Why Steroids Should Be Legal…..

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Why Steroids Should Be Legal…..

This is not an effort to change the minds of every member of Congress, because I don’t have enough money for (legal) donations (it is a joke in itself) to persuade such an idea, but if I did I think I could make it happen.  So I look at what is the 2 biggest abused substances in this country right now and the winners seem to be prescription drugs ( vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, xanax, clonopin, demeral, fentynal, etc) and alcohol.

Both cause a large sum of deaths every year , whether its an overdose or driving under the influence , they both have in common the fact that there both legally distributed.  Though you don’t hear of , medically speaking, cause of death “Steroids”, they are at times contributing factors of the death.  The point I am trying to make is that from an obvious point of view steroids are much safer (when used properly) than the likes of alcohol and prescription drugs , and it isn’t for lack of availability, those of us who want them, get them.  From a safety stand point not only are they safer than the average recreational drug it also could made a safe industry if the government were to step in, legalize, and maintain quality control, it would make sure the quality of the compounds we use during cycles by testing all gear sold in this country instead of the crap shoot we currently engage in.  This would be another taxable industry for most countries which could increase profits for the government and make it safer for the average juicer.  This leads me to one of the biggest issues today in our steroid society, besides lack of knowledge, is counterfeiting of steroids and bogus sites that offer steroids.

It is estimated that 75-85% of sites that offer the sales of steroids are a scam or they sell fake gear.  So with out a forum that has legit sources you have a better chance of throwing your money out of the window of a speeding car and receiving a package of real steroids in the mail, than sending it to one of these fake sites. 

My next reason for believing our field would improve vastly from the simple process of legalizing anabolic steroids is knowledge and proper usage.  My first cycle was when i was 18 years old, which is and was very stupid, but back then there wasn’t much on the internet and steroid forums were out of the question, so I went with what a guy at the gym told (by the way he had no clue what he was talking about) me.  So if this wasn’t such a taboo , back alley society that there was no good fact based advice, I was lucky if I could find out what the compound were used for.  If the U.S. government was willing to take our world out of the the back alleys and moved us on up to Front Street, with the sales would be guidelines for proper use and basic health precautions.  There would have been a nice man to tell me what a moron I was and to come back in 5-6 years.  I guess the Government thinks they are stopping the use of steroids by making it an illegal substances, punishable by law, when in all reality they are making it more dangerous and risking the health of everyone that crosses into our world.  Yes there are some very toxic steroids but there also roids like Deca that I feel is no more lethal than creatine, but instead they would rather generalize steroids and there side effects than actually take the time to research and understand what they are, why we take them, and how if used properly are no more dangerous than many legal supplements on the market.  Though this post isn’t very witty or entertaining I feel it is important that we speak our minds on this subject until someone in government decides to listen (don’t hold your breathe) to reason and fact.

But until this day I will continue to fight the good fight and try to help those so they don’t make the mistakes of those from before the internet era.  In plain ebonics (hood slang) anyone willing to fight for the rights of steroid users, I got there back, WORD UP!!! Well hope I one day all these dreams come true until then I’m here to help.

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