Mixed Martial Rant- Fedor vs Rogers, Randy, and Renzo

Just one month ago Brock Lesnar was scheduled to square off against Shane Carwin.

If you’ve seen the latest commercials from the UFC, you would have never known it.  Instead the promo would lead you to believe the world has been pining to see the Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin rematch.  We really haven’t, but watching the way the piece is put together I’ll drink the kool aid and act like I have.

That commercial alone is the reason why the UFC will always be the premiere world extreme fighting organization for decades to come.

I’ll admit I’ve flipped flopped on Fedor.  One day I think he is god and the next I think he’s overrated.  Last Saturday I finally formed my final opinion on the man….He’s pretty good.  Even after his nose was bloodied by Brett Rogers first punch and then being reversed on the ground by the “Grimm Reaper” and punched square in the face, Fedor remained as calm as chamomile.  The man’s expression never changes.  His post fight celebration after knocking Rogers out?  A simple fist pump.  M-1 Global should really get their act right.  If they really do care about putting on fights the fans want to see then please let Fedor step inside the Octagon.

It’d be interest to see whether or not Lesnar would crumble in the presence of Fedor’s aura of invincibility.  Tim Sylvia couldn’t.  Andre Arvloski employed the proper game plan until he gave Fedor a small window of opportunity leaving him out cold in the ring.  The normally aggressive Rogers looked very tentative and afterwards very upset with himself for not letting his hands go.

As big of a monster Brock Lesnar is, he doesn’t like getting hit.  In his fight with Randy Couture he looked nervous and tentative against the aging legend.  I’m not so sure he wouldn’t have the same fate as the rest of Fedor’s victims.

Staying on the topic of last Saturday’s Strikeforce show; Mayhem Miller always comes to fight; just not good enough to win.  Jake Shields is a top welterweight and fighting a weight class above his own, he was able to take Miller down at will.  Miller should leave the elaborate intros and over the top interviews to the side and tap into his full potential before he’s over the hill.

This Saturday Randy Couture takes on Brandon Vera.  If Vera doesn’t win he should accept his role as a gatekeeper and collect his nice paychecks.

Saturday’s card from Manchester also features a #1 contender for Georges St. Pierre’s 175lb title.  Two of my least favorite fighters, Dan Hardy and Mike Swick will battle it out for an opportunity to be fed to the lion.  Look for Swick to get the submission in this one.

The other intriguing fight on features Mike Bisping looking to rebound from his devastating knock out loss to Dan Henderson.  Dennis Kang is another Pride vet looking to live up to the hype.  This one goes to a decision with Kang coming out on top.

I just read Renzo Gracie might finally step inside the Octagon and take on the man people love to hate, Matt Hughes.  The sell on this fight is easy.  Hughes pounded Royce Gracie and Renzo took out Hughes’ former mentor Pat Miletich.

Renzo is known for being the black sheep of the Gracie clan and a funny character.  The former IFL coach is 42yrs old and would pose a very intriguing match up with the former welterweight champ. Hopefully the fight comes to fruition.

In closing, if you recently watched the lasted Ultimate Fighter you wasted an hour of your day.  All kidding aside as annoying as krusty the clown being feature I’m tired of Rampage.  Less Rampage and more of what goes on inside the house!

Roy Nelson advanced to the semifinal and although it was close I agreed with the decision.  So far it looks like the TUF title is his for the taking.

Until next time, support the sport.

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