New British Dragon ???????????????

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fake british dragon

New British Dragon ???????????????

Okay , so there is suppose to be the release of the NEW British Dragon, and a lot of people are excited, mainly because the old BD was one of the greatest UGL’s ever, all their bottles came overdosed, and was of great quality.

Their prices weren’t bad and they kept shitty UGL’s at bay. My reasoning to bring this up is, I don’t agree with the process that BD was revived.

The reason they decided to use  the name brand is there timeless reputation, so they are basically trying to mis-represent themselves.

I am not saying the quality is going to be bad, I am saying they are cheating.

They are taking credit for all the hard work that the company BD put in, and ultimately paid for ( incarceration ), and the new company did not partake in this work nor did the pay any sum of money to purchase the name.

Nope, they took it and hyped it up like the original members were released and opening shop again.

The rumor is that the china-man (IP) is behind the revamp of BD, and that leads me to believe is he going to use a refined version of his own products ( which are known for being over filled , and a tad painful ).

The word is that it will be considered Human Grade in Thailand, which will lead to the idea that it is Human Grade, like Asia Pharma ( which I do consider to be top notch quality, but will not call it human grade until our great FDA decides such.

But quality isn’t always based on the quoted hierarchy.

I guess the only true way to judge them is to try them and go with the feedback from there, but do not go into the purchase believing you are going back in time, to be honest I feel it is no different then the many well known sources that have been counterfeiting  British Dragon for a few years now. Some of it was good but none of it was real BD.  So take caution, and judgement for the quoted ” New British Dragon” will come in time , and you can guarantee I will be one of those judgements.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have.

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