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BodyPharm is yet another online pharmacy who is there to make its way through the dozens of other such websites trying to leave the competition behind. tries to accomplish this by offering a large variety of muscle growth steroids at low prices and standing by the quality of their products. They are confident about the cheap prices they offer and have a policy of drawing more customers in by offering free shipping on orders more than $600 worth, anywhere in the world. Oral steroids, injectable steroids, steroids in sachets, post cycle therapy, HGH & Peptides, weight loss pills, liver protection, diuretics, skin care and many other drugs for improving overall heath are on the list of products offered for sale by BodyPharm. All the medications are generic, giving them an advantage over trademark products by being able to lower the price while keeping the quality.

BodyPharm customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can reach them by creating a ticket. The BodyPharm discounts and promotions are available on a regular basis and are especially beneficial to most customers who reward the pharmacy with their loyalty.

BodyPharm complaints revolve around the fact that the support service is only for English speaking customers, which means that clients from other countries without a working knowledge of the language are at a disadvantage. The absence any BodyPharm coupon codes can sometimes be perceived as a problem, since so many people are used to looking for coupons and applying them during the checkout process, BodyPharm instead mostly rewards customers loyalty and directly applies discounts to orders. -> Dragon Pharma Legit Supplier

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bodypharm legit sciroxx supplier has a great selection of generic medication that makes the difference for many people who have already decided to shop here. However studying the market is important before making a choice and reading reviews and testimonials can help learn a lot more about a company. It is possible that BodyPharm was your pick, if it was please share with us your testimonial.

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  1. It’s been over a year now since I have been using Bodypharm, and I can not say one bad word about them

    As always the communication was quick and helpful, they were very patient and considerate to help if I had come across any issues

    Packing was secure as usual and I had received my parcel within 2 weeks, very discreet, very good quality packaging

    With the Winstrol, I have been using around two 25mg Doses per day, this got me lean as well I become vascular, the test E I have used for just under a year now, the gains I have had from it are crazy also my strength has gone through the roof. Using around 1000 weekly.

    Hands Down Bodypharm are the best suppliers I have ever dealt with, quality is unbeatable, thanks guys very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gear is fire,this is my second order in a month.

    packaging was secure and arived in 7 days.


    just sarted 4 weeks ago,up 14lbs and still gaining.

    some of the best gear going….

  3. Bodypharm has been a part of my cycle regiment for …. a long damn time now. Every now and then I switch it up when there’s a new hype about a competitor’s product, at the end I always wind up running back to bodypharm ‘s gear. Kicks in how it should, when it should.

    Took longer to arrive than proclaimed. The gear arrived in extremely secure packaging, no glass clinging etc,no mistakes in order everything arrived just how it should. Done right.

    Their Test Prop by far the best you can find….anywhere. The rest of their gear is also top notch always

  4. I have been using 50mg test e and 400mg tren e per week from The results have been outstanding, I have never weighed so much whilst being as lean. I also ordered hcg which has been doing an excellent job of maintaining testicular function.

    All products have delivered the expected results

  5. I have order from X 6 times ! I have received 5 orders so far , and currently waiting for my 6th , but let me make it clear I am still in my T/A promised time for my 6th , and I am just hear to share my review for the previous orders !! He is the first source that I have trusted to order from online , and he is the only source that I will ever need ! Communication is always on point , and the products he offers are 100% REAL DEAL !!

    The products are awesome . I have been using for 7 months off & on & I have gained 30 Pounds of Lean Mass . I went from 180 to 210 and have lost a ton of Body Fat , and I am ripped up !!

    If you want a good source you don’t need to look any further !! I am always getting complimented in the gym , and on the streets by friends & family !! I Highly recommend BodyPharm !! I can’t wait to try the New line of BodyPharm oils , and my Dbol on my 6th order !! I will review these soon !!

  6. hey guys i was lucky enough to be in on bodypharm’s awesome promo ithis is my go to source speedy delivery and top notch products and very reasonable prices.

    2x bodypharm test enth

    been using the product as soon as it landed with a prop kicker stopped takin prop and still feeling incredible the enth has defo kicked in lifts are up 20kg on bench press alone, i have put on 10lbs so far and im pretty chuffed great product, great quality, great source

    dont hesitate to try out you wont be dissapointed

  7. what a company, this guys great, he gets back to your emails straight away, product comes next week maybe two at most, stock goes quick, but no wonder , I made an order for bodypharm dbol, there was a problem with stock, as id already paid I changed my order to sus 350 which is more expensive , this guy let me off the extra and chucked in some free t3 tabs as good gesture I have just placed another order for anadrol and deca

    strength is awesome, weight gain is not too noticeable as of yet but still early , ill let everyone know in the comeing weeks …. defo legit

    you guys are wicked < jus order more anadrol and deca cant wait

  8. Excellent service, have been using them for a long time and their service is second to none! Excellent communication, fast delivery and great products at a decent price. Keep up the good work!!!

    Quality was excellent, strength gains were unbelievable . Ran a cycle of Deca/Test and Test E for 12 weeks, injecting 1.5ml of Deca Test and 1.5ml of Test-E. Ran Oxy to start and finished with Pro Pct. Sex drive was through the roof! Strength gains were great and body composition great. People were commenting at the gym about how good i looked. Managed to keep most of the gains as well.

    Its been a pleasure to do business with them and i will continue to do so for a long time. Just about to order my next cycle ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Excellent service. Second order from these guys

    Great communication pretty quick response to all my questions. Easy payment instructions

    discreet packaging.

    1 X DP t400

    haven’t started yet will keep posting once i get started

  10. Well deserved review!

    Can’t say enough about how pleasant, responsive and professional this guy is. Really is a pleasure to do business with him. Some people worry about international orders but in my experience this source’s communication and support beat many domestics.

    He ships in multiple packs to guard against an entire order getting seized and makes each pack smaller. Packaging is incredibly tight and secure. Get ready to spend some time with a sharp knife or a razor blade. These guys take their time packaging product. Packs start landing about 10-14 days from payment. Can take up to 25 days for all the packs to land because like I said he does spread them out.

    Used the Balkan Sustamed 250 amps at 750mg a week for about 8 weeks. I used a lot of Sust in my time and it’s my favorite compound by far. So I know my Sust. This felt spot on. I put on about 10lbs within the first few weeks but then started dieting a little so weight actually dropped but didn’t lose an ounce of muscle or strength. Strength increased quickly and dramatically and got back to benching 315 for 10 within about 3 weeks. Definitely noticed a little water retention and for the first time in a long time had to throw in some Adex because my nips started getting puffy and I’m not very gyno prone. Libido was high but my libido is always high so can’t really say if the Sust boosted it or not. Didn’t experience any oily skin as my skin is moderately oily all the time but not real bad. No acne either. Sides: I’d say I have a fairly high tolerance for PIP and lumps and this Sust hits hard when it comes to that. Ouch! And yes I tried cutting it. Also had a mild fever to go along with it. But I still love my Sust. If you are really concerned with PIP go with the Balkan Test E amps. Little cheaper and zero PIP. Used a few of those too but not ready to review. Oh I did use some Kalpa Clen just as a pre-workout boost once or twice a week. Definitely helped with my intensity, focus and breathing. Can’t comment on any fat loss properties as that’s not why I used it.

    Honestly, his prices, quality and communication can’t be beat. I’m never in a rush so if it takes 2 week or 4 weeks I couldn’t care less as long as I get it. If you can plan ahead then give these guys a shot. No hesitation in recommending them.

  11. ok so i have to say, bodypharm is good! he responds lightning fast and is on point. from start to finish he does what he says

    about 10-12 days. thats from order online to door.

    so far i have been hitting the mast and the test. the pins are smooth and there is already a notable difference i feel with the mast. tighter, better pumps. huge diffrence from my last lab. i love the gear and cant wait to dig into more products from bodypharm!

    There is not much more to say. easy process, good clean easy to navigate site, helpful beyond his need. even sent me an email to make sure i was happy which i am. A+ all around. i look forward to my next order. thank you!

  12. I ordered twice from Bodypharm. The gear is simply amazing and zero PIP. He answers to my emails quickly and the T/A is always less than a week after payment. Review long overdue.

    Test Prop / Mast Prop

    The gear is amazing with absolutely zero PIP in my case. Gained 10lbs lean mass in 8 weeks cycle.

  13. I ordered 20ml of Test 200 & 20ml of Deca. I have done several cycles in the past and am taking this one following a hernia operation. I took shots of 1ml of Test with 1ml of Deca, two shots per week. My diet and routine was not great, but after about six weeks, I gained about 15+ lbs. and I lost an inch on my waistline. At about week 7 I reduced my dose by half to one shot per week. I just finished the last of this juice and I gained about 22 quality lbs. I had little to no PIP. Both the Test and Deca were quality products. I wanted to take a lower dosed, conservative cycle and this worked well for me. My gains were excellent, with no bloat. I am 100% satisfied with this product.

  14. What to say i orderd very much concistanty over maybee 3 times no problems. Quick service and perfect packaging.

    Awesome packaging. Some of rhe best around. T/a bout 11 days my muscle.

    Kalpa 50 x 50 mg winstrol

    Products is fckn perfect. KP is proven to be top quality through test and cause i m a fckn beast. 50 mg ed for28 days and 100 for last till gone. Achy joints, loss pf body fat, great veinage, sweaty, aggressive , and all around sexy beast. Dont belive me jot me up ill trap slap ya. Lol.

  15. this review is long past overdue. I’ve ordered from this particular supplier multiple times and have never had a problem from their end. All merchandise is absolute top quality.

    communication and support are absolutely outstanding, everything is so smooth that I really can’t say much more about it.

    the TA usually falls somewhere between 7 to 10 business days after confirmation of donation at the very longest, at least this has been my experience.

    test e 250x 3

    tren ace 100x 2

    the quality is in my view superior than most of the other suppliers in this community, anything I’ve ever gotten from Bodypharm has been complete fire!

    if you’re not trying some of their products you’re doing yourself an injustice.

  16. These guys have awesome packaging very safe and T/A through all my years of experience with AAS. Their products are legit especially the Kalpa Pharmaceuticals line which I am using. Everything is properly dosed and legitimate in terms of authenticity, I would recommend this service to anyone who is nervous about placing an order for the first time. Their prices are also very fair and shipping is free! I will be ordering again soon.

    I have been on the Kalpa Pharma Deca for 10 weeks joints feel better and shoulder complex is making progress.

  17. Review for my PCT Items I purchased from Bodypharm

    Communication is great – always remains professional and prompt.

    Arrived next weeks discretely packaged, an email was sent to be confirming the item would arrive.

    1 x Anastrozole

    2 x Clomid

    2 x Oragon Pregnyl 5000iu

    1 x Tamoxifen

    Products where all spot on. As you can tell by the order this was used for my PCT a few months back which was very successful. I ran HCG throughout my cycle, but as I had been on a long time, I continued to use this at a higher dosage than normal up until I began running Clomid. I ran Clomid at 100/100/75/75/50

    I ran Nolva at 20/20/20/20 Blood tests 3 weeks after stopping Clomid showed Testosterone at the high end of the range, as well as FSH & LH both being in range. I also ran a small amount of Anastrozole throughout PCT to avoid any E2 rebound. All products where Pharma grade – which I would always recommend for PCT especially.

    I will happily do business with this supplier again and would recommend them to anybody. They had a sale on at the time of my order which led to me getting an absolute bargain on my items ordered.

  18. Just wanted to drop in my review for balkan test e and balkan anadrol…I have always been a big fan of anything balkan and these guys forsure carry legit balkan products ..I ran the test e and anadrol and blew up ..libido was great and awesome strength increase.

    Put on order helped me the it and no need for any other questions..

    Ta was 10 day and packaged really well no worries of any broken bottles or tabs

    The quality was amazing got really good results as expected from anything bp

    I luv ordering threw these guys and will continue to do so thank u

  19. Well I’m very impressed with Bodypharm’s customer service. On top of the order process from the very beginning with timely email and updates. T/A was 13 days and indisputable is the fastest!!! I ordered Test E & P and I love it! I started seeing effects about 1 and a half weeks in. My energy level was up and I felt more focused on the field and overall felt good about myself! I noticed jumps in bench, squat in hang clean. This being said, I am grateful for what Bodypharm is doing for me so I will continue to use them.

  20. Just received my order 2 weeks from shipping date. Communication throughout the entire process was A+++. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

  21. I’ve ordered twice from Bodypharm. Both times I was more than satisfied with the product, customer service, and timeliness.

    Communication was great. Received emails informing me of the status of my order. Never had to inquire since everything came so fast.

    Both orders came within 10 days of my payment. Packaging was discrete and tidy.

    I used 100mg Tren Ace, 100mg Mast Prop, and 50mg Test Prop per day for 80 Days. I was planning on prepping for a show, but life got in the way. So, my diet became very inconsistent. But, with this stack, I stayed pretty damned shredded. Lost about 5lbs of body fat while adding 5lbs of muscle. I was already on another brand of the three mixed that was giving me terrible PIP. So, staying the same weight while losing body fat all while eating a somewhat bad diet is a testament to Kalpa’s products. Training intensity and aggression stayed high throughout. Night sweats as usual with Tren. Stayed strong throughout without any joint problems. I’m 39 and have been training hard on gear for years, so my gains in strength and size are going to be little by little. Pretty nice being pretty damned lean at 270+ Kalpa is great. Oh, and zero PIP! Test E I’ve run since finishing that. I’m running 500mg/week with some Primo(600mg/week) I have. Works great. Sex Drive, Mood, and overall feel great!

    Great experience with Bodypharm. They are my #1 supplier now.

  22. This is a well deserved, review for ONE bottle of injectable Dbol. I used to jump start my cycle.

    I am very familiar with oral dbol. It’s one of my favorite kickers to a good bulk cycle. This is my first and only time I have used the injectable version. And I wouldn’t use oral dbol again. As long as Bodypharm keeps making this product. I used this product everyday at 50mgs. It took about 10 days to really get a good feel for this product. First thing I noticed was, waking up my muscle bellies were full, pumped so to speak. All the time. While lifting the amount of blood that would feel my muscles was insane. Extreme pumps. Around day 14 I really started to notice the strength. Everything was light. Aggression was high and intensity was amazing. What amazed me the most is. That I didn’t experience no bloat or holding water like I would w oral dbol. I still can’t get over it. I’m vascular, lean and still have a 6 pack. I received numerous compliments on how good I looked from people at my gym. That’s always nice. In my 26 days of using this product. I gained 15lbs. My goal for my whole cycle was 20-25. This is going to be a great bulk cycle. And makes a great addition to my cycle.

  23. I’m not worried at all about doing business with these guys!! They have legit gear! If you’re looking for a source I wouldn’t look any further, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for being real and staying in the game.

    I can say that when communication was needed, they had a great response time.

    In my opinion the packaging was legit!

    10 of test e 250

    2 of test p 100

    The quality is top notch! I was stoked to find a little present in with my order!! Thanks guys! I’ve been running this cycle since September and the gear is great! Their little addition of tren a was awesome. I’ve never ran tren but since I had it in my hand I couldn’t say no. 300 eod prop for the 1st 3 weeks on top of 500 wk test e, and 200 wk tren…. Cutting and strong as hell!! The wife can’t complain in the bedroom either!!

    Thanks guys! Keep up the good work, I’ll keep coming back and referring you to guys that are looking for a real source.

  24. BodyPharm is the man! Been doing business with him for awhile now and I’m very satisfied.

    Communication is great. Every time I’ve had a question all I’ve had to do was ask and he would get back to me in a timely manner. No hassles at all

    T/A is under 14 days. Package is nice and tight and sealed.

    The HGH I’ve been on for about 4 weeks doing 3 iu in the morning 7 days a week. Since I started my sleep have gotten better my fat around my stomach area is coming off with out me changing my eating habits. My hands have swollen up my energy level has gone up and I already feel better. No negative side effects yet.

    The var I was taking a 25mg in the am after waking up and then 8-10 hours later I would take another 25 mg. it took a few days to feel the effects but once it kicked it the pumps were insane after just a few set of biceps it would be hard to keep working them out. The same went with trying to do cardio my calves would be killing after about 10 min of running or walking. While on var I got very vascular and lean and I love this stuff. I got really bad heart burn from it and acid reflux.

    The Winnie is an liquid oral I was using 20mg in the am and 20mg in pm. my muscle got rock hard veins popping out every where. Slimed down all around skin got tight. Side effects were dry skin joints hurt body hair and the one thing I hated the most my head hair started falling off.

    BodyPharm is the man. Give him try you won’t regret it.

  25. Ok I’m not kidding best source around! Very friendly and amazing products!!

    It’s never been longer than 3 weeks!! Everything is very discrete and well packed!

    I’m not joking when I say he has the best stuff! I’ve used many top sources and his is the best in the business. Would highly recommend you guys try him out!! Test p absolutely amazing I’ve been on for 4 weeks now and my sex drive is through the roof, skin is very oily. Strength is insane! Mast p it’s doing it’s job I’m on a pretty high caloric diet for a cut and I’m shredding out. Actually just hit 4.5% bf. The other products I haven’t used yet but can’t wait to try them as well!

    I can say enough about his customer service and products he provides. Will defiantly be my go to source!

  26. Placed my first order and shipment arrived fast and safe. The whole ordering process was easy and communication was consistent. The Dragon Pharma Test Cyp 250 was clean and clear with no PIP. I feel stronger than ever and sweat like a pig, so I know it’s working. You can’t go wrong ordering from Bofypharm and I highly recommend their services!

  27. Arrived pretty quickly as usual with him, about 10 business days has been my average t/a for bodypharm. Packaging wasn’t complicated to get into but didn’t stand out from anything else I order online. I usually don’t realise its a bodypharm package until I open it, keeping each packages looking different is comforting in it being less suspicious.

    Anavar quality was outstanding. I realise the last time I used bodypharm’s var I kinda just took it when I felt like it because it was so potent to me. I ran it 20 mg a day before running out and switching to a different brands var I had around. I was also taking test Enanthate from another source. I could feel it at first dose which is uncommon for oral with me usually, I suppose due to using injectables alongside. It kept me sweating dicks at the gym from minute fifteen. Uncomfortable leg pumps came very fast on the treadmill. I did get headaches frequently but I looked online and that seems to be normal. They werent real bad, really just annoying but very worth it. Physically I still retained a fair amount of weight but my body did look a little better, a tad puffy in my cheeks (think was allergy from antibiotic) but more definition.

    Dragon Pharma has some of the best var I’ve personally tried, it being my favorite compound, i have tried several.

  28. I had some SP Labs dianabol and just needed Test. Package showed up at my door just after two weeks. Nicely packed in signed for envelope.

    Definitely T. Propionate is working so I don’t have any doubts the rest is fine. I have been using Supertest 450 for a week now and recovery time is much faster due to T. Propionate. Front loaded 4ml x 2 /week of Supertest and using Propionate only in-between from the same Lab. Couldn’t really say much more because it’s to short time, but all in all I’m happy with that stuff and the supplier.

  29. If you are looking for steroids, Bodypharma is your choice!

    I didn’t need to contact them. I received a message from them with confirmation and payment info a few hours after I made an order.

    I made 3 transactions with them and all packages arrived in 4-7 days after I made a payment.

    It was my first cycle with testosterone. I used Enantat 2 times a week (500mg a week for 12 weeks). My libido vent up around week 3rd and stayed the same to the end of a cycle.

    Since it was my first cycle I finally realized what people mean by “pump” lol. Some workouts were hard to finish because my muscles wanted to explode. My bench went from 225 to 275 (both without a spotter so I’m not sure what is my real maximum). On a cycle I realized that I became more aggressive toward other people (little to no compassion lol) and I was easily engaging in an verbal arguments with other people ( off cycle I consider myself nice and polite lol). My weight went up from 180 to 200 pounds in 8 weeks (from begging of a cycle to week 8-9) . I wasn’t sure how much of it was water retention and fat gain so I dont wanted to gain more weight anymore ( now I realized it was a big mistake and I should have been eating more to max my results from this cycle).

    I had some little PIP after Enantat and little more PIP after Sustanon (due to higher concentration).

    I’ve done a blood work pre and post cycle. Amazingly my total cholesterol levels dropped (from 215 to 195) and test levels raised from 640 before cycle to 730 8 weeks after PCT ( looks like their clomid works very well). I started PCT 2 weeks after a last injection. My protocol was:

    week 1 Clomid 50mg a day, Nolvadex 50mg a day

    week 2-3 25mg a day, Nolvadex 25mg a day

    Clomid made me really depressed but I didn’t want to risk that I will not recover so I kept using it on PCT. I heavily aromatized testosterone to estrogen. My nipples were on fire 4-5 days after first injection. I used Arimidex 0.5mg EOD after I realized I really need some kind of AI but it wasn’t enough for me. I bumped it up to 1mg EOD and still felt water retention (but no sore nipples) . I switched to Aromasin ordered elsewhere and finally felt better. Some of the products (Enantat, Viagra, Cialis, Letrozole) were used by my friend and he said they were working as they supposed to.

    I highly recommend Bodypharm to anyone who wants to safely obtain high quality steroids. I’m sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes (English is my second language)

  30. Been using bodypharm for over a year now and never failed to impress.

    Discreet package as always

    Used Winstrol as a kick start on a test e tren e cycle and after using another brand from another source that I didn’t rate at all. I was well impressed dried me out nicely slight strength increase and for the price would Deffo recommend

    Will use again for sure

  31. Excellent! Great customer service and fast delivery high quality balkin products. Great prices customer for life

  32. My first order 6 days ago they said it would ship in 48 hours yet it still says pending and they HAVEN’T responded to any of my tickets I created. So I don’t know??

  33. This is my second order very fast turn around great from start to finish will be coming back for more without a shadow of a doubt service is 1st class

    Came in post very discreet

    The dbol i used for 1st 4 weeks gave good strength and added some good size on everybody was commenting how well i looked the test 400 was very smooth think i only had 1 bad injection and that was due to myself i think not going deep enough had airmidex left from last order i got from these guys so that as bin good to not yet used pct product so cant comment as off yet

  34. This is the fastest delivery out of anyone i have ever used. They have never messed up an order. I wont use anyone else, EVER. Don’t fix whats not broken!!

    Always get what i ordered without fail. The packaging comes in an vaccuum sealed bag that cannot be opened without scissors or a knife.

    the product quality is top notch. I started a sustanon and cut mix. My bench went from 185 to 225 in a month. This stuff is no joke. My confidence and agility are through the roof. the anavar gives great vascularity and its better than most out there. Ive experimented with a lot. I ran the test, deca and anavar cycle for 3 months, came off for a couple months, and started again this May just in time for the summer

    My confidence and agility are through the roof. Im a pretty peaceful person, never threw the first punch in my life but couple months ago a guy kept asking for it and I knocked him out with one punch, no fear, or butterflies… and then again once he started to come to. This stuff turns you into a supreme machine!!

  35. Made a few orders with Bodypharm. All gear has been spot on and correctly dosed. Customer service is quick and professional.

    Sus was the first oil I ran from these guys along with deca from another source. All the effects were their strength increasenwuthin second week and got me watered up as expected on a bulk cycle. Letrozole helped me clear a bump and soreness from a dbol run, I have used pharmacy dbol in the past and have to say felt no different with the dragon pharma dbol, the agreasion come in within 1 hours and strength I can feel increase in 48hours

  36. Product as described. and in a timely manner. Two orders so far and happy with results

    Great communication always fast response

    plain packaging, no questions asked even from the wife!

  37. I have ordered from Bodypharm several occasions, all of witch I was very pleased with.

    Communication was really fast. In which I sent email and would get reply back in 8-12 hrs. Support was excellent.

    T/A has been 4-7 days including weekends. Pack is always discreet and wrapped tight and indestructible.

    Ran 6 weeks so far on T.C. 600 mg a week and primo 600 a week for a lean bulk. Sex drive and lifts are way up with aggression. primo is helping do it’s part in keeping me thin and estrogen away. Hcg 500iu a week and it’s keeping boy’s hanging. Really great products!

    My advice is if you need a great source give Bodypharm a shot.

  38. This was my first order from this source – and everything worked out perfectly!

    Excellent – I asked a few questions and received prompt and accurate responses.

    T/A was 2 weeks and the items were discretely and securely wrapped.

    Ran the dbol at the start of the cycle alongside long ester test, tren and dbol. Talk about an instant take off – muscles were full and gained mass really fast – the results were visible within the first week. Highly recommend this brand of dragon pharma’s dbol – my first time using it and I will definitely be using it again. My girlfriend was using the clen and she thought it was really good quality. She only had to use about 2/3 of what she was taking with the Chinese branded clen that we had before. Got the shakes and a raised temperature and the fat started to melt off.

    I would highly recommend this supplier – polite, discrete, fast and high quality products – I am going to be ordering again in the near future!

  39. I have been using products from these guys for 6 months and I first want to say that the customer service alone is amazing. These guys are so informative, helpful and straight up cool. I started on Winstrol, 50 mg per day and then I was taking Primo, 50 mg per day and my results are even better than I expected. I needed to gain mass in my legs and I have gained an inch on my thighs in just 90 days. I found that the winstrol has given me a “shredded” physique. I haven’t looked better and it is because of the quality of this product. Also, as far as deliver time, they say to give 3 weeks, or 15 business days and they are spot on with that too, sometimes being quicker than that. I just started my next cycle of winstrol and I am so excited because I had such amazing results from these products I anticipate the same, plus! I wouldn’t go anywhere else, these guys rock!

    Never made me feel uncomfortable or clueless when I have questions. Always respond, RIGHT AWAY! Love them!

    The product comes in such a discrete package. If anybody ever opened the package before you, they wouldn’t have a clue as to what is inside. It’s awesome because I keep private about my workout efforts. HA!

    Wouldn’t order anywhere else….ever! Great product, awesome people!

  40. Best service and products going this now

    Brilliant communication for Bodypharm outstanding customer Service A+++

    Packaging is excellent nice and discreet and very secure

    Ordered tren ace, t3, mast prop, winny and Anavar all dragon pharma products

    All products are absolutely amazing probably all over dosed as it puts all my previous products I’ve used in the past to shame the teen I seen all usual sides within a week sweats, vascularity and also sleepless nights. I put on some nice size with a decent balanced diet, the t3 I dosed At 50mcg a day and worked very well along with the tren, I usess the mast and Anavar the last month of my cycle to really dry out and it certainly done that, the mast made me feel awesome and horny lol, I dosed the Anavar at 50mcg a day and that was enough for me felt hard and vascular

    I will continue to use this great supplier as the service and product is awesome

  41. My second order from bodypharm and service was just as good as the first time. Order received very quickly and my Dragon Pharma’s Tri Test, Turanabol and Anastrozole is doing the job very well.

    Used the test for 5 more weeks and it still is doing the job, I definitely am needing the anastrozole. Used the tbol for 5 more weeks as well and it’s definitely having an effect still with lots of pumps and cramps! Am on a mild cut though so progress has slowed a little because of that.

    Would definitely use again

  42. Bodypharm is great to do business with always smooth and fast delivery

    Excellent communication kept me in the loop at all stages from payment received to being posted, cant ask for more

    All products arrived in great condition, Very discrete

    Not the most experienced user but all seemed good got some great gains, ordered my next batch

    as a newbie I have asked lots of questions and they always take the time to reply, would highly recommend

  43. I’ve ordered from BodyPharm several times. Communication is great, shipping is surprisingly fast. Not this waiting around for a month game. It’s refreshing to deal with a professional, customer service orientated source after many bad experiences. Overall I like the gear. Good gains. Above average effects IMO. Some occasional PIP with Nandrolone 300, nothing bad. Right now running Anadrol 100mgs ED, Sust250@750mgs/week, and Nandrolone 300 at 500mg/wk with AIs and HCG. This is my 3rd cycle with Bodypharm’s gear. I haven’t had labs done yet. After this cycle and levels back to normal I will do pre, mid and post cycle labs and post the results online. Bodypharm has great customer service, I’ve been allowed to change up orders after payment with no problems at all. Thanks Bodypharm, highly recommended.

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