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  1. ajcalvin1

    These guys know how to do it. Great products. Fast order processing. And received products in 3-4 days. Kalpa is excellent with communication. Always willing to answer any n all questions about products.

    My items were packaged very discreetly and quickly shipped. Everything wrapped tight and snug.

    I have used Cutaxyl 150 for a couple weeks, injections are 1cc, every three days. Not too thick. So easy to inject.

    Is is my third order from these guys. They are the best about communication and customer support. Always a step ahead to make sure everyone is happy and gets exactly what they want in these products.


  2. ash48

    During my off time from my cycle and beginning of my current low dose cruise into my cycle, I’ve been using hgh, I’ve been running kalpatropin 20iu vials at 3iu mon – fri, I believe gh helps massively in pct. to help hold on to Gains and general well being during the depressing pct times… On drawing up out the vials you can smell the pharma insulin smell from the compound, instantly giving me reassurance it’s legit… After about 3 month of use, I’ve noticed my sleep is massively improved, also my skin seems tighter and healthier, no side effect as such occasionally get arm pump when at work, but nothing too major…

    Recovery from workouts also seems to be better, as far as muscle gains, I’ve gained a more developed tricep/bicep/delt, size wise not so much, body fat has deffo dropped while using this gh…


  3. jd2014

    Have ordered from KalpaPharm multiple times, this is from the last order. Easy to deal with, follow instructions and you get your products

    T/A was within his stated timeframe, no issues with packaging, very discreet.





    Ran the sus at 700/week, duraxyl at 400/week, provi 50mg/day and the aromaxyl I just had to tweak the doses as needed. Ran it for 10 weeks. All the oils are mct and pin very smoothly with absolutely no pip. Noticed the effect of the Duraxyl first, great pumps and fullness but no crazy bloat, the sus kicked in soon after and I noticed strength and endurance picking up tremendously. I was able to add on weight consistently throughout the cycle. Libido was great, I’m sure from a combo of provi and test. I feel a little cleaner when I run provi, I don’t really know how to describe the feeling, aside from good overall wellness. My muscles get very full on this cycle, not bloated, but just full almost like a pump.

    He’s a pretty stand up dude and has good quality gear. He’s my go to for sure.


  4. DrS

    This was my first time ordering from KALPAPHARM.COM and would like to say that of all the other places I ordered from, these guys stick to their word. I researched these guys for weeks before I placed my first order. I seen all the reviews that they have gotten and trust me they’re all about business and satisfying their customers. They got my order to me in 1 week and a half. I haven’t tried anything yet cause it came earlier than expected and but once I do I will let you know. Other places had me waiting well over a month so that’s why I was skeptical of them at first. But now I know that I can rely on them when I place my next order.


  5. luca101

    I am a huge fan of dbol. I am more like a powerlifter although I am cutting now but I always want to have quality dbol in stock. i have used both these famous dianoxyls in past and I never go for any other brand except these two when it comes to dbol. I used high dosages of dianoxyl. my strength and lifts were as I expected. I gained quite much water but I don’t have any problem with that unless I am cutting. good pre workout to boost power.


  6. Hyphen34

    Great source. Great products. Great Experience. Ill be using these guys for a long time!

    Always comes quickly and its packed discreet and safely.

    Test E

    Tren E

    Massive increase in muscle. Fat loss and strength gains. All the elements of legit test and tren are there. I got night sweats around week four which is def. a sign of legit tren. Ill be using this brand for awhile it also has very little PIP which I count on.

    Ill be recommending these guys to friends and family !


  7. Colossus_fit

    very kind supplier , customers assistance is very good

    around 7days in EU

    2 boxes dianoxyl Kalpa Pharma

    7lab aromasin

    i used dbol at a small dose(20mg ed) as kickstart for my old prep ,

    after 1 week i noticed more strenght and water retention…around 1.5/2 kg more =) ,it worked very well at that small dose!…

    Aromasin 7lab ,i used it 12.5mg ed during all my prep and 25mg ed in the last 2 weeks before the contest.

    BEST AROMASIN UG I USED !!! zero water retention and zero signs of gyno.


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