MMA Book Review: “ICEMAN – My Fighting Life” by Chuck Liddell

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MMA Book Review: “ICEMAN – My Fighting Life” by Chuck Liddell

I recently had the pleasure of reading Chuck Liddell’s book “Iceman – My Fighting Life”. I was traveling for business and my flight was delayed almost 6 hours. With nothing to do, I figured I could dip into the book store and see if anything grabbed my attention. I’m not a big reader, so most of everything I saw in the book store didn’t grab my interest even slightly. The only book I thought might be a little interesting was “Iceman – My Fighting Life”, so I figured I would give it a shot. After all I did have 6 hours to burn.

As I began reading the book, I had low expectations. After all, Chuck Liddell is a fighter, not a writer, right? How good could this book be. To my surprise, I was taken in by the book immediately as it began to describe the childhood of one of the most famous mixed martial artist ever. The book takes you all the way from Chuck’s childhood years, through his college years, and all the way through his years of fighting in the UFC and being world champion of the light heavyweight division.

I thought it was a very enjoyable read.  Before I knew it, I was through the entire book. Unlike most books I have read in the past, this book did a great job of keeping my interest and plain and simply entertained me with the amazing life story that Chuck Liddell actually got to live and is still living. There is no doubt, I emerged after this read a bigger Chuck Liddell fan. While this isn’t the book you want to buy if you are trying to learn martial arts, I would highly recommend this book as an entertainment piece for anyone who likes MMA and Chuck Liddell.

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