Dana White Says Anderson Silvia is the Best Pound for Pound – GSP is a Close Second

Everyone is constantly haggling over who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  After the recent destruction of BJ Penn, many are saying Georges St. Pierre is the best in the world.  Dana White has his own opinion.  Here is a Dana White quote from MMA Weekley: 

“I still wouldn’t call (St. Pierre) pound-for pound the best in the world. But I would say, yea, he’s No. 2. No doubt about it,” said the high profile president of the UFC. “Anderson Silva has been annihilating everybody for a long time. Georges has some work to do now.

“If Georges takes out Thiago Alves, he’s on his way,” added White. “The pound-for-pound to me, I would say Georges St. Pierre would be neck-and-neck with Anderson had he not lost to Matt Serra.”

When asked if the UFC would host a super-fight between Silva would fight GSP, White said:

“I think it’s possible,” White commented. “Right now, what I think we should do is guys stay in their weight classes for a while, but I’m a fan of super-fights.”

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