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roidsmall review

RoidsMall.Net Reviews

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It is an anabolic steroids source which is turning out to be very popular. You can discover diverse sorts of steroids there: injectable steroids, oral steroids, post cycle therapy supplements, growth hormones, and other. This source has a lot of good reviews and feedbacks on various forums.


Gear there are sold at exceptionally reasonable prices. It is most likely due to the fact that the dealer works straightforwardly with manufacturers and it permits them to put steroids for sale at a low cost.

Top Brands

7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs and many more.


So far, there were no worries from clients about the quality. Every one of them are extremely fulfilled. There was likewise a case, when a person increased gigantic muscles in only one month, utilizing items from RoidsMall.Net. All steroids are of high quality and genuine. They give an unique code, utilizing which customers can check it for legitimacy.


This source ships worldwide. Package as a rule takes around 12-14 business days to arrive. Notwithstanding, sometimes it came somewhat later (2-3 days). Everything is packed safely and discretely. There were no instances of damaged items in this way. You may notice that they offer US Domestic Delivery for certain products.

Customer support

Customer support is entirely great. Customers find solutions in a brief time. Customer support team is nice and polite.


Their site is all around well designed and is easy to utilize. Each item has a proper description so you know precisely what you are acquiring. Additionally, the ordering process is simple. A little issue is that occasionally a few steroids are out of stock however it happens once in a while.

steroids for sale


A trustworthy and legit steroid supplier with genuine products and reasonable prices. There are now and many times special offers, bulk offers and discounts. As we exploited every detail, it doesn’t appear like a scam. You may securely buy steroids here.

If you have your own user experience with RoidsMall.Net -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


  1. shedph - 2018-12-14 5:07 PM

    first time order with roidsmall,good response times,and quick delivery.goods were well packaged.very good all round.cant wait to start products in a week or two.

    thanks roidsmall.

  2. 69tumbleweed - 2018-12-21 2:35 PM

    Great communication, and the Kalpa HGH I received from him had all the sides of a great product. Very easy person to deal with, and one I look forward to returning to.

    The new technology product checked out on the vendor website. I used it for 1 month at 4iu ED. The sides experienced indicated a quality product.

  3. Ro - 2019-01-17 3:08 PM

    How do I place the order??

  4. tombo24 - 2019-01-25 7:54 PM

    Roidsmall is the man, couldnt have better communication and T/A times.You run a top notch busiuness.Currently on Kalpa’s var I’m no rookis and this stuff is fire.Thanks for services Roidsmall!

  5. 5to5 - 2019-02-01 3:00 PM

    I have ordered from Roidsmall four times now, but this is my first review. Bottom line – excellent source with excellent products.

    Very quick turn around. I have received all my orders within about 10 days.

    I have ordered the following:

    Test e 250

    Test c 250

    Test p 100

    Tren a 100

    Kalpa HGH

    I just completed my second cycle with test e at 500 mg/week (12 weeks) with a test p kicker and taper. I put on about 15 lbs of lean muscle, and all major compound lifts went up 25-30 lbs. For those concerned about PIP, it has not been an issue at all. I am 1 week into pct and maintaining gains. In my opinion, the test e and p are excellent and you can’t go wrong with Kalpa. Looking forward to my next cycle, which will also be Kalpa products.

    I have had great success with Roidsmall and plan to continue ordering from him.

  6. gqelite - 2019-02-08 2:57 PM

    I ordered after he ran a promo and he still had his stuff together.

    Packaging was good. Nothing was going to get broken.

    I tried taking the aromasin half a tab eod and it dried me out. It’s on point with what I expected. Maybe overdosed. Took the caber .5mg ed and I’ve had no leaky nipples or prolactin issues so I’m very happy.Would love to try him again.

  7. JDub - 2019-03-29 5:35 PM

    was able to track down the pack. all is good. Danabol looks very legit compared to my past experiences. Will update in a few weeks on quality but have no concerns or doubts.

  8. smiley1782 - 2019-04-12 2:26 PM

    First off I messed up my order, they helped me figure everything out. Ordered int. And it took about 3 weeks which ain’t bad. Hooked me up with tracking #’s and always emailed me back even tho the system went down. Ill be puttin in another order soon. I highly recomend these guyz!!!

    Shipped from two different spots. First package was the oils and package was great. Had an issue with the second package but it was all cleared up with one email. T/A was 3 weeks but I did not order us domestic.

    Expected a lil pip from the sustaxyl just cuz its 350 but its smooth as hell. Started 3 weeks after I started with a different test from a national recognized pharmacy here in town. I can’t tell the difference between this and something that came from a prescription. This is the shit.

    Great source

  9. ruski - 2019-05-17 2:46 PM

    These boys sent me some drol and t3. the drol is legit super strong. had some real solid gains on it my last run. just started the t3. running it with my t4 for my gh. will keep posted. thanks for everything bros.

  10. Deallo - 2019-06-10 2:17 PM

    Waiting for response on when product will be shipped out. Starting tonget worried. Insent emails overe and ober no response.

    • Tim - 2019-07-03 9:29 PM

      Did you get your product?

      • Deallo - 2019-10-23 12:25 PM

        Got it on time, really recommend!

  11. TrainInsane - 2019-06-14 4:40 PM

    This guy is definitely the man for sure. GREAT customer service and the products all look good to go. No one on here can compete with his prices and shipping, whole process took about 5 days to US. HE needs to be at the top of this site. I would not do business elsewhere, thanks again bro!!

  12. sexydamian24 - 2019-10-17 5:04 PM

    Ordered another order with this source straight away when my 1st order landed, I ordered another 3 vials of the DP and SP range

    Always very good helps you as much as he can & always has freindly banter, kept me updated on order

    Order packed discreetly & was to me in the USA in 6 days from the EU which I think is pretty fast, sent tracking number and was shipped immediately when my funds cleared

    2 Cut Long 300

    1 Supertest 450

    As I used these products before the quality & gains were brilliant hence ordering more the Cut Long is very strong and has the perfect combo

  13. georgegolde - 2019-10-22 4:04 PM

    I’ve been running Test Cyp & Deca for 5 weeks. The test and the Genotropin are great! The HCG is effective however the injection point burns when you inject, I’ve never experienced that before. Shipping is incredibly fast and response to order and product questions is quick. I have ordered from them again and will continue to in the future.

  14. just233 - 2019-10-23 12:24 PM

    So I’ve been running RoidsMaLL’s Kalpa test cyp for a little over three weeks, let me start by saying I’m loving it, as of right now I’m up 9lb libido is threw the roof, sense of well being is there, strength is just starting to pick up, all your typical signs of properly dosed test, I have zero pip to speak of, Kalpa is smooth as butter, I’m also using KP’s exemestane there’s no doubt in my mind that It’s legit as I’m gyno prone and my nips get soar fast, well 12.5mg eod did the trick. I tried 12.5ed no way my joints hurt so bad I had to lower the dose, I’ve also been on 70mg ed of kalpa Anavar, and veins are popping out everywhere vascularity like a mother f***** def some of the best var I’ve had. I can’t say enough about RoidsMall he’s def a stand up guy TA has always been under a week, his products are legit not a doubt in my mind, I’ll order from RoidsMall as long there in business


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