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  1. massivebeast

    Alright. I’ll be the first to admit I am guilty of ordering from the local dollar store for most of my orals recently. That being said, when comparing DP to what I have been taking, it impressed the hell out of me! The difference is not just noticeable it’s obvious in my everyday lifting routine. Fuller muscles, better pumps, decreased body fat, increased strength. Out of 3 orders 2 have made it to my door successfully – DP took care of the unreceived order LIKE A BOSS. He’s got a customer for as long as he’s got product!

    DP Var: 100mg per day for 4 weeks. Impeccable results! Everything you would expect. Decreased body fat, increased strength, slept well, increased appetite, increased sense of wellbeing. Compared to other var I’ve tried recently this felt very “Clean” – meaning I felt good taking it and not lethargic.

    DP Oral Tren: 2-3 tabs daily (I’m a big guy) for 3 week bursts. I had many months to experiment with this. Before ordering this from DP I had never tried an Oral Tren and I took advantage of a generous promotion he ran to test it out. No joke – this is NOT for novices. Please don’t even try this if you don’t have 5+ years under your belt. Liver enzymes (both ast and alt) were almost quadruple their ideal range after running this at 3 tabs daily for 3 weeks. It took about 4 1/2 weeks to get back to a healthy range so nothing permanent but beware. My body fat decreased very noticeably but it did have it’s nasty sides: decreased sense of wellbeing, chronic headaches, unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time at night, and a ‘dry’ feeling in my tendons (not sure if anyone else has experienced that). No amazing strength gains like others have reported. If you’re not careful you can look like a water balloon in 2 weeks on this. Overall it was nice to test out a new compound and I might use this again in the future.

    Although I enjoyed the results from your Var it is not finically practical for me to buy it. One pack is only good for 5 days at 100mg per day. The cost for a 4 week cycle is no feasible for most people. That being said this is ideal for females. I would love to see you make a 25mg and a 50mg Var DP tab at a competitive price. You would be sold out – always!


  2. BackAndMac

    DP is simply uncontested. Payment was picked up quickly, shipping was fast and discrete. Their products are 100% g2g. Customer for life!


  3. jfr4

    DP is the best source period. i ordered dbol and pct including hcg for a test e cycle. each and every product is gtg. the only mistake i made was to go to a different source for my test e, which was bunk. the dbol is so good that i thought it the test e kicking in because of the amazing pumps i was getting. customer service excellent. over all experience, simply the best.


  4. cwgarza

    Writing this review for Dragon Pharma sustanon that I ran on my last sust/tren ace cycle.

    Recieved constant communication from dragonpharma.net. Let me know when the order was received, money was picked up, and when goods were shipped. A+ communication

    Packaging was discreet and tightly packed. The goods were intact and arrived within 2 weeks after shipping confirmation.

    Ordered 4 vials of sustanon.

    Quality was to be expected. Heard good stuff about this sust and gave it a shot. Ran 1cc eod along with tren ace from another source. Ran this for roughly 10 weeks. Gained a solid 15lbs. I have since then lost 5 lbs post cycle. So keeping 10 lbs isn’t bad at all. I feel better and this pct has been one of my easiest to rebound from.

    Great source. Great products. First time to try Dragon Pharma and probably won’t be my last. Dragonpharma.net keep up the awesome work.


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