GSP May Wrestle in the 2012 Olympics

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GSP May Wrestle in the 2012 Olympics

There has been much talk of Georges St. Pierre going to the Olympic games in 2012 to test his wrestling skills against some of the best in the world.  While GSP doesn’t have the same collegiate wrestling back ground as many of todays UFC stars such as Josh Koscheck, or Brock Lesnar, many believe GSP to be the most skilled wrestler in MMA today.

But why would GSP, who is a Mixed Martial Artist revert to wrestling.

The thought of GSP testing his wrestling skills in the Olympics is great news if you are both a MMA fan and a wrestling fan, but will Dana White really let GSP do this.  After all, Dana White has gained a reputation as being very controlling of the fighters who fight in the UFC.  Like any boss, he expects his employees work in the Octagon to be first priority.

GSP is aware of his obligation to the UFC and has acknowledged that his dream of being an Olympic Wrestler, could remain just that, a dream.

“There is a big difference in me saying, ‘I want to go to the Olympic games,’ and actually going to the Olympic games,” said the 28 year-old welterweight champion. “It is very hard … you have to pass through a bunch of obstacles before you get there.”

UFC  President Dana White has in turn acknowledged GSP’s desire to go to the Olympics and said:

“I think it would be great if he won a medal,” said White. “Guys that are under contract, they come to us and we sit down and we figure things out. Listen, the thing is if you’re under contract with me, (it) doesn’t mean I don’t want you doing anything else in your life.”

With that bit from White, maybe it is possible for GSP to really compete in the 2010 Olympics.  One thing is for sure though, it is not likely that Dana White will allow GSP’s Olympic hopes to get in the way of the UFC making money and continuing the work to become the worlds biggest sports franchise.  GSP is no doubt one of the biggest stars to ever set foot in the Octagon.  He is an asset to the UFC that White will likely be very reluctant to let go.

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