MMA Fighting Against the Odds

p>There will always be a long list of new, healthy, young fighters that come onto the scene of the UFC. They are the majority. They are the ones that really set the pace and give us the toughest, most explosive fights. We respect them for their intensive, tireless training regimens and also for the fact that they are able to withstand the beatings that they give and take in the ring. Mixed Martial Arts is such an exciting sport that has grown tremendously over the years. The qualities that the fighters must possess in order to be a factor in the UFC are many, and as you begin to get up there in age, these qualities may at times, falter. It is solely the fighter who needs to make the decision to keep pushing forward in a career that has brought him the life he has always dreamed of, or hang it up, maybe even before giving us the fight of his life.

The UFC is not affected by those few who may stick around a little longer than they should. It actually makes for an interesting fight most of the time. When you put a young superstar against an older fighter who has knocked out the best in his day, you just never know what will transpire. Who are we to determine when a fighter should pack it in and go home? Shouldn’t we respect with the highest regard a fighter who does not want to quit? After all, we will all get up their in age at some point. It cannot be easy for anyone to have to make a decision like that, especially when the love for the sport is still there. The desire to achieve more. The will to survive and sustain, and beat the odds by winning against a young champion. It has been done before many times, and it will surely happen again.

There is so much to look for when watching a fight, and so many factors that can make it interesting. When you know a fighters background well, you care more about how the fight turns out. It means more to you. Once in a while there may be a fighter who needs to push his limits until he feels he cannot anymore. Some will say they are risking injury, or even the legacy of what they once were.

I say they know exactly what they are doing. That is why we should respect it. They know that for them, it is going to be a tougher fight than if they were younger. They continue to challenge themselves as others tell them that they have no chance or that they are just too old. They are going against the expectations of everyone and often times they prove that they are worthy of this so called risk that they have taken. You don’t really know what it feels like until you are in that position. All you can do is watch the fights and hope for the one you have chosen to win wins. Hope is the key word here. Nothing is set in stone. Those who have followed the UFC over the years knows that every now and then, someone will win a fight that few had ever thought possible. These are the ones we remember.

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