Czech Republic Muscles Out Steroid Exportation

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Czech Republic Muscles Out Steroid Exportation

The Czech Republic decided that the loop hole that allowed any type of steroid distribution to go unregulated, needed to be filled.  Before this, a prescription was required for legal purchase of steroids, but many were still able to get their hands on steroids because there was no law against importation and exportation.  This left a wide open arena for the Black Market to thrive, and with new legislation, the y will learn the pain that we feel over here in the States.  Previous to this outcome the Customs Department of The Czech Republic could deny passage of such a package, but could not impose any other penalties unless the sending party did not sanction the package as anabolic steroids.  The taking of steroids was left out of the anti-doping laws, but for the rest of violations a 1-3 year sentence may be imposed.  Possession of steroids can lead to other inquires but may not have any penalty attached.

The problems and stigma associated with steroids seems to be catching up to the world of steroid user,s and without the aid of a few vigilant countries we will soon find out how hard it can be to get steroids in our country.  This may also lead to a complete take over of UG Labs (Under Ground) which could possibility cause a huge drop in quality of the product, on top of a huge increase in price.  For now I will hope that though the government wants steroids off the street, that squeezing the human grade steroid producers will cause more trouble then good.  Just the same, many companies have fallen victim to these attempts to stop steroids yet many have risen, so for now we are safe, but soon maybe not.

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