The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale Results and Recap

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale Results and Recap

Main Event:

Diego Sanchez defeats Clay Guida via split decision.

Round one, Sanchez storms in and the two trade like crazy until Sanchez brings mad upper cuts and fazes Guida.  Sanchez keeps Guida up against the cage and just brings the punches and flying knees like crazy.  Guida gets a take down and Sanchez brings a little ground and pound as he pushes Sanchez against the fence.  Sanchez stands up and kicks Guida in the face, drops him!  Guida stands back up only to eat a big knee and more punches from Sanchez.  Guida fights back but Sanchez wears him out and takes him down.  Guida stands back up and the two bang it out as the bell rings.

Round two, Guida scores a takedown, brings the ground and pound and controls Sanchez.  The crowd starts chanting Guida! Guida!  After a punishing first round Guide is on a little rally.  Sanchez manages to bring some ferocious elbows from the guard position while Guida rains down hammer fists, elbows and punches.  Blood is all over the two as the round ends.

Round three, the two dance and punch with a shot landing here and there for both fighters.  Guida finally shoots in and gets the takedown and brings the ground and pound again as Sanchez works on a kimura.  Sanchez stands up just as the bell rings. Great fight!


Joe Stevenson Defeats Nate Diaz via unanimous decision.

Round one, Stevenson gets a takedown, but gets caught up in Diaz’s guillotine.   Stevenson slips out and starts raining down punches.  Stevenson rolls Diaz into a crucifix type of hold where he kept on bring punches.  Diaz reverses into Stevenson’s guard and gets caught up in a guillotine, a nasty looking one.  Diaz slips out and the two stand up and Stevenson lands some knees

Round two, Stevenson shoots and scores a takedown, but again gets in a guillotine that he gets out of.   The fight goes through a series of takedowns and clinch scenarios against the cage.  Stevenson controls the round.

Round three, Stevenson gets another takedown, Diaz stands up and gets taken back down again.  Diaz starts working the ground and pound form inside Stevenson’s guard.  Diaz rains down some punches as they scramble to their feet and resume the clinch game.  Stevenson gets a take down, Diaz back up.  It was pretty back and forth.  The round ended with Stevenson shooting in. This fight was some excellent back and forth wrestling and BJJ action.


Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson defeats Andre Winner via unanimous decision to become the lightweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 9 and receive the six-figure

Round one started out with lots of fast stand up action, then it went up against the cage as both fighters went back and forth looking for control basically for the rest of the round.

Round two, Pearson comes out and lands a few nice punches and knees.  The fight once again goes up against the cage where the fighters trade some under hooking, elbows, knees, clinch action and attempted takedowns by Pearson.  At this point the fight looks very evenly matched, so even that neither fighter can really do much against the other.

Round three, back up against the cage.  Pearson breaks free and lands a decent elbow and a knee.  Winner lands a nice hook, Pearson responds with punches.  Back up against the cage….  Pearson gets close to taking Winner down, but is unsuccessful.  Both fighters stand up and bang, then the fight goes back up against the cage.  The round ends as Pearson, who’s back was up against the cage, lands some nice upper cuts, knees and elbows.  Very close fight!


Chris Lytle defeats Kevin Burns via unanimous decision

Lytle comes in with the big overhand rights.  Burns returns fire.  Burns lands a nice short right, then some there is some good back and forth trading of hands.  Lytle keeps looking for the big over hand right and left hook.  Lytle gets kicked in the nuts.  Fight resumes.  Lytle gets uppercutted and knocked to the ground while charging in.  Burns follows with a right hand that takes the fight to the ground, Lytle stands back up only to get thrown against the cage and beat on by burns.  As the round ends, Lytle looks beat.

Round two, Lytle comes out like a G and drops some great bombs on Burns until Burns goes for take down and gets it.  They stand back up, body shot and right hook by Lytle and he just keeps on throwing punches as Burns plays defensively. Round ends as fighters swing on each other.

Round three, Lytle comes in with a big overhand right and splits burns right eye.  Lytle keeps punishing the cut with the overhand right.  Lytle continues to be the aggressor lands a big over hand right and continues to methodically punch burns at will.  Burns finally lands a nice head kick and a kick to the body, but keeps getting the worst of the exchanges as the two bang it out like wild men until the bell rings.  This fight was sick!


James “Lightining” Wilks defeats DeMarques Johnson in the first round via tapout/submission (Rear Naked Choke) to become the welterweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 9 and receive the six-figure contract with the UFC.

Round one, Wilks comes out with a one two combo.  The two continue to trade, with Wilks getting the better of it.  Wilks trips Johnson and tries to work the ground and pound.  Wiks goes for a heel hook but Johnson escapes and brings his own ground and pound.  Wilks gets a leg compression on Johnson and works it a while.  Johnson finally escapes and goes for the ground and pound from the guard.  Johnson remains under attack by all kinds of submission attempts from Wilks.  Finally Wilks takes Johnsons back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the win. </p

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