My Own Private Study, And The Results

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My Own Private Study, And The Results

About 6 months ago I decided to do my own personal project, to further prove my point less is more.

I took twins, both of who I have guided through their first cycle of test 400 mgs a week for 12 weeks , and a basic 22 day pctTwin A gained 14 pounds, Twin B gained 14.5 pounds, so they are right there as far as the gains.

Here is what I did:

With permission from both I designed two different cycles, one cycle was very conservative and the second not so conservative but not crazy.

They work together so they eat the same thing, I controlled there calorie intake ( carb, protein, and fat percentages) and they work out together so I created their work out for them, so for the most part it was controlled.

The cycles were as followed:

Twin A

Test Enthate 400 mgs a week ( as did in the first cycle )

EQ 400 mgs a week

Twin B

Test Enthate 750 mgs a week ( almost double of the last cycle )

EQ 600 mgs a week

both cycles were for 14 weeks and I had them double up on the first shot, to get the party started early.

The starting weight of both are , Twin A 196lbs , Twin B 198lbs and we did a weekly weigh in and they got there blood work done monthly, separate of me ( it was for their own benefit not for the project ). Here is how it looked.

Week 1

Twin A – 197   Twin B – 198

Week 2

Twin A – 198  Twin B – 200

Week 3

Twin A – 200 Twin B – 201

Week 4

Twin A – 200 Twin B – 203

Week 5

Twin A – 201 Twin B – 205

Week 6

Twin A – 203 Twin B 208

Week 7

Twin A – 205 Twin B – 211

Week 8

Twin A – 207 Twin B – 213

Week 9

Twin A – 208 Twin B – 215

Week 10

Twin A – 210 Twin B – 218

Week 11

Twin A – 211 Twin B – 220

Week 12

Twin A – 212 Twin B – 222

Week 13

Twin A – 213 Twin B -224

Week 14

Twin A – 215 Twin B – 227

3 week PCT consisting of HCG , Nolvadex, Aromasin, and Tribulus

After PCT

Twin A – 214 Twin B – 219

Then I did a final weigh in 4 weeks later

Twin A – 215 Twin B – 214

Twin B noticed a much more pronounced drop in strength, and had more fatigue issues while working out.  He has recently leveled off and has started to feel an increase in strength again.

Twin A stated that though he had a few day lag, he has actually continued to get stronger even still.

I do realize now that the larger dose of the two compounds should have been followed with a longer PCT, but for this purpose I wanted to show that taking more DOES NOT mean you will end up with more and on top of it the tolerance goes up, regardless of the reason, so why risk it……

So in the end, the Twin with more Test and EQ did gain more , but ended up a pound less then the conservative cycle.

This is what happens so many times, people are in a rush to go no where.

What normally is the situation is even if you start off conservative, you have one bad week in which you don’t gain much and instead of looking at your diet or how hard you hit the weights, the automatic response is an increase in dosage.

Not smart nor effective, remember slow and steady wins the race everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. DrS says:

    Which set of results the final ones, just before PCT or after , because I cannot disclose all I can give you a brief breakdown of what they looked like

  2. angelo212 says:

    I would have loved to see the blood test results.

  3. newgoal says:

    don’t the results of your “study” indicate that twin b hpta didnt recover well enough to maintain the gains he made during the cycle…..not what your proposing? w/ proper pct i believe he would have maintained his progress better. and twins are a ok comparison but, base level testosterone and estradiol levels along w/ bodyfat and lean mass caculations should have all been taken into consideration. 215 at 10%bf is much different than 215 at 20%bf…..lots of flaws but i appreciate the effort, and somewhat agree w/ your statement, you just didn’t prove the statement

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