Dana White, Downplaying Fedor vs Rogers, Strikeforce

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Dana White, Downplaying Fedor vs Rogers, Strikeforce

According to the LA Times, the same old same came from Dana White when asked what he thought of the Fedor vs Rogers Fight and the ratings received by CBS.

“CBS would be out of their mind to put that rinky-dink [Strikeforce] . . . on the air again . . . and without that backing, [promoters] won’t have the money to pay [Emelianenko]. …The guy just got his face smashed in by Brett Rogers. Do you know what Brock or Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez would do to Brett Rogers? It’s time to bring this guy [Fedor] in, to see Brock Lesnar smash his head.”

From the picture above taken by Fight Magazine, and my personal experience watching the fight, I would say that there is a slight chance that Dana White is exaggerating the suckiness of the Fedor vs Rogers event.  In this photo, I see an amazingly exciting MMA moment that is surly only one of the many exciting moments in the Fedor vs Rogers fight.  I am no Dana White, but as a fan,  I watched the fight and was completely entertained, intrigued and impressed.   As far as I am concerned, it was one of the best fights I have seen in a long time.  Not only did Fedor show the world that he is truly the beast of a world extreme mixed martial artist that everyone has been saying he is, but Brett Rogers, in my eyes has also proven himself to be the kind of fighter who can compete with the top level mixed martial artists in the world.  With that said, assuming that Frank Mir or Brock Lesnar would smash Rogers is not good enough for me anymore.  After Rogers’ amazing performance against Fedor, I will now have to see it before I will believe it.  While Strikeforce may still be a small, unworthy fight promotion opponent to Dana White, you have to admit that the Fedor vs Rogers fight did provide some credibility to Strikeforce’s heavyweight division. Could it be possible that there is more to MMA than the UFC?

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