Toney Freeman Placed First at Europa Super Show

Toney Freeman has got the second victory at a run. This time he placed first at Europa IFBB Super Show competition that was taking place in Dallas, August 15-16, giving a go-by to Dennis James again. Freeman has done his homework. Unlike at preceding competition, he was way ahead of James.

For James, the second place at Europa Super Show was as hurting as at the Grand-Prix in Tampa where he stepped on a stage in his top form since his fourth place at Olympia 2003.

The Top Five at Europa IFBB Super Show

The top five is the following:
1st place –Toney Freeman, USA

2d place – Dennis James, Germany

3d place –Abiad Fouad, Canada

4th place – Will Harris, USA

5th place –Tarik Elsetouhi, Germany

Following the results of the tournament, Abiad Fouad has been qualified for Olympia 2008 competition.

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