KJ Noons Backs Down And Is Stripped Of Lightweight Title!

Wow, this is ridiculous news. KJ Noons, current…. well I guess former Elite XC Lightweight Title holder, refuses to fight Nick Diaz, a top contender from Stockton, CA and is stripped of his title. Apparently there has been some bad blood between Diaz and Noons in the past, but isn’t that even more of a reason to step in the ring together and squash it like men? It’s a true disappointment when a belt holder is not willing to take on all challengers. If you are going to wear the belt that says you are the best, then you’d better be able to prove it…against anyone, anywhere at any time.

Now, I don’t know for sure the real reason behind KJ Noons rejecting the fight. For someone at his level, it is not likely that he is afraid of anyone. However, as a speculation, it is possible that KJ Noons is afraid of having his belt take away by someone he despises. Nick Diaz is fully capable of doing that too.

At the end of the day, the reason KJ Noons turned down the match doesn’t really matter. It is just a sad, sad way to lose a title belt. I think it would be far more honorable to go down fighting, even if it is your worst enemy that beats you. I mean lets face it, being the world champion in a sport like MMA is not normally a life long thing anyways. Man is mortal and thus any man can be beat.

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