Toney Freeman Placed First at PBWC

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Toney Freeman Placed First at PBWC

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship has taken place on August 9, in Tampa, Florida. As expected, the top five were tournament favorites:
1st place – Toney Freeman
2d place – Dennis James
3d place – David Henry
4th place – Darrem Charles
5th place – Fouad Abiad.

With relatively modest prize fund of $35 000, the championship attracted a lot of competitors – 41 men and 18 women.

The competition among men was the most intriguing. While David Henry walked away in the under 200 lb category (90.7 kg), there was a cut-throat competition between Toney Freemen and Dennis James in the open category.

James knew it would be a flop to compete with Freeman for muscle diameter, so he stepped on a stage with only 240 lb, or109 kg (with height of 5.7 feet, his weight is usually 253-260 lb) – relaying on his perfect definition. It paid James off as he was two points ahead of Freeman after preliminary judging. However, Toney snatched a victory in the last round with just three points ahead. Henry placed third with as many as 27 points behind Freeman.

We remind that the top three bodybuilders at Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship are allowed to participate in Mr. Olympia competition. With Toney and David already qualified for the entry, only Dennis James was enrolled in the Olympians list.

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