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It is an anabolic steroids source which is turning out to be very popular. You can discover diverse sorts of steroids there: injectable steroids, oral steroids, post cycle therapy supplements, growth hormones, and other. This source has a lot of good reviews and feedbacks on various forums.


Gear there are sold at exceptionally reasonable prices. It is most likely due to the fact that the dealer works straightforwardly with manufacturers and it permits them to put steroids for sale at a low cost.

Top Brands

7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, Geneza Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Axiolabs and many more.


So far, there were no worries from clients about the quality. Every one of them are extremely fulfilled. There was likewise a case, when a person increased gigantic muscles in only one month, utilizing items from All steroids are of high quality and genuine. They give an unique code, utilizing which customers can check it for legitimacy.


This source ships worldwide. Package as a rule takes around 12-14 business days to arrive. Notwithstanding, sometimes it came somewhat later (2-3 days). Everything is packed safely and discretely. There were no instances of damaged items in this way. You may notice that they offer US Domestic Delivery for certain products.

Customer support

Customer support is entirely great. Customers find solutions in a brief time. Customer support team is nice and polite.


Their site is all around well designed and is easy to utilize. Each item has a proper description so you know precisely what you are acquiring. Additionally, the ordering process is simple. A little issue is that occasionally a few steroids are out of stock however it happens once in a while.

steroids for sale


A trustworthy and legit steroid supplier with genuine products and reasonable prices. There are now and many times special offers, bulk offers and discounts. As we exploited every detail, it doesn’t appear like a scam. You may securely buy steroids here.

If you have your own user experience with -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!

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  1. ive ordered from roidsmall 3 times and have been very happy with the products. delivery to the usa has taken between 3 and 4 weeks.even during the lockdown my order from overseas got here in a month.thanks guys

  2. So I’ve been running RoidsMaLL’s Kalpa test cyp for a little over three weeks, let me start by saying I’m loving it, as of right now I’m up 9lb libido is threw the roof, sense of well being is there, strength is just starting to pick up, all your typical signs of properly dosed test, I have zero pip to speak of, Kalpa is smooth as butter, I’m also using KP’s exemestane there’s no doubt in my mind that It’s legit as I’m gyno prone and my nips get soar fast, well 12.5mg eod did the trick. I tried 12.5ed no way my joints hurt so bad I had to lower the dose, I’ve also been on 70mg ed of kalpa Anavar, and veins are popping out everywhere vascularity like a mother f***** def some of the best var I’ve had. I can’t say enough about RoidsMall he’s def a stand up guy TA has always been under a week, his products are legit not a doubt in my mind, I’ll order from RoidsMall as long there in business

  3. I’ve been running Test Cyp & Deca for 5 weeks. The test and the Genotropin are great! The HCG is effective however the injection point burns when you inject, I’ve never experienced that before. Shipping is incredibly fast and response to order and product questions is quick. I have ordered from them again and will continue to in the future.

  4. Ordered another order with this source straight away when my 1st order landed, I ordered another 3 vials of the DP and SP range

    Always very good helps you as much as he can & always has freindly banter, kept me updated on order

    Order packed discreetly & was to me in the USA in 6 days from the EU which I think is pretty fast, sent tracking number and was shipped immediately when my funds cleared

    2 Cut Long 300

    1 Supertest 450

    As I used these products before the quality & gains were brilliant hence ordering more the Cut Long is very strong and has the perfect combo

  5. This guy is definitely the man for sure. GREAT customer service and the products all look good to go. No one on here can compete with his prices and shipping, whole process took about 5 days to US. HE needs to be at the top of this site. I would not do business elsewhere, thanks again bro!!

  6. Waiting for response on when product will be shipped out. Starting tonget worried. Insent emails overe and ober no response.

  7. These boys sent me some drol and t3. the drol is legit super strong. had some real solid gains on it my last run. just started the t3. running it with my t4 for my gh. will keep posted. thanks for everything bros.

  8. First off I messed up my order, they helped me figure everything out. Ordered int. And it took about 3 weeks which ain’t bad. Hooked me up with tracking #’s and always emailed me back even tho the system went down. Ill be puttin in another order soon. I highly recomend these guyz!!!

    Shipped from two different spots. First package was the oils and package was great. Had an issue with the second package but it was all cleared up with one email. T/A was 3 weeks but I did not order us domestic.

    Expected a lil pip from the sustaxyl just cuz its 350 but its smooth as hell. Started 3 weeks after I started with a different test from a national recognized pharmacy here in town. I can’t tell the difference between this and something that came from a prescription. This is the shit.

    Great source

  9. was able to track down the pack. all is good. Danabol looks very legit compared to my past experiences. Will update in a few weeks on quality but have no concerns or doubts.

  10. I ordered after he ran a promo and he still had his stuff together.

    Packaging was good. Nothing was going to get broken.

    I tried taking the aromasin half a tab eod and it dried me out. It’s on point with what I expected. Maybe overdosed. Took the caber .5mg ed and I’ve had no leaky nipples or prolactin issues so I’m very happy.Would love to try him again.

  11. I have ordered from Roidsmall four times now, but this is my first review. Bottom line – excellent source with excellent products.

    Very quick turn around. I have received all my orders within about 10 days.

    I have ordered the following:

    Test e 250

    Test c 250

    Test p 100

    Tren a 100

    Kalpa HGH

    I just completed my second cycle with test e at 500 mg/week (12 weeks) with a test p kicker and taper. I put on about 15 lbs of lean muscle, and all major compound lifts went up 25-30 lbs. For those concerned about PIP, it has not been an issue at all. I am 1 week into pct and maintaining gains. In my opinion, the test e and p are excellent and you can’t go wrong with Kalpa. Looking forward to my next cycle, which will also be Kalpa products.

    I have had great success with Roidsmall and plan to continue ordering from him.

  12. Roidsmall is the man, couldnt have better communication and T/A times.You run a top notch busiuness.Currently on Kalpa’s var I’m no rookis and this stuff is fire.Thanks for services Roidsmall!

  13. Great communication, and the Kalpa HGH I received from him had all the sides of a great product. Very easy person to deal with, and one I look forward to returning to.

    The new technology product checked out on the vendor website. I used it for 1 month at 4iu ED. The sides experienced indicated a quality product.

  14. first time order with roidsmall,good response times,and quick delivery.goods were well packaged.very good all round.cant wait to start products in a week or two.

    thanks roidsmall.

  15. This is a review for Test Prop and Wini I ordered a few months back for my cutting cycle that just ended.

    One of the few sources that actually speak English as native language so no misunderstandings they are very fast and very professional nothing vague and very cordial too.

    Very discrete and clean like you are getting something from a friend.

    Bloods all in par with expectation.

    BF dropped from 15% to 10%

    vascularity like a road map lol

    I would definatly order again and suggest sending them a pm before to find out about promos always

  16. Great service, fast communication. Fast shipping to east coast. Made several orders and all were g2g!!!

    As I wrote above, everything with this site is spot on!

    Very discreet packaging. Very fast delivery. Usually mailed within 24hrs. Of order.

    T400, tren e200, tprop, masterone e200, masterone p100, tren a100 dbol, anavar, win tabs

    Used for contest prep. Started with long esters then switched to short esters four weeks out. Used anavar, win, last six weeks also. Absoluteley hard as iron, all time best condition. using t400, dbol now and huge for me, very strong. Crazy pumps…

    I was using another site that is rated pretty high on this board but thats OVER… I trust these guys 100 percent..

  17. I have to say that RoidsMall has the best service that I have come across.Especially coming from international.

    Communication is top notch!Answered emails almost immediately and is willingly there 24/7 to take care of customers.

    Packaging was tight,it takes about 5 mins to get to the goods.Very discreet and professional.

  18. This Source is Fast, reliable and fairly priced. I would recommend trying at least two of his products to find out whether it’s for you or not. Domestic reliable suppliers like this are one of a kind!

    Communication was very quick, support wise, I didn’t have much to ask or any reason for much interaction. Judging from the speed of everything else, I’m sure their support is great.

    Packaging was superior to most suppliers, disguised, safe and compact. This supplier takes the extra step to protect everyone involved.

    Tren Ace 100×3

    Test Prop 100×4

    Anavar 20mgx100x1

    Winstrol50x100 Tabsx1

    I’m taking 75 MG Tren Ace ED, 50 Prop ED. Stopped orals about a week ago at the 8 week mark. Var gave killer calf pumps during cardio. I was taking another companies Var (50mg pills) and subbed this in, I prefer Kalpa over the other companies Var. Hardness was insane, cuts in forearms and delts were unreal. Taurine helps with Back pumps, but just sitting in a chair for 20 minutes would cause spasms. One of my coworkers said “Man you look juiced”. I told him I started taking creatine πŸ˜€ Didn’t see much vascularity but this could be due to light intake of carbs. I seem to get more vascularity from TBOL. MY overall opinion on VAR itself (Not this suppliers var) is it is a very mild drug and should be reserved for women and those getting down in the 6-7% BF range to see it shine. Tren killed cardio for the first two weeks, aggression soared, slight recklessness in attitude and money management (Tren has been proven to cause impulsive gambling). Night sweats and sleep is down to about 4.5 hours a day. GW101516 has allowed me to get back to cardio with no hiccups. Test P is PIP free and strong, libido increase, energy increase. 50mg a day is more than enough for gains and libido maintenance. Wintstrol was ran at 100 a day, but only ran it for the last week of my cycle. I did not give it enough time to truly see effects from it, however my joints were sore and I creeked and cracked getting out of bed at the end of the week. I can’t wait to give it a run of it’s own and see what comes of it. I will come back and leave another review for it when it’s time.

    Roidsmall is a solid source and the fast and discreet shipping should not be overlooked. I have now ordered twice and will keep it in my list of go to’s. I really wanted to try Kalpa’s Adrol and Tbol but neither were in stock last time I ordered. Maybe next time. A+ Guys!

  19. this is the first time i have ever written a review. I was recommended to Roidsmall by another bro so i decided to go for it.

    Communication was top notch.

    packaging was good and discrete and all the goods I order were there.

    4 jugs of Tests cyp.

    I have used a lot of UGL’s and the Kalpa product was top notch. Having been out of training for 8 months because of a shoulder injury I’m finally back to training and putting on some gains.

    I hope Roidsmall continues to provide great products

  20. This review is for the Kalpa dbol and proviron from RMALL.

    Comm was awesome. This guy actually answers quickly. Down to earth, cool people to do business with.

    For me it was 11 days. Not bad from overseas. Better than some domestics. Picked up and shipped same day donation was sent.

    Dbol 50mg ed

    Proviron 75mg ed. About to go to 100mg Dbol is def potent. Ive gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks, and im in my 13th week on cycle. So it Kicked my cycle back in.

    Proviron started drying me out and upped libido in the first week.

    Very happy w RMALL as a whole. Have since placed another order for hcg and more proviron. This is my new go to src. Use them!!

  21. First time customer of Roidsmall, but will continue to use! I trust Roidsmall and believe in Kalpa products!

    Communication and Support was spot on the entire process! Roidsmall was excellent to deal with and are very familiar with their products!/

    T/A was around two weeks from beg to end…not bad! Packaging was excellent!

    Sustaxyl 350….3 bottles!

    I have used this products from many sources, but Kalpa is excellent! Only comparable Sustanon was old organon redi jects! I plan to use Sustaxyl for 12- 16 weeks with other products, one CC Mon, wens, and Friday!

    Excellent source and I’ll will continue to be loyal customer to Roidsmall!

  22. This is a overdue & well deserved review for this source.

    Is very good & efficient.

    Delivery was 2 weeks & packed well

    2 Kalpa Npp (DUraxyl)

    The quality was excellent. I was running 300mg ew I relief in my joints and up 9lbs, my strength is increasing aswell. I have to say I have tried a few labs but with kalpa I haven’t had any problems. Oil was pip free & clear.

  23. A few months back received 2 bottles Dragon Pharma test E.

    Great communication usually respondes within 24 hours.

    Arrived a little after 2 weeks. Packaged tight and secure…very discreet

    Started immediately after package arrived. Taking 1.5ml/375mg every 4 days. Within 2 weeks energy level a libido approved greatly. End of week 4 noticed I had gained about 9 pounds and was getting stronger. End of cycle and currently looking bigger and feeling stronger!

    Overall great product and service!

  24. Hello i am watin 4 days for a conformation. Whats problem ur team cant read

  25. This place has saved me allot of money, time and hassle. Quick service and very reliable. Communication and support is top notch. I clearly understand reply emails and they respond very quickly A++

    Communication and support was top notch. Although i didn’t receive my tracking and shipping number in a few days, I emailed them and they promptly emailed me back within a day with my tracking and shipping information!

    The packaging was very discreet. Just another everyday ordinary looking package.

    Ordered some vials of test e

    Ive used these products before and they a fantastic! Strength and pumps is through the roof.

    I am so happy to have found this great supplier. Very reliable, discreet, and quick service, in exactly 20 days I received my products from the moment i hit place order.

  26. First time ordering from this source some time ago, dealt with some products for my pct to try them out.

    Trustable source with a nice stock of quality products.

    Did not need to communicate, because everything was clear.

    Discrete and secure packaging.

    I liked it as was safe for 100 percent and hard to think of what it was in fact.

    Some pct Stuff:

    Balkan Nolva

    Balkan Clomid

    Everything fine, test levels were normal after pct and nolva prevented gyno and estro rebound.

    Balkan products are quality.

    Recommend this supplier for their service, you can be sure to get what you ordered and with original Balkan you can not do something wrong.

  27. I’ve ordered about six times from Roidsmall, and each order has been flawless. This is the only source that has my complete trust.

    Nicest, most responsive source I’ve ever encountered.

    The Test E 400 is some serious juice. Had the worst pip ever until I started blending it. But it has the kick I’m looking for. NPP is working wonders right now. Saving the Sustanon and the Tren for a future cycle. The Letro does what it is supposed to do. Same goes for the Aromasin.

    I’m always impressed with Roidsmall. The quality of DP gear is amazing. And I never get lost in the shuffle, even when things get really busy for Roidsmall. This is my main source, and I will keep coming back.

  28. I have made several orders with roidsmall and I can honestly say this source is a man of integrity and a man of his word. Last order took longer than his T/A and was there every step of the way and came through just in time for my last shot! I have made excellent gains in both my size and strength since 6 weeks I have been on cycle. You can put 100% faith that roidsmall will come through with both quality gear and excellent customer service, I know I have and haven’t been disappointed.

    I have been on cycle for little over 6 weeks now and have packed on about 15lbs of quality muscle while also knocking off about 2 inches off the waist line. The Prop has me horny as hell and I haven’t felt more alive in years. The prop has a little bit of a sting, but I have had much much worse. The tabs are pressed professionally and can be split with ease. My favorite definitely has to be the Npp, It has been a godsent on my joints and is much needed with the weight increases . Overall Excellent quality at a great price!!!

    I highly recommend Roidsmall! I know I am a customer for life. Thank you!!!

  29. Roidsmall was my first online source and he made the process easy and comfortable. Emails and questions were quickly answered.

    Packaging was discrete and T/A was faster than advertised.

    Was my first time with a 400mg test product and the PIP was intense. T 250 runs as smooth as Kentucky bourbon. Both were above and beyond in quality from anything I had run before. Ran the 250, 3x/ wk and the 400 2x/ wk, for a total of 900 and 1000 respectively. Strength and libido through the roof, skin as oily and shiny as a new coat of wax. Acne quickly became cystic. Gaining 1-2 lbs per week.

  30. This review is way overdue I have ordered many times from Roidsmall at least 8 times maybe more and he has always provided excellent products

    Good communication & support especially with how busy he must be with everyone’s

    Everything I’ve ever ordered has been great and strong as hell have been cycling off and on for the last 2 years with this gear and I’m bigger and more cut than I’ve ever been in my life some products can be a bit harsh and give pip like the high mg products or products with no ester but if you can get over it the results are worth the pain

    Huge selection of products that are legit no bull shit here

  31. Over all, I’m very satisfied w/ his product and speedy delivery.

    I did ask him a cple questions about the pain I was having from DP prop, and didn’t get a response. That’s not rly his job tho. I just figured he’d be the best person to ask since it’s his product and I was pretty worried. I had all the signs of an abscess, and wanted to know if this was normal from his product. I just needed to cut and warm it tho.

    Packaging was discrete, looked like it could have been anything. It was able to fit into my mailbox, so, they didn’t have to leave it in the forier of the apt building, like many deliveries.

    I’m on a med that lowers my test, so, I noticed a difference in how i felt w/in bout 10mins. 1st shot at 10pm mon. Went to the gym. Best work out in yrs. Went again in morn. Same thing. Unfortunately, I’ve been in so much pain from the injections that I can barely walk. Called of work for the last 3 days. Def no gym. Hurts to sit, stand, lie,etc. Prop probably wasnt the best choice for a 1st cycle, but it seems that the pain from this is excessive. Kalpa shots don’t rly bother me too much, slight tenderness. That’s what I expected from this, but its 1000x worse. Last nite I cut it in half w/grape seed oil and warmed it. Injected 1cc total instead of 1.25 cc (50mgs of prop instead of 125mgs) I can barely tell. If I’d done this in the 1st place and injected ed it wuda bn perfect.

    Despite what seems to be excessive pain even for a 1st cycle, I trust this source, and placed another order w/him. Test e this time.

  32. Very good source just started sust 350 and already feel the difrence in just a few days no pip the gear is g2g . As for dealing with RoidsMall you can’t even find a cooler guy, good service will definitely order from again .

  33. Was my second order, everything goes smoothly. Can’t comment on communication because I never needed to email or ask questions, placed order and it shows up a week or less later.

    Great results from the tren I previously ordered

  34. Fantastic source with great compounds..its your one stop shop for intense muscle growth!!

    Communication has always been good when it was needed..had an issue with donation method but was cleared up very quick thanks to Roidsmall getting in contact with me. Never had issues with this source but the support was very good when needed.

    The t/a was a little longer than usual but only due to the issue with donation, but as soon as donation was picked up the pack was sent and landed. Package landed safe and secure , products were in great condition and wrapped extremely tight, took me awhile to get to the goodies.

    The Kalpa test was great. It was very clear and had almost no pip. I started having extremely oily skin and libido noticeable increased after a few weeks. Had to adjust my a.i to keep up with the test. Strength stayed the same but also had been on test for awhile before the Kalpa. Now for the suspension, I love this shit. Run it 3 times a week on heavy days pwo. Gives me extreme focus,aggression and almost feel stronger when I use it pwo. If I ever stop using the tne my heavy days will never feel the same. Feel like a beast on this suspension. Instantly taste it before I even pull the needle out, and I love how it makes my apartment stink so good even tho its in my drawer..

    Great source. Roidsmall is a great guy and is a true businessman with phenomenal compounds. So glad to have such a source with such great gear.

  35. I have ordered from them many times for all types of gear and therapy . I have used the money transfer option as described on their site . I have always received my orders no problem . I had one issue that was money transfers fault and the communication was very good .
    I always verify the products on the manufacturers sites all are legit and my labs certainly show that they are 100% legit. I get amazing results using their products .

  36. This is a long due review for an old order.

    I dont remember the excact TA but it was a few weeks after sending the payment. I used bitcoin so it was really fast. Packaging was really good and discrete. Tracking wasnt really necessary because the package arrived before the gave me one.

    I used anavar as a complementary at the end of my test cycle, for cutting. While on strict caloric deficit my strength was on the roof, I dropped about 5% bf, and my weight remained the same.

    I can highly recommend roidsmall. I’m waiting for a big order right now and I’ll post a new review when I have used the gear. I’ll be using them for a long time.

  37. Was a little skeptical about ordering from a new source, but was not at all disappointed.

    Spoke with their customer service a few times and never had any issue with getting a response in a timely manner.

    Packaging was discreet while leaving no room for questioning. I believe it was delivered in right around 10 days.

    I have been running the Arimidex with great results, immediately seeing effects from it when needed. I am running 1ml of Deca a week and am loving the way my joints feel while taking this.

    Wife ran 4 weeks of 10mg and bumped up to 4 weeks of 20mg of Var. She gained incredible muscle mass while maintaining vascularity.

    I would recommend anyone who is looking for a quality product to try this. I am extremely pleased with this companies product and will be ordering in the new future again.

  38. It’s not first order from roidsmall, this international store had bitcoin offer. Must say roidsmall team are very professional always very helpful. Over all good experience.

    Package recived after about 3 weeks as expected i live in UK and ordered from international store. Products well packed and arrived intact.

    I’ve been using product for about 2 and half weeks and test p and mast p working well to early to say about test e. In the gym strength up, feel more focused, feel more pump. Also sex drive went up must be masteron as it works like liquid viagra only downside see few more hair out than normal.

  39. Made a couple orders a few months back and have finally gotten to the point where I can offer my opinion of the gear and the customer service.

    I didnt need to communicate much, but the couple of times I did have a question, Roidsmall answered quickly with the information I needed.

    T/A was very fast. It took around 2 weeks time for me to receive my package including making the payment and them picking it up. Packaging was great. Wrapped tight and everything came intact.

    Pinned Test 500mg per week. Pinned smooth with zero PIP. I saw great results and am happy with my purchase.

    There is no need for me to go anywhere else. I am very happy with the product and the service provided. Roidsmall has another life long customer.

  40. This was my first order with Roidsmall and this guy is topnotch. communication was 10/10 the dude responed literally mins after my order was sent. he sent info just as quick. I went made donation and everything was done under a hour. never had a source this fast!

    shipping was 10/10 got to me in 14days t/a. packageing was great everything was tightly wrapped. I have no complaints Roidsmall is the shit plain and simple.

  41. Once again the man came threw ….couldnt be more pleased …ordered test prop 200 ,mast 100, tbol,nolva and clomid …the dude is laaagggiittt …….my chick was like ok… tired of these bitches eye fucking ypu ..lmfao …..

  42. Overall great experience. I’ll be using RoidsMall as long as the gear is consistent.

    I placed 2 orders. First one came 10 days after donation received. Second came 15 days after donation BC of the weekend. Packaging was good. I’m not concerned about anything breaking the way they wrap it.

    Mast e 400mg a week My dick works. Getting pimples and oily skin. Pretty sure the test is good. My joints feel great which only happens when I run nandrolone, so I feel good about the npp. Night sweats started a week after starting the tren. Strength has gone up considerably. Put on a good amount of lean mass in the past few weeks. This is my first run with Mast. I’ve been horny as f*ck. Feels like proviron which I hear is a side effect of mast. Just finished the mast e at 400mg a week and I’ve just started the mast p at 600 a week. Confident it’ll do what its supposed to do.

    All the vials I’ve gotten have had an extra ml or two in them which I’m happy about I’d also like to add… my last order, I ordered test p but then sent an email saying I wanted to change the test prop to npp which is the same price. They acknowledged the change of the order but forgot and sent me the prop. When I told them, they said they are sending me the npp free of donation, which I really appreciate. I’m very happy with the gear and the price. I’ll remain a loyal customer and recommend RoidsMall as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing. I feel the gear is as good as any other I’ve had, pharma grade or ugl.

  43. A few orders with them. Always been great!

    I run TRT dose Test E always. I blasted the Tren A for 8 weeks. Just finished.

    The Tren A is fuvking awesome!!!!!!

    I handle side very well at 100mg ED. They were all there. Aggression, insomnia, night sweats, high libido.

    8 weeks added 10 lbs of lean mass and dropped me 2%. Unless I’m in contest prep, I really don’t care much for any other compound but Tren. It’s hard to find legit Tren from UGL’s. Dragon Pharma was accurately dosed, very strong, probably a tiny bit over dosed.

    Thanks Roidsmall! Keep up the quality products!

  44. This is my first review on SteroidsLive. This is also my first experience with ROIDSMALL.NET.

    Communication was fantastic!

    Well, I submitted and paid for my order. I received an email confirmation very quickly.

    So, I received my first order tracking information and was anxiously waiting delivery. I checked the tracking several times a week and never saw my order come out of customs. I emailed ROIDSMALL and they advised me to be patient. They were always very prompt with replying to my emails. Last week I received a letter from the FDA/DEA advising me of my order being held. So, I emailed the letter to ROIDSMALL and advised. They sent me a partial order of what I had lost in customs and I received it in 2 weeks. I will be ordering more and will start it soon and will review the product itself. These guys (ROIDSMALL) are great to work with. They didn’t have to send anything else out on their dime but they did. I will continue to use them!

  45. Ordered test-e with some emergency syringes from Roidsmall

    Second to none service – arrived confidentially, fast and no quibble!

    But when he does communicate back, he’s professional, honest and you always know what’s going on. What more can you ask for!

    Haven’t ran a cycle for well over 6 months. Panic attack happened after the injection and I passed out a beauty for a few minutes. Smooth injection however, no side effects from the actual injection (though I know test takes a while) and no real PIP considering (little bruise feel you always get if been off jabs for a while)

    Will be using again – short on a few ringes and alcohol wipes but nothing too much to quibble about!

  46. I ordered the 3 vial TestE deal and it looks like my search for a trt source is over, just wish there were more of his other products available.

    Took 14 days, packaging was good.

    9 weeks into my trt (200mg week) and I’m up 11lbs (9 lean)

    Mood is elevated and strength/endurance have increased

    Had slightly itchy nips but have not used Arimidex.

    Gear is smooth with no pip, I’m preloading my shots (month worth) so his sterility must be top notch.

    Roidsmall is a good option if you need discreet top quality gear.

  47. I have made 3-4 orders with Roidsmall and had zero issues at all thus far. The Turinabol was good I used it as a kicker. I am currently on cycle with the Cut Long 300 this stuff is legit, I feel great have put on 15-20lbs of lean gains and strength is through the roof! Have’nt had any acne problems or serious sides. This stuff is pretty concentrated so I started warming the vial in hot water before inj to help reduce PIP… Started the Winstrol at 50mg per day a couple weeks ago had to reduce dosage to 25mg cause it was drying out my joints. All is good now!!

    I’m not gonna risk trying someone else. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

  48. Hopefully found my new supplier. This was my first order with him and there were a few issues regarding payments but all got handled quickly and my order was not held up. Too early to know on the SP Labs oils but love the idea of the 450 mg blend of Supertest and it was very smooth, no pip when mixed with the nandrolone.

    Very impressive to the heartland within 7 days from payment. Package was very normal/common looking. Nothing that would raise any eyebrows.

    This is the 3rd week on the gear. The dbol is definitely good. At 30mg, all the usual sides, strength is up, good pumps in the gym, and up 6 lbs on scale. Too early for the oils yet but the HCG is keeping the “boys” online and could tell by day 3 after first shot that it was good as well.

  49. This is one of 5 sources that I have found consistently reliable. Good selection of dragon pharma and good pct.

    All received 2 weeks after placing order. Packaging was discreet, well padded. Communication was very considerate.

  50. Been ordering from roidsmall for a few months now and can honestly say the service they provide is faultless. Prices are very reasonable and delivery very fast often receiving orders next week !

    Emails were answered within about 2 hours of me sending them and payments were made simple fast and efficient by the seller’s great communication through emails.

    Packing was excellent and delivery super fast !

  51. ok guys this is for kalpa tren ace.

    always spot on is roidsmall you know your in safe hands.

    ok been on kalpa test enth and kalpa cyp with amazing results and wanted to go to the next level and add 100mg of kalpa tren ace 1 shot, e.o.d, ten days in and wow this stuff is on fire. looking the the best i have in maybe 3 years body weight increasing but looking more solid feel animal when training pumps are insane and last ages, flushes and night sweats starting but so what it,s fking amazing. Holding a bit of water though in face so need to get some arimidex off roidsmall.

    guys trust me when i say this kalpa line is amazing he does loads of promo’s, top bloke with the best products and service out there. Roidsmall you will be top spot on here very soon.

  52. Running my first cycle and decided to go with a simple Test E for 12 weeks. I think I’ll use a dbol kick start for my next cycle as gains took a while to kick in.

    ROidsmall has replied fast without fail and has always been helpful.

    No complaints about the packaging as it was all done very discretley. My Test E and Nolva arrived 2 weeks after ordering which really impressed me.

    I ran the Test E 550/ a week (split Monday/Thursday). I was slightly worried as after 6 weeks I hadn’t put on much weight but after finishing the 12 week cycle I’de put on an impressive 20lbs without my bf% increasing by too much. I don’t train for strength and still managed to increase my bench & squat by around 50% each (not 1 rep maxes, just high rep working sets). I’ve maintained most of my gains after cycle (could have done better but the end of my cycle was timed badly for keeping my calories high). I’m not sure how well the Nolva is working as I’ve not felt like I’ve crashed after my cycle at all. The tablets are very crumbly though, I’m not sure if this is normal. The melanotan is legit and I’ve been tanning well only using sunbeds for 9 mins a week.

    Will be ordering again.

  53. I’ve ordered probably 4 times now and will continue to order from this source

    Emails were always replied within 24h or less.

    i can vouch for the peptides which I’ve used to recover from some serious injury and I’m pleased with the results.

    I had an additional kalpa test prop in my last order wanted to say thank you with this review.

  54. Gear was on point as well as packaging. Been running this year for a little over 2 weeks and have seen a change already. My wife has already gained 5 lbs of lean mass, and is still cutting body fat.

    Communication is on point, and always willing to answer a question.

    Packaging was top of the line and very private.

    My wife and I are seeing serious results, and are monitoring our food intake. I am injecting 3500 cals per day, my wife is at 2500 cals per day. Eating clean, and training dirty!

  55. great company to do business with.. it went smoothly

    roidsmall responded to all questions promptly and made sure i was taken care of

    it came in about a week if i remember correctly.. very fast timing for my location

    started using anavar at a split dosage of 25mg, 50mg total per day.. and quickly went to 100 just to match what a friend was doing so we could compare notes.. first week i was looking better than ever but i give that to my diet and peptides, second week i experienced very nicely pumped shoulders, and now in the third week i got sick, very sick, allowing me to only eat 300 calories a day for several days.. since losing so much weight i still look like i kept a good amount of muscle.. if i wasnt on this anavar during this sickness i think i would be a lot more upset. i dont even notice any loss of muscle to be honest. my stomach fat is atleast half what it was when i started. although this cycle took a turn for the worst, i know good things are still to come. i will update my review soon. i need to get back on track.

    i would do business with this company again.

  56. Best transaction I have had with anyone online. I cannot say I have had a bad one per say over the years but this one was exceptionally smooth and easy. I like easy and they delivered.

    Communication was great and answered all e-mails within 6hrs.

    Turn around time was 6 days from the time wired the payment. I don’t think you can shake a stick at that T/A time.

    I added the DP Winstrol Tabs at 100mg ED for the first week and dropped down to 50mg ED after week one. I have been on for Approx 21 days. I added this to about 400-600 mg of Test C E/W and 12.5mg of Exemestane a day. I can’t say enough about how amazingly clean this stuff is. After week one I had veins I haven’t seen in a few years. Very Dry Hard Lean Gains. GREAT PRODUCT!!! The Levitra is great also as I have ED no matter what gear or test I’m on and I can tell you it is a relief to have this stuff around when the wife wants to get dirty. I have only used half a 20mg pill and that does just fine. Then DP anavar in only three weeks 21 days (same as me) has changed my wife who at one time was a highly competitive fitness amateur (you know she can do crazy splits and stand on one hand with her legs spread full tilt) but had a severe knee injury about three years ago that led to four knee surgeries. She has had amazing gains on DP anavar on only ten mg’s a day. I can say for the quality of this stuff it is right on par because she has completely transformed into close to her former self in about three weeks with 0 virilizing effects which she is highly sensitive to based on past experiences training for shows. Overall EXTREMELY satisfied with the Quality of the products!

    One of the best and easiest transactions I have had over the internet with gear. much easier than recent times chasing some guy down in some gym that may or may not have what I need or waiting on them to get it. Clean and easy!

  57. Used roidsmall several times with success

    Overseas about a week to 2

    Good source and good products

  58. My first Order from Roidsmall and i’am very satisfied, very fast response to emails, quick delivery etc. Definitely my favourite Source for the Future.

    very good and fast processing

    careful and discret packaging

    3x Dragon Test Cyp

    the quality is just great nice smooth oil no pip,

    strength is very high and i got incredible pumps, very vascular, veins poppin out everywhere, libido is through the roof, dragon pharma is a great lab with great quality

    great support service and very fast shipping.

  59. I have searched high and low for a good source. My buddies told me to check out this weeks ago. Have trolled many sources here and thought I would Roidsmall a go and I am VERY glad I did!

    Answers emails very fast and extremely professional.

    Dragon Pharma products are fire! Very smooth and no pip. Will order again for sure.

  60. Great experience with this source. All products order preformed above expectations!

    All quesitons answered in great time.

    discreet and on time

    Powerful and effective Dragon Pharma’s Anadrol. No doubt the product was legit and the best brand ive used yet.

    I would highly recoomend this company!

  61. I have use the test prop and it g2g on 4th shot today and im liking it a lot . this is second time using prop first time I use some I damn near couldn’t walk for 3 days after glute shot but this prop is smooth and I got random wood all the time now lol

    I had a bit of problem trying to use both promo codes but I pm him and he str8n it all out

    9 days total after funds pick up

    its all good smooth no pip ,and it works ..becarful tho may cause random hard ons tho lol

    I used this product along with some other tren ace I got and use 23 g 1.5 pin in delt without pip at all

  62. This was my first order from this supplier as my previous source disbanded. As always I am hesitant with a new supplier but used the ratings as guidance. Both vials received were of equal measure and the viscosity of the substance was more akin to the better products I have used. Libido was increased within a few days markedly and have seen good gains during this cycle with 7 pounds gained which is my lowest recorded fluctuation weight at this point in time – 3 weeks into cycle. While the MG was lower than the usual 300 I was used to (275), I’ve felt a better response to this product and believe it to be of higher quality. My sessions are lasting a bit longer and I feel I’ve got a bit left in the tank when I leave. Overall I’d be happy to recommend these guys without hesitation.

    Incredibly quick postage which was packaged securely and discreetly. Process from order to payment was easy to follow.

    3 weeks, eth only inj cycle for a total of 6 weeks. Good gains, increased stamina in gym and off day running/jogging. Oily skin but very few spots. Good quality, thicker oil so needs to be well heated, no pain at site. Rock solid.

  63. Ok so, I am in Australia and after reading Some reviews here I have placed an order and after 30 days I got a letter from customs stating my gear was seized.

    After much talk with the guys I decided to pay 50% of the order price for a reship and after 20 long days I got the package, all the gear is the real deal and the stealth is great .. I wonder how customs found it the first time. Truth is, any package coming from Thailand will always be suspicious here. Even with my first package not being received I am still going to recommend those guys, gave me an excellent customer service. Just be cautious if you live down under, if you get unlucky like me, I would suggest going with small orders or discussing with the boys what’s the best options.

    i cycled danabol 4 weeks and got a great result

    Nolva now being used for pct and proviron for vascularity. Clenbuterol also seems legit

  64. A friend told me about Roidsmall and I have been following there products and ordering ever since. It is my now go to for anything AAS related. 10/10 for all around, products communication and ordering.

    The support part is great, very fast replies. I had emailed back and fourth a few times within a day.

    Packaging was very neatly wrapped in bubble wrap so no damage or leakage could happen.

    I have used test c before and had good results, very vascular and thick at the same time.

    For a AI, I always use pharma grade and was the same kind of adex from Roidsmall I always get.

    Great variation of products to choose from, great support service and very fast shipping.

  65. Third time ordering, best yet, awesome products and customer service

    Always discreet and well packaged

    Clen is brilliant, shakes and sleepness nights so I know its potent.

    Great pump on the Var and looking a lot leaner 3 weeks in

  66. I have ordered from this vendor twice. Both times, I felt that they communicated very well and very professionally. They also shipped very quickly and answered any and all questions I had. I’m a big fan of their professionalism. It’s clear they place a priority on serving their customers.

    Very inconspicuous packaging. If you didn’t know you were expecting a package, you’d never know it was anything out of the ordinary. It has always been secure as well.

    I have been running the test E for four weeks and gained 8 lbs in that span. I am switching over to the Sustanon this week and did the first pin yesterday. So far so good. All the sides I was expecting, libido increase, higher BP, I do sweat a lot (not sure if that’s a side), and faster recovery.

    There should be no hesitation to using Roidsmall. You can ask them anything. They give straight answers and will go the extra mile to serve the customer. Truly professional.

  67. Ive used these guys quite a few times now and always quick with the replies and items on my door within a week or two….if you are in need of a good supplier then roidsmall is g2g

    Dragon Pharma Anavar is very G2G started on 50mg per day and then took it up to 100mg… dropped 7lb in 3 weeks and lean at 15.7 Stone…cant tell if it has helped with the strength as im using the Dragon Pharma Tren also which is all good….no pip which isnt a bad thing and mixing it with mast so no tren cough…..

    Ive found that all the Dragon Pharma range does as it should….. now time for a 8 week PCT… ouch

  68. I am writing a review for: Kalpa Trenboxyl-Acetate-100MG

    RoidsMall guided me through from the start. I never used Western Union before but was surprised it was pretty simple. There was a minor hiccup with the receiver and that delayed it a day or two but RoidsMall was all over it.

    Very discreet packaging. Items protected very well

    Using 100ml EOD along with Test-Deca-Dbol

    This is my first time using tren of any kind. Have only done Test-Deca-Dbol (from another supplier) stacks for about a year with a little Arimidex. I read about all the side effects but I needed to step up my game and the Test-Deca-Dbol stacks -although very helpful – had reached it’s limit of continued strength and muscle gains for me.

    Got the stuff a little over a month ago.

    1st week – my body transformed before my eyes. Didn’t really see the strength increase but my muscles looked fuller, rounder and my body fat dropped making me more vascular. No nasty sides. Pinned real nice

    2nd week – strength starts going up. Muscles continue their transformation. Still no nasty sides

    3rd week – strength continues going up although not as dramatic. Starting to cough a lot. A little aggression and irritability are starting to show. Although the one side I was worried about (insomnia) hasn’t bothered me.

    4th week – starting to feel pain in my shoulder which I’ve dealt with for years which is actually a partially torn bicep insertion tendon. I think I got so strong so fast, my joints couldn’t handle it. Going to lay off for about 2 weeks and probably not take any tren while I’m nursing it but will continue with the Deca to help the joints heal faster

    I have other items to review which I’ll do in due time but the quality of the product and the great customer service will have me coming back again. Plus, they’re ad ding new items to the website almost daily.

    I recommend shopping here

  69. I have used Roidsmall several times over the last year. They are always very efficient and professional. I cannot thank them enough for providing a top service.

    All via email and have always responded to my questions, concerns or problems within a timely fashion.

    Carefully wrapped and well-protected, never made to obvious what is inside.

    I have noticed significant gains over the last few months and packed on quite some muscle, while the clen has been equally as effective in cutting, although I found the Dragon Pharma to be the better brand. No complaints whatsoever, very satisfied.

    Great service, guys. Please keep up your great work for many years to come!

  70. Absolutely the best source I’ve used in 5 years! Can’t believe it is not on top of the sources list! They have an amazing range of legit products, are very friendly and professional. I hope I can stay with them forever!

    Communication is amazing! They respond very quickly and are very friendly and professional!

    The package was very well made, this guys are professionals…

    The Dragon Pharma Tren Enanthate is top notch! Tested with Labmax reagents and it is legit….and well dosed too… 3 weeks at 400/w and having all sides I usually have with tren.

    I’ve not tested the cialis already but it seems good…. I trust those guys…

    I recommend this source to anyone. You can trust those guys…

  71. I have used roidsmall now several times for steroids and pct items. This was the first time I bought the hgh

    Packaging was a normal bubble envelope which did not cause any suspicion

    Hgh is Very good. Used 6 vials now 4iu eod.

    Roidsmall is very quick in replying and always willing to help out.

    Will order again

  72. I have made 2 ordes with them. And this review is for both.

    Good and polite answers and fast too

    Nicely packed and descreet one week internatonal

    Every thing works like it should. Taking it on a test e cycle.

    Anavar gives good pumps at 50 mg ed

    Letro took care of my gyno proplem. Very happy with this.

    Viagra works like viagra dose

    The ba water was only sterile water and had to buy some benzyl alc. And mix it. Not so happy with this.

    I’ll definitely come back for more

  73. Best source I have ever used. Great stacks and value per dollar.

    Usually replies within 12 hours, customer service is very friendly and courteous.

    Anonymous packaging, vacuumed sealed products.

    Trenbolone 200: At 400mg per week I have a tough time holding on to weight, the pounds melted off. I was able to eat 50% more calories and still cut.

    HCG: 5 years ago I have a zero sperm count from a 6 month cycle. I have been on for 3 years straight now, but have used their HCG 1 month on and 2 months off for 8 months. I took Another sperm count test last month and my count was normal. their HCG is the real deal for recovery or just keeping you balls working on cycle.

    I have used roidsmall for about a year.

  74. I posted a comment and it was deleted? I made a purchase on 04/11, i have not received a update yet, they advertise 2-3 day shipping from time paid. they picked up the cash.. i will update as soon as anything changes hopefully its not a scam.

  75. My first order was on 04/11, i have received no updates so far. Will keep posted hopefully this is legit. They say item will be shipped out between 1-3 days on website, hasn’t happened yet.

  76. Ok, my very first order ever. I’ll keep everyone posted with how everything gos.

  77. Absolutely fantastic communication and one of the few companies I have used for these products that find the time to send a tracking number! Have placed two orders with Roidsmall now all for which have been Dragon pharma test-prop and the cut mix. I haven’t used the prop yet however at 2ml cut mix every other day I can confirm that the compound is good to go. Will be utilising Roidsmall for injectables on future cycles.

  78. Probably like most people who haven’t ordered online before i was a little i wouldn’t receive anything so only made a small order but was very happy when i received my package which i had to sign for within 10 days of paying. Have ordered another 4 times since and will always buy from Roidsmall now top guy.

    Received emails after placing order confirming what i’ve ordered and another a bit later explaining how to pay so communication is first rate.Never needed any support as never had a problem with any of my orders.

    Packaging is discreet and my orders have never taken more than 10 days and you have to sign for the package as well as it’s sent 1st class recordered which is great.

    This is what i’ve ordered over 4-5 orders and not 1 single order.

    Kalpa Sust-350

    Kalpa Trenboxyl A-100 (trenbolone acetate)

    Kalpa EQ-300

    Kalpa Dianabol (for friend)

    Dragon CY3

    Kalpa SUST 350 – Have been using it for nearly 5 weeks at 2ml a week and having used sustanon many times before from different labs i can say it’s doing what i expected it to do,get great pumps from workouts and seems well dosed as i put on just over 1 1/2 stone in just under 3 weeks.Got a few side effects typical with test like oily skin,few unwanted spots and of course shrunken nads but on a plus i’m horny has hell. Kalpa ACE 100 – I have been using this with the sustanon 350 at 2ml a week by mixing 1ml with 1ml of sust twice a week.Have used tren enanthate and tren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (parabolon) before but never used acetate and on my 1st shot in about 60 seconds i experienced the infamous tren cough which was pretty unpleasant but i guess it shows it’s well dosed,also got that nice tren effect of my skin going really tight and a few more veins on show so it’s good stuff. Kalpa Dianabol – My friend is using these and he’s just started training about 6 months ago and he has put on just over 1 stone in 5 weeks just using 4 tabs a day (40mg) says he has more energy and has bought 3 bottles so far and says the only side effects he’s had and this according to his girlfriend is he’s more lippy.Typical woman moan moan moan πŸ™‚ Dragon CY3- Bought these after i started putting to much weight on and in a week and a half using 2 tabs 30 minutes before i trained managed to lose 10lbs,i also did cardio which also helped but you can feel them kick in as you start getting hot and your hands start shaking (mine do maybe not everyone) and also get a nice energy boost.Side effects for me other than the shakes is dehydration so plenty of water is needed and can be a pain sleeping at night as well but i’m told that could be the tren.All in all they work great and if my diet was better no doubt i could have acheived more. Kalpa EQ 300 – Bought to replace my tren so haven’t used yet but will add a review when iv’e used for about 4-5 weeks. Regarding PIP i had no bruising the next day but it did sting sometimes while injecting but that might have been because i was coughing my lungs out thanks to tren and sometimes it would get me while i was still injecting which made injecting last longer than normal.

    As i’ve said above ordering is simple,delivery is fast and the gear works as you expect so i’ll be ordering all the time from Roidsmall and highly recommend to anyone.

  79. I’m doing a review for kalpa pharma testosterone cypionate used at a low dose of 500 mg per week.

    As always the communication and support with this source is spot on. All questions will be answered in a timely fashion,and and issue that may occur with products will be fixed immediately.

    The time of arrival is the best I’ve seen in the business which can be expected given the circumstances. That packaging is quite clever and very discreet.

    Okay so as of lately I do not run high doses of testosterone due to blood pressure issues I keep them low and just adjust my diet and training to achieve the results that I want. I used 500 mg a week Monday and Thursday pin schedule, I did not use an ai this time around as I never really needed one on the past with higher doses of test and other products. I used the product for 10 week total currently running standard clomid/nolva pct. I was able to drop bf from 13.5 to 11 even can’t say I’m not impressed with my results I also put on 7 pounds which are pretty lean from what I can tell. Strength increased somewhat, not as dramatic as past expierences but as I stated I kept the dose low. I have not to much to complain about other than Kalpa’s new bottles. They need to do a better job of crimping the metal ring around the bottle, it’s spins when you twist it. In my opinion that it not good!

    If you want a quality product at a reasonable price and you want it fast kalpa is the way to go and roidsmall is the way to go. 4 orders and I’ve have not one issue thus far. Kalpa is a very smooth clean quality juice that will at least give you result you are somewhat looking for. I recommend this source 100 percent. And not to mention he carries other top notch names that most people are looking for.

  80. Top rate,is what I give Roidsmall,IV NEVER HAD MY GEAR SHIPPED FASTER THAN THEM,AND TO TOP THE FAST SHIPPING OFF THE GEAR IS G2g.Iv ordered test prop,dbal,and both came in 6 days and I really couldn’t ask for better quality gear.I’m proud to be their custommer..Easy ordering,fast shipping,good communication,QUALITY GEAR,thanks RMALL!

  81. This is a VERY well deserved review for RoidsMall. This is an excellent src at the top of his game for sure.

    Communication is always on track with RoidsMall. He is very responsive and always willing to help out and answer any questions quickly. Just a genuinely good guy.

    T/A for RoidsMall for me in the States was 6 days from day of payment. That’s speed right there so I give this guy props for sure on speed.

    The package itself is tightly wrapped and secure showing the care and integrity to keep us safe.

    I have orderd Dragon Pharma’s Test Prop and Sustanon

    I ran the two products together on a 10 week lean bulk with Turinabol. I like to run a little extra Test Prop when I run my Sust. The Sust was run at 1ml eod along with the Prop at 1/2ml eod. Libido was the first thing I noticed. It was almost immediate within 5-6 days morning wood like crazy and horny all damn day. Week 2 well being was increasing and by the 3rd week I was in straight Dragon Pharma mode with most of the esters taking effect strongly. In the first four weeks I put on 8 very lean pounds with the help of a seriously planned out diet. By week 10 when the cycle was at it’s end going into pct I was up 14 pounds and strength in the gym was incredible. I can honestly say I only lost 2 pounds through and after pct and kept the rest nicely with the help of Triptorelin for my pct. My natty levels came back very quickly. I forgot to mention I also ran Proviron at 50mg daily throughout the cycle. The Dragon Pharma gear from RoidsMall served me very well.

    I had a great cycle with great service and delivery of high quality legit products from RoidsMall. This is an honest source with incredible prices to be completely truthful and an even more incredible selection of all the top names in the game and a ton of excellent Pharmaceutical Grade products as well! Do not hesitate brothers!

  82. This review is for NPP @ 150MG 10ML, TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 10ML and ANADROXYL 50.

    Communication was good. Roidsmall immediately responded when funds were received. I’ve only had one problem since I’ve been using his services over a year now and he responded the day I e- mailed him and sent out product the next day. The guy is honest and does what he says he’ll do.

    I’ve never received damaged products and products are well secured so not to break during transit. T/A varies but 7 to 10 days average which is fine for me because I know the quality of his products and it well worth the wait. I have always received what I ordered.

    I took the Test-P 100 mlgs ed around second day with higher libido, sense of well being and strength increase with little to no pip what so ever. His prop is as good as any I’ve used and I feel it was dosed appropriately or overdosed.

    The NPP was used at 150 mlgs eod. By the third day I felt joint relief and strength increase and my muscles looked fuller which made me happy. It also had little to no pip.

    I used the Adrol preworkout 1 or 2 hours before workout. I immediately saw water retention and my pumps were so strong it hurt sometime, my muscles would get pumped when I used my phone. I also had great strength gains which is the main reason I took the stuff after taking the Adrol I did have to start taking adex because I got puffy nipples and sensitivity but I got it under control.

    This is my favorite cycle which I ran for 12 weeks with an increase in strength of about 20 to 30% and a 25 pound weight gain. My diet was a clean bulk and my routine was the 5 X 5 program. I believe all products were dosed correctly and dragon pharma’s NPP is the best I’ve personally ever tried. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from damaged joint or just joint pain in general. I’m 42 years old and I won’t train without it anymore because I like to lift as heavy as I can with proper form.

    I have always had a great reaction to anything I’ve tried from this source and his prices are ridiculously priced low. This is my favorite source and my go to source for anything. I’ve been cruising for awhile so I can’t wait to do another blast with his gear and start lifting heavy again. Thanks RoidsMall for the great promo!

  83. I’ve been dealing with Roidsmall for at least 6 years now, and as usual I’m very pleased. RMALL always comes through, got my supps in exactly 2 weeks. I ordered Dragon Pharma Turanabol and all I can say is I’m extremely happy. The gains are subtle, but noticeable. In other words they are solid; no bloat/water retention, just solid gains. I’ve never tried T-bol before and was skeptical, but it’s great. I can’t believe the strength gains either, my bench has gone up almost 30 lbs and I’m only on my fourth week, and I’m only doing 40 mg/day 5x/week. I think that’s pretty decent, and not a singe side effect. Thanks RMALL.

  84. This is my personal review for a Dragon Pharma Test-E only cyle. I have run this Test-E for a total of 12 weeks. I have do one injection per week at 500mg, 1.8ml in my quads.

    Everytime Roidsmall is a great source to deal with, thank you!

    Communication is professional and above the standards, perfect and fast support post and after sale. I love these guys.

    I have received my pack in 11 days after payment in a high risk EU country. The pack was very well packed, safe and secure. Never received any broken products.

    Ok, now it’s time to copy here my personal cycle that i have reported week by week with paper and pen. This is my 4th cycle and this time i have opted for a basic Test-E only cycle at 500mg per week for a total of 12 weeks.

    I have do 12 injections and only in the first i have notice a little pip in my quad for one day but this is caused for a virgin muscle, the others 11 injections are perfect, no pip. I love this Dragon Pharma stuff, high quality compound.

    For this cycle i have do a balanced diet of 4200/4400 Kcal a day. For the first 3 weeks i don’t have notice a lot of mass and this is normal for a long easter compound , but i have put up great strength at the gym, 5% more.

    At the week 7 my weigth, size and strength is fantastic! I have put 12 lbs of solid mass and 10/15% of more strength.

    At the week 8 what i have noticed is very very impressive and for me is fantastic, i have start to put down some body fat! Wow this is amazing for my diet and Test-E only cycle. I have start with 14% BF and i have finish at 10-11%. This result for me is very great, i like Dragon Pharma Test-E, really good testosterone compound, for sure i run it in my next bulking cycle.

    The last 4 weeks i have train like a monster, my strength is up over 20%, more vascular and at the end of the cycle i have gain a total of 17 lbs!

    Now i write about sides, honestly i have noticed only a little acne at the end of the cycle.

    For this cycle i have opted for a standard pct protocol based only on Clomid and Nolvadex. I have start my pct 1 week after my last injection. This is the PCT: Week 1: Clomid 100mg day / Nolvadex 40mg day

    Week 2: Clomid 100mg day / Nolvadex 40mg day

    Week 3: Clomid 50mg day / Nolvadex 20mg day

    Week 4: Clomid 50mg day / Nolvadex 20mg day I have run some others different brands Test-E but Dragon Pharma is my favourite, i gain great mass ( 17 lbs with this cycle ) i’m pumped, i loose some BF..what i want ? Only DRAGON PHARMA gears!

    Really impressed with the quality of this Test-E, in this cycle i have reached my goal and i’m very happy and satisfied about this. For years i have try out gears and finally i have try what i want from AAS, DRAGON PHARMA!

    This is one of my favourites, Roidsmall is awesome! Very nice selection of high quality gears from A to Z.

    Preparing my next order πŸ™‚ Thank you for all your time spent to give me all details and informations that i need.

    Have a long life Roidsmall! ***(sorry if my english is not very good πŸ˜‰ )

  85. Very smooth and quick process from beginning to end. 8 days from start to finish and probably would have been 6 had I double checked everything. Professional service with quality product than this place is perfect. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  86. Right now I am doing good with the dragon pharma test prop I tried out fron RoidsMall. My shirts are getting tighter,my strength is going up,and I’m obviously putting on more size. I was doing OK from the test prop I got earlier from a different domestic source but the dragon pharma I feel is working better for me. A little more aggression and s-drive too. Now I’m starting on the test suspension that I pinned just yesterday. I will keep updates on that as well. Communication,everything 5*’s. I’m getting ready to place another order tomorrow. Probably more test prop(if they get back the kind I want)and maybe more Anavar. I’m dying to try that A-Var.

  87. I recommend roidsmall. So far I have order twice. I have received both orders (generally two weeks later).

    So far the communication has been great.

    1st order : Somatrope and Pfizer Genotropin Cartridge 2nd order : Somatrope, T3, and Kalpa Testosterone Propionate

    The pen is great be expensive. A women used it and loves it β€” positive effects over 3 weeks at 2IU 5 times a day

    Somatrope has been good for me. 4 weeks and noticeable results. First two weeks : 2UI; Last two: 4UI.

  88. I can honestly say there are a few good sources out there.If I had to choose to keep one around,its RoidsMall.The only bitch that anybody can come up with is they are a few bucks more costly.BUT,that few bucks gaurentees your getting excellent quality of gear in a very quick amount of time.Its not hit and miss like other sources where your just happy to recieve what you ordered and not worry about a source taking your money and never hear from them again,then you have to hope it isnt junk.No worries about RoidsMall.He knows his business and if its good,he makes sure he carries it.I’ve been cycling off and on for years now and got the best results from RoidsMall.Stregnth,size and definition.I’ve gotten so big off his gear,my bosses at work are too scared to fire me even if they wanted to.LOL!! I’ve gotten job promotions and job offers from other places and yes it is because of the muscle I have gained using RoidsMall.And best of all,ITS EASIER TO SCORE WITH THE CHICKS!!! Thanks RoidsMall…

  89. late review

    used this source about 4 times

    very easy ordering process very fast website is great 3 to 5 days for orders

    back in december used cut mix 1 cc three time a week, used it for my show, got strong lean and keep my estro great, lost lots of water, also was using his nolvadex just started sust and kalpa abombs review in 6 weeks, before that used kalpa pharma and work well, love all products i used from him. viagra is powerful..

  90. Ok here it go’s, I’ve ordered a lot of times from Roidsmall and have yet to regret doing so, it’s been about a month and a half since I ordered and used there Anadroxyl, I ordered it when they were having the sale. Till this day I haven’t had better Anadrol or Dbol since . I have ordered from others and it was good but Roidsmall stuff for my body has been strait fire. There anadroxyl gave me perfect water retention the way I wanted it, it had me feeling good Physically and mentally, the pumps were insane but I like the overall wellbeing feeling it gave me. I was on it for 6 weeks and loved every moment of it. The only problem I had was that I had to get off of it. If it didn’t do damage I would love to do it more often. Great gear, fast dilivery, No complaints on my side, THANKS ROIDSMALL.

  91. First Time ordering from this website and it was great!

    No communication needed as got tracking number. Solid source

    T/A was around 8 days which was awesome, can really count on them if i need a product quick!

    Ordered Clomid from them.

    Everything works as its supposed too!

    If you need gear quick, this is one of my go to sources! First time buying from them, but wont be last!

  92. This review will be for Kalpa test prop and drol from Roidsmall. I heard many good things about the prop and finally decided to give it a go as a kick start to the cycle I am currently on. I was pinning 1ml eod for 3 weeks with his drol at 100mgs a day split 50 am 50 pm. Oh man was I in for a suprise, within 7 days I would tell the prop had started taking over, I was beginning to break out across my back and shoulders more than I ever have. My wife was extremely happy with the increase in my sex drive, I was sweating more, training intensity was up aggression in the gym was up. And the drol, oh man that stuff had me full in just a few days, I had ran dbol before but never anything like this, it was awesome the be able to continue to move up in weight weekly. I switched from his drol to some pharma drol I had and feel like Kalpa is much stronger. All in all it was a pleasure to do business with this guy. I will be back soon.

    T/A was longer than expected around 15 days, but hey we have to remember just what it is we are doing right. This is not your normal online store. The packaging was super discreet, I had no idea what it was, there were no chances of broken vials.

    Hands down some of the best gear I have had to date.

    ROidsmall is a good business man, I will continue to do business with him as long as he sticks around, the products and great and the price is way more than fair.

  93. i have been getting my gear from roidsmall for a few years now and am very satisfied with the quality off all products i have received. After coming off a long cycle i was cruising on the balkan sustanon @ 250mg a week and got my bloodwork done just to see where my test levels were before starting a new cycle. Well my doctor called me a few days later and didnt give me an exact number but said my levels were extremely high and to discontinue taking testosterone and come back in 2 months so he can get another reading. Needless to say i didnt follow his advice but my point is that this source sells quality products. Anyways my new cycle i am running the Kalpa dbol and test e and its some of the best gear i’ve ever used. Im taking 40mg a day of the dbol and 500mg a week of the test. I am getting noticeably bigger and stronger every week and have recently had some of my best lifts of all time finally got up 405 on the bench for 3 reps!!

  94. Scam I think he is the one posting all this good comments don’t believe, I order test n tren nothing came tried to contact Noone answers

  95. Third time ordering with these guys, and can’t complain at all. Perfect service.

    Great support

  96. Got the package so quick I was surprised. Great communication! I hit the site up for first time and the process was great. I received quality blister pack brand name stuff – labeled bottles – beautifuly packed. I got a lot of orals and fat loss stuff for my girl as well and it’s great stuff. The var I got her is powerful brand name sealed/stamped packages and the Albuterol is a great “Controlled release” gear – good stuff. Var is sometimes faked and I know this stuff is safe for her – powerful too. I’ve been around this stuff for a while and these guys impressed me. In a week or so I’m stocking up on what they got.

  97. This has to be the best source hands down!!! In a jam and need something quick get at him!!!

    Fast responses with helpful advice.

    Ordered Tren ace, Eq, sust, Deca

    Tren ace hit hard, caughs and crazy night sweats. Strength jumped like no other.

    Eq had my blood pressure out of control within a couple weeks, appetite did its thing and had me eating on schedule.

    Sust had me feeling level headed besides the tren outburst. Libido was on fire.

    Deca had my joints feeling smooth and allowed me to push the heavy weight the tren was getting me.

    weeks 1-6 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    1cc deca

    weeks 6-15 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    1cc tren ace every day

    weeks 15-20 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    This is definetly a source you can count on for extreme quality and dependability. Give them a try.

  98. I received my caber quick from him. Seems to be from a reputable lab, I saw someone post tests on the stuff from this same company. Not sure if I can discuss that there. One thing about ROidsMall, he has been very patient and responds quickly to anything I asked. Quick delivery, and bitcoin is awesome! Thanks for the intro ROidsMall!

  99. Have always had good experiences with them. Except this last order placed 27 dec. Never showed up.

  100. This review is for my last order with Roidsmall; I have made multiple purchases and have tried various brands he supplies to test out efficacy and I can now write a review from experience. Switched over to Dragon Pharma Test E 250 from the Kalpa brand and the Dragon Pharma blows it out of the water. I had always felt Kalpa was underdosed and now I am positive. I have gained an extra 4lbs in the 3 weeks since switching over to Dragon Pharma brand and I finally feel like I am beginning to experience the sides I expected with my weekly dose 600mg every 4 days; sides with Kalpa was non-existent up to 1000 MG a week without ancillaries. I’ll run without ancillaries to measure how my body responds. Because I have had three positive experiences with Roidsmall, I just placed my fourth order: Dragon Pharma Test E 400 and the new Suspension 100mg. I’ll review it in a couple of weeks.

    Roidsmall is 100% all around. Communicates fast, ships fast, range of products is broad, easy to do business with, always delivers. Some other sites offer products for cheaper; my philosophy is, you get what you pay for.

  101. Very prompt. Not so much a bargain, but very fast. Like the web site information transfer, very clean once you understand it.

  102. This is probably the most reliable and quickest source. I only wish they had a little more of a selection.

    They will always respond quickly, but usually never needed.

    Usually between 3 to 5 days, sometimes even quicker.

    I am cycling off it now from about two weeks now, but the Tren I can still really feel. My strength is crazy still and I always know because Tren kind of messes with my head. A word of advice to newbies trying Tren, it is the only steroid that gives me roid rage and makes me feel kind of just pissed off all the time. I know how to keep it in check well, but Tren definitely affects your mental state even though it does not aromatize. And be extra careful with Tren-E because it lasts a fucking long time! I still feel kind of agro and its been awhile since I pinned it. But I would like to say that Dragon Pharma does make good Tren. I’ve always liked the Sustanon too. I remember a batch of Cypionat I ordered a while ago was some of the best test ever tried. I will vouch for Dragon Pharma oils. They make good injectables usually. So if you are thinking about running some tren, I would recommend at least trying the Dragon Pharma, I don’t think you would be disappointed.

    If you need gear, and you need it quickly and reliably, this is a good source to try. They only constructive criticism I would give this source is to have a little more variety. If they were able to pull some human grade stuff you have to order overseas, and still have this business model, this source would be the best of the best.

  103. Got my order today. 10 vials of Dragon Pharma Sus 350, Deca 300 and 150 D-Bol. Got it in 10 days. Discreet shipping. Good looking product. All the vial caps were secure and untampered with. None of my pills were broken. Definitely the only site I order from.

  104. placed an order with these guys for a bottle of kalpa tren e and 10 bottles of alpa test e. switches from the previous lab i was using and i have seen no drop in strength and still getting the sides so the shit is legit.

    great comunication and fast shipping time. i think i have found my new sauce πŸ™‚ keep up the good work

  105. Placed my order 8 weeks ago. Very fast, efficient and discrete delivery, nobody would know what’s in the package. The products have proven to be of great quality and I am very pleased with the gains I have made. I will be ordering from RoidsMall in future rather than my local supplier.

    No comms other than the info on payment protocol was required. That which was received was clear, concise and got the job done.

    I have ordered from them: Dragon Pharma T-400 10ml, Dianabol 20mg, A-Dex.

    Dbol was effective and gains were very good. T-400 was PIPpy to start but has been spot on since, gains are still coming, libido is up and the boys have taken a sabbatical so all in all as to be expected.

  106. I had ordered my HCG from another place which was a mistake,so i needed my hcg and clomid fast. I used RoidsMall for the first time because of the reviews I read so I gave them a try and in 6 days my donation was picked up and order sent, I was also able to track it the whole way to my door, I’ve already started my stuff from roidsmall and still haven’t even recieved my gear from the other source. ROIDSMALL will DEFINATELY be my new go to company, THANKS AGAIN

  107. Roidsmall has become one one my go to sources, hard to beat the service and quality for the stock.

    Has been more than helpful and handled issues professionally and timely.

    Ran 29ml of dragon pharma sust and anavar with another source npp then switched to test e (which I just finished) when the sust was gone. The gear pins smooth. This cycle was one of my best, if not my best yet, everything just seemed to be clicking well and having a solid base with testosterone had a lot to do with that. I ran the anavar for about 8 weeks at 100mg and man, all I can say is this had been my best go with anavar. Vascularity has been the first thing that everyone notices for me now, continue to get complements and people asking questions. I was maintaining a clean 3200 cals per day and using my workouts and AAS to shape my results this time and it went really well. I have more of his gear that I’m looking forward to trying out.

    This source is a bit underrated but is definitely on top imo with the service and right up there with the best of them in quality too. Highly recommended.

  108. This was my first time ordering with from guys. Had a slight issue which was resolved.

    Was personable and always replied to my messages quickly. They mistakenly sent out the wrong items, but sorted it very quickly soon as I let them know πŸ™‚

    Shipping time in the UK was just a couple of days. It was packaged well and discretely.

    Both ordered products, Caber and Kamagra, did exactly what they were supposed to!

    Very happy with the products and service, I’ll be more than happy to use again!

  109. Just placed my first order with these guys. I kept it relatively small due to the average rating. I’ve been seeking a new domestic source for orals so if RoidsMall comes through for me with some legit stuff they’ll have a loyal customer. The order and payment process was automated and user friendly. The whole process from order to payment took about 3 min. I will keep everyone posted when I receive my order.

  110. Best supplier I have used! Made a small order to test the water and all I can say is I will never be using any other supplier Roidsmall all the way

    Very good payment picked up product revived 2 weeks later very fast

    Been using ordered gear for just under couple of weeks and I’m up nearly a stone and a half already very pleased

  111. Very pleased with these guys… Have ordered from many sources before & used Roidsmall for a quick stop to grab some orals !! Was not making a large order, but needed some bits for my cycle quick & that is what I got!! (In UK)

    Used Anavar (Dragon Pharma) throuhgout cycle as a hardener with some test & other bits I had…. No problems with the Anavar whatsoever, felt nice & strong, upped my dose of creatine & took 2 tabs a day on top of injectibles…. Decent Var and defo happy I chose Dragon Pharma over others.

  112. OK so I received winstrol aprox 3week ago price was average turn around time was only 8 days after payment was received. The gear is great I have maintained the same weight 200lbs dropped from 17%bf to 14%bf and from a 34 to a 30 pant size. So I can def attest to the gear being spot on. I have been taking 40mg a day and my wrists and elbows are sore as hell every morning.

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