Tito Ortiz and Dana White Squash the Beef

According to Dana White’s Twitter posting, he and Tito Ortiz have squashed their long lasting beef with one another.  For quite some time, these two were doing their best to destroy each other, but things apparently have changed and some people are talking about Tito Ortiz getting another run in the octagon.  Many many MMA fans would love to see that happen.  Tito Ortiz, to this day, is still one of MMA’s most popular figures.

So, will Tito Ortiz get to come back the UFC?  Not so fast says Dana White, here is his twitter post.

“Yes Tito and I made up.  Doesn’t mean he’s back it means we aren’t smashing each other anymore and we don’t hate each other.”

Sorry Tito Ortiz fans.  Mr White obviously has his reservations, or simply hasn’t made a decision to bring Ortiz back yet.  None the less, there is hope and you never know what Mr. White will do next.

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