Don’t Like Kimbo Slice? You Tell Him!

Everybody loves the Light Heavyweight division… It’s no secret. But why? Anyone who knows anything will tell you the answer. It’s because the talent pool is so much deeper, there are more fighters, more contention for the title, it’s easy. Now, think about how much of that excitement is pure hype. I’ve seen some of the greatest battles in the history of this sport at featherweight, those guys fight their hearts out. If nobody creates any energy in other weight classes, we might stand to lose world-class talent like Miguel Torres and all the excitement he brings with him. Now, here’s the point.

The heavyweight division was noticeably bogged down when some of the bigger names started to seem like they couldn’t keep up any momentum. Everything started to get a little watered-down, which is guaranteed to break a sport. Dana White is a very savvy man, he knew what to do. He brought Brock Lesnar in to raise the bar for other contenders. I think it was as smart an idea as anyone could come up with, but I have a problem and want to ask you guys what you think.

I get all jazzed up when I see commercials for UFC 101 until I see a little clip of Dana talking about how he will not let Kimbo Slice into the UFC unless he goes through TUF. I see his reasoning behind this. We all know how Kimbo came to fame, and if you don’t, get on youtube, look up Kimbo Slice’s bareknuckle boxing videos, but first, clear at least an hour from your schedule. You cannot watch only one video… I’ll admit it’s not the most notable avenues into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I know it’s  not the prestigious world of Professional Wrestling, but nobody hits harder than Kimbo.

I’ve heard a lot of speculation as to why Brock Lesnar is such a good fighter. Well, of course he trains hard, eats right, respects the sport. (Just look at the post-fight press conference from UFC 100) He’s certified as a giant! I must be the only one on Earth that thinks the whole Lesnar situation is entirely unfair. And now, a fighter that can actually wipe the floor with Brock, and HE has to pay his dues? I ask you WEF Fans, is that as jacked up as I think it is? Even though I have no idea Kimbo can win TUF, I still hear people saying he doesn’t deserve to fight Brock. Here’s my question. What does everybody have against Kimbo Slice? Is it his demeanor? I heard some other pro footballers talking to reporters about the upcoming season, and it’s not even like they were talking smack about an upcoming opponent, they were just talking about the new season. I thought something went wrong with the audio feed and they popped in a Young Jeezy cd. So I ask again, why all the hate for Kimbo? As always, feel free to drop comments, so you can tell us what you think.

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