settled , I need to work on other things , like how a man with the degree I attained has the grammatical savvy of  a slightly retarded inbred red-neck.

So I spoke to my good friend Maria ( who is an English Prof.

) and said what are we to do about this ? She answered calmly , almost ignoring me ” WE are not” . Without a thought she not only turned me away , but she did so without a thought , let alone a second thought.

Eventually I changed her mind ( I have naked pictures of her ) . She reviewed some of my writings and came to the conclusion that I write like I  speak , which to me means I speak like a  a slightly retarded inbred red-neck.

She laughed and paused for a moment only to tell me no ( the pause meant she was thinking about it) , that in the world of written world there are different practices , she thinks I am somewhat ghetto at times , so she made the reference comparing Written to Spoken word is like comparing a Boxing Match to a Street Fight.

So after many words written ( not quite a million words ) , I have come to the rationalization that I need to keep writing to get better, to help people , to correct my grammar.

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