I Want My Local Firefighters To Be On Sauce

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I Want My Local Firefighters To Be On Sauce

I had a thought today as a Fire Truck passed by at a high speed, that they could definitely benefit from the occasional cycle.  With the thought that the government wants this to be an EOE (equal opportunity employer) job, my mind wonders to me in a burning building and a 110 pound women comes in the window to carry me down the ladder, I am 220 pounds and don’t like the thought that she has to carry me down 3 floors to safety, so let her cycle up and then she will come through my window at a very capable 160.  I am all for women firefighters, my concern are the ones not able to lift a 200+ pound person, I think every member should be capable of this.  I have already said that cops should be allowed to juice as  they please as long as they can keep their tempers in check and they don’t become hypocritical by arresting other steroid users.  So why not firefighters?  They have one the most physically demanding jobs and their  job is to save lives.  I want the best possible people in uniform if I ever need their service.  I don’t it should be mandatory, because that is just as bad as leaving steroids illegal, but it should be an option.  Whether it is to make an older firefighter physically younger or an undersized hero into the shape he needs to attain.  I know this may seem like a lame attempt to push my platform but I just see this idea as practical from all viewpoints.  I don’t know if all will agree, but put yourself in the position of someone who needs rescuing and then think about what I have said.  Just a thought, take it or leave it.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] , thank you.

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  1. gear199 says:

    this is a good point they need to be strong for those type of rescues.

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