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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is one of the most popular steroids manufacturers.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a worldwide biopharmaceutical company whose main goal is to improve people’s health and quality of their lives. Thanks to innovations implementation and business partnerships, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals endeavours to enhance a leading biopharmaceutical company position in each of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals core health care fields.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals produces high effective and affordable medications for different therapeutic areas which also includes the most complicated nowadays conditions.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals makes health care products available for people who need them.

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  1. s1tacke7d says:

    Mast P, Tren A, Test P, Var

    The quality was top notch! I really loved the gear! It was probably one of my best cycles I have done getting what I wanted to out of it. Was on for 8 weeks. Managed to drop body fat while gaining lean mass. I have retained 16 lbs from the cycle. Was very pleased all the way around. The Tren was really strong, started to get tren cough around week 6 for the first time which really sucked. Every injection around that week and after I dreaded. The insomnia wasn’t too bad , I was on HGH as well and I think that helped 4iu a day. The covers were drenched every night. No PIP, all the oils were smooth. It was my first time using Var, I really love that stuff… I think its my new favorite. Hardened me up with the Mast nicely. Overall I am completely pleased with the results.

  2. robdog says:

    Test, Deca, and dbol..

    I’m on trt, so it didn’t take long to notice Test kicking in.. deca hit me in about 3 weeks, joints feel great.. dbol is strong 2 or 3 tens do me fine for pre-workout..

    I’ve been on anabolics for close to 10 years I’ve tried it all and have had the good stuff and the bad.. it doesn’t get any better than kalpas stuff, that’s no bs..

  3. Colonel J says:

    OKAY, fellas i oderd a Kalpa 10ml tren a,, the vial looks pro too and crimped nice and tight… so i started pinning right away.. and it was not long before i felt the effects, i kno fora fact this is quality tren guys i feel like a beast and got al the sides i normally get from good tren,, i added alot more weight on the bench this last week…

  4. GearPrez says:


    First things first.They checked out and are 100% legit.I also feel confident they were handles well.I always worry about degredation.I use 1 iu a day for HRT.I am no big shot,sorry.I actually feel that my energy levels are greatly improved ,along with sense of well being.When I use a large dose I tend to fatigue.Dont get me wrong I will increase dose for 4 week cycles but the standard for me is 1 per day.I receive all the anit-aqing benefits.It can be seen in my skin tigtness.I also have a higher metabolism

    Excellent.I will be using this lab again.They can be trusted!

  5. john039999 says:

    hi,just a quick review about this lab.Im running a cutting cycle just now (4 weeks in),been using kalpa mast,kalpa tren ace and the kalpa anavar.taking 75mg each of tren and mast eod,60mg anavar daily.Clean diet etc etc.Got to say never had results like these before,pumps during a workout are crazy,even doing a short run calf muscles are agony,vascularity is increasing got veins ive never seen before!! definition is getting better everytime I look,wife says my arms have never looked so good!! always used DP products up until now but I personally dont think they have a patch on the kalpa range.Had the tren cough twice:( only other bad point ive found is the pip.ive got a steady hand and a reasonably good technique but even im swollen and sore….still worth it though for the results im getting!! lab is good!!

  6. Coconut says:

    The test prop was amazing it ran so smooth and had no pip. I ran it at 100mg eod and was happy with it. I ran it along with another sources test prop and it kept pace with it quite nicely. I didn’t experience fluctuation in how i felt while on cycle running this test back in forth with another sources. Strength increase was nice as well as libido. I did notice my face was super greasy on this test and i sweat like a pig. I also had slight backne with it. All signs its good test. I also noticed that running prop i notice hair growth on my chest haha sucks just means more i gotta shave. I also ran their test suspension at 200mg pre workout it was good. Had nice pumps and aggression when using it. I also thought the glycol oil was not over powering which is nice considering its like breathing fire in the gym and everyone knows what ur on lol. I just wanna make a side comment to guys new to the compound test suspension this is a powerful compound and aromatizes like crazy make sure to have a solid ai on hand. Also 200mg is a high dose of this compound If its your first run start at 50mg and work your way up from there. Most bros run it at 100mg with great results and never go over that.

    Overall very happy with this lab at the time.

  7. flacidego says:

    I’m 8 weeks in on a test, primo, mast cycle I kicked off with test prop. Running test e at 400mg/wk split Monday and Thursday. Libido is sky high. Vascularity still increasing. Muscles are staying full long after my pumps subside. I’m up 15 lbs from start date and feeling great, but let’s see what happens when primo is in full swing. I’m looking to keep 5-7 lbs of lean mass when all is said and done. I like the clean presentation of Kalpa products. The tops of the vials come off clean with no burs unlike so many other labs. No PIP to speak of, though I’ve been loading and shooting it with primo.

  8. Harry Smith says:

    Could you explain to me how to order steroids to me

  9. noob941 says:

    this review is for kalpas test e 250 used on cruze at 250/wk split monday and thursday

    went to the dr. yesterday and my test levels were greater than 1500. he wouldnt give me an exact number and said he would email me the results to all my labs when they arrive i will post

  10. brandoc84 says:

    After a long break from juice my receptors were clear and I had the pleasure of starting my cycle with Sustaxyl 350……….VERY SATISFIED!!

    The end of week 1 I noticed oily skin and a bit of acne starting to show and by the end of week 2 strength, aggression and libido were increased. Clear oil , nice professional labels, thin oil made it easy to draw with a 25g and virtually pip free injections.

    Over all a very good product.

  11. GYM_freak says:

    I am submitting this review for Kalpa products I ran way long before. I had great success with Kalpa Pharmaceuticals


    Test.. Enanthate

    I started dosing 500mg of Enanthate and 300 mg of Propionate a week. Then I skipped Propionate by the end of week 5 and started taking 750 mg of Enanthate a week. Similarly I tapered down with Propionate at the end. There were many outstanding benefits of Testosterone in this run. Progression and strength in my lifts increased very much. Then there was little aggression but not the one I get from Trenbolone or Anadrol. I did blood work 4 weeks before ending the run. It showed very high values for both free and total Testosterone. It was a clear proof that products are dosed perfectly. All this time I never had problem with PIP. I am thankful to Kalpa for manufacturing quality oils.

  12. Ron says:

    Are any of your products can be bought in health store, that sell bodybuilding supplements.

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