Kenny Florian Training with GSP to Prepare for BJ Penn

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Kenny Florian Training with GSP to Prepare for BJ Penn

Kenny Florian is on a six fight win streak and has earned a lightweight title shot at UFC 101 against a man who many say is one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, BJ Penn.  To prepare for the biggest fight of his life, Kenny Florian has arranged an opportunity to train with a man who is being touted as one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time, Georges St. Pierre.  GSP is not only extremely athletic, but he is also an extremely well rounded fighter who has beat BJ Penn twice.  MMA Weekley caught up with Ken-Flo and here is what he said about training with GSP:


“It wasn’t about going there and saying ‘GSP beat B.J. so I’m going to go there and try to do what GSP does.’ That’s ridiculous,” said Florian. “I can’t do what Georges does. I don’t think there’s anybody else in the world in MMA that can do what Georges does, but what I can do is learn from him, and get high-level sparring from a guy who is considered one of the best fighters in the world.”

“With B.J. it’s difficult because he can do so many things well, so you can only draw certain aspects of certain fighters. Not everyone can do what B.J. can do. The guy is top in the world for a reason and he can do a lot of things that none of the other people can do, but you can have certain aspects. I tried to bring guys who can emulate many of the same things B.J. can do and I found it just tremendously beneficial.”

Florian certainly seems to have the right attitude about his training camp and is likely growing his MMA skills by leaps in bounds.  I can’t wait to see if this training can help him to beat “The Prodigy”, BJ Penn at UFC 101

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