Why Are There Different Types Of Cycles

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Why Are There Different Types Of Cycles

I know that when I was young, I had the genetics and exuberance to get to my goals, but with youth comes ignorance, so I came close but just came up short every time.

Now that I am older ( in my 30’s ) I have the experience and knowledge, but my exuberance is not where it was at one time and gravity has seemed to increase over the last ten years.

So I ask myself, how much fight do I have left ? That fight is the only reason I still have the same goal, ” obscene ripness ” . I don’t care if it is at 250 or 190, to me its just about the shape and physical fitness.

So, I notice more and more I decide to use compounds that work the best for me over what they supposedly do. While anavar is a cutting roid, even a lean mass roid.

Okay, var is less likely to cause water retention, this is true, but it puts mass on you like crazy, so why not use it for a bulk cycle.

Halo is another compound that though super-mega toxic, it as very little chance of water retention.

Why not Halo to bulk ? What I think is some feel water retention is required for gaining weight . I don’t believe those people are wrong, I just believe it is not mandatory to gain 15 lbs of water weight to bulk up. Most know that diet is 90-95% of how much you will gain, lose, cut, or even lean out. So with this knowledge, concentration should be, if one was more cerebral than brawn, on your diet . So with that said, in general people should use what works for them, more so than what the Anabolic Bible  states so.

This information could serve wonders for many, the only exception is those that are sensitive to gyno in general . These people would definitely do good by themselves, by using shorter ester compounds, because these compounds are less likely to agravate those said issues.

In the end I guess my main point is great compounds like primobolan ( which I feel is near perfect ), tren ace, eq and several other are good for many purposes, and should be used as often, as it is effective, for whatever purpose it is needed.

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