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Exercise is an effective tool for losing bodyweight by expending calories during energy taxing exercises, and therefore tilting the energy balance to negative to induce weight loss. Of course, the calories expelled by exercise and fitness activities are just one half of the energy balance equation, with a calorie controlled diet important to ensure an overall negative caloric state. Body composition and aesthetical appeal can be further enhanced via specific exercises designed to reduce body fat, whilst adding some muscle mass to create a toned and athletic look.

Weight loss exercises

As previously mentioned, exercises which expend a plentiful number of calories will be ideal for weight loss. Luckily there is a whole variety of exercises which expel calories effectively, with moderate aerobic exercise the choice of many. Moderate aerobic exercise, performed for an extended duration, will result in sufficient calorie expenditure, an ideal solution for weight loss. Aerobic exercise is also great for improving the function of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

Aerobic exercise can be performed at various levels of intensity, which can be measured by heart rate, breathing, and personal estimates of the level of effort being applied. As a rough estimate, moderate aerobic exercise would be performed at a level in which it is possible to talk at, but with an intake of air needed every few words to complete the sentence.

Swimming is another aerobic exercise which can be highly effective at expending calories, with the body involving most major muscle groups for the main swimming stokes.

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise can be performed three to four times per week, with duration of thirty to sixty minutes per session.

Resistance exercises, such as weight training exercises, are not commonly performed by those looking to lose weight. Weight training is normally seen as an exercise choice for those looking to bulk up, and add muscle, not lose body weight. Whilst it is true that weight training is a great method of increasing muscle mass and body weight, a lot of this is determined by the diet followed and overall training plan followed. Weight training is a perfect choice for those looking to approve their shape, improving aesthetical appeal, whilst burning calories. The calories expelled by weight training sessions are measurable next to cardiovascular sessions, with an elevated metabolic rate induced post weight training due to the muscle repair process. Increased muscle mass also results in a greater metabolic rate, elevating the number of calories burnt at rest.

Weight training can be performed two to four times per week, following a well balanced training program which exercises the major muscles of the body. Each session should be between thirty and sixty minutes long. See our muscle and exercise section for help with exercises.

Diet and weight loss

Diet and weight loss are directly related, with dietary intake dictating massively on whether body weight is gained, or lost. Whilst this article aims to cover exercises for weight loss it should be noted how important a calorie controlled diet is for losing weight. A sound approach to weight loss would be the implementation of fitness activities, whilst consuming a balanced, healthy and calorie controlled diet.

Plenty of fluids should also be consumed when trying to lose weight, especially when exercising due to fluid loss from sweating.

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