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dragonpharma.net review

I have to decide which online steroid store fits best my needs. First, comes on my review list is dragonpharma.net. I was just looking and analyzing the homepage of the website, when I got a message from them, which showed me right away that its customer service is easily accessible if I have any questions about my meds.

Dianabol 20 from Dragon Pharma is available at $53.00 for 100 tablets. It’s nice to see that some popular drug products are also available here. DragonPharma.net accepts CRYPTO-CURRENCIES (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash) and MONEY TRANSFER option is also available. Shipment cost varies, it can reach a maximum of $30.00. The delivery time for any placed order is 30 days from the day order placed, the pharmacy also assures that if you do not get your order after 30 days, a full re-ship will be generated. Online pharmacy claims that it has been present in this sector since 2009. It is also reassuring that the website is securely encrypted and no information is leaked. Dragon Pharma also claims that it has a large number of qualified pharmacists to ensure the quality of the products. DragonPharma.net promises one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

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DragonPharma.net Reviews:

Let’s have a look now what other customers think about this online ordering platform. It is important to look for authentic customer reviews. The main purpose of switching from the physical drug store to an online store for me is to get the most cost efficient and safe product right from the comfort of my home. Moreover, the online drugstore has to meet all my requirements to get my preference.

One customer reviewer named, George Mitschele from the United States, said in 2015 “been using you for quite some time now. Service and delivery are prompt and accurate and far less expensive.” The user seems to be using this store for a long time and is happy with the service.

Another users, Mr. Randy Robinson and Robert Scholl both from the US, are rating the online pharmacy all five stars. Randy Robinson has been a customer for about five years and surprisingly he never faced a problem. Mr. Robert says “This is the first time that I’m ordering from your company. The representative that took my order was very polite and knowledgeable. I look forward to receiving my order soon.” These reviews from the customers ensure me that the service of this virtual pharmacy is excellent, and we now can put a tick on our first requirement. Almost all of the customers are satisfied with the client support.

DragonPharma.net Reviews 2019:

This is the best part of my review, as I found some most recently posted reviews for the DragonPharma.net. The customer of the online platform is overwhelmingly satisfied with the service and support. Starting from the very first reviewer, Mr. Henry says “BODY ALTERING DECISION. Be a slave to big pharma or change your body for the better? I’m no longer paying $300 for a Sustanon vial. I’m paying $55 for sustanon. Truly body altering. Shipping only took 7-8 days.” Henry from the USA considers the switch to dragonpharma a body changing experience. He claims the cost difference of about 2000%; he is also satisfied with the delivery time.

Another user, named Aaron Swihart, said on August 2016 “I’ve ordered from Dragon Pharma 3 times now, and they’ve always come through. In one case, shipment was damaged in transit and they completely replaced it free of charge. They have managed to get specific batch numbers I have requested sent correctly. Delivery speed is not bad considering it is international and has to go through customs. I’ve ordered from other online overseas pharmacies, and results have varied. Dragon Pharma is one of the few that have consistently met my needs with effective products from respected European pharmaceutical companies.” This reviewer described the situation when the delivery of the goods was damaged.

Moreover, Dragon Pharma takes the full liability of the damage and offers a refund or replacement. The reviews confirmed my decision to consider this online pharmacy for my needs. Melissa from the US on July 2016 says “My order came in, and everything was perfect! I even got a free clen! The customer service and products are great. I highly recommend! Thank you!!!!.” Melissa, another satisfied customer of Dragon Pharma, emphasizes on the excellent customer support and some great value for money products.

The customer reviews are very well written and all of them confirm my decision to give DragonPharma.net a try. I would definitely give this online platform a try, as it offers proficient customer support and unbeatable prices.

DragonPharma.net Coupon Codes:

One of the core reason behind my desire to switch to online steroid store is to get great saving discounts, which you usually do not get in physical pharmacies. The only time I got a discount in my pharmacy was when they forgot to fill my prescription and I had to come back in another hour.

Most of the e-commerce stores working in the pharmaceutical distribution sector offer some great discounts and DragonPharma.net is a no exception: the deal says up to 25% off for the products and it is valid in all the segments. Another popular discount scheme is valid only if your order have 5 or more same items (starting only from 5%).


DragonPharma.net is famous and well appreciated online steroid store, which offers a large number of pharmaceutical products at reasonable prices. The shipment is performed from Europe mainly and they are capable of delivering almost all over the globe. The products, distributed but this online steroid store, are from well reputed European and Indian manufacturers, they offer pharma grade products. After all, saving health is more important than saving money. The success of this virtual pharmacy speaks through its large number of satisfied customers; all customers are just rhyming the excellent services and quality of Dragon Pharma.

I can rate DragonPharma.net 5 on the scale from 1 to 5.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend dragonpharma.net to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders.
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