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weight loss drug

Weight Loss Drug

A new weight loss drug has been made available over the counter in the EU. The weight loss drug – orlistat, has been granted a licence which enables chemists to sell the drug over the counter, with a reduced dose than is commonly prescribed by medical professionals for weight related issues. As with many weight loss drugs sold by pharmaceutical companies, there is a voice of concern by health professionals who do not wish to see the public exploited, with the very conscious body image of the west susceptible to so called “wonder drugs”.

The drug is said to be aimed at those who have a BMI reading of 28 and over (calculate your BMI), placing them in the obese category. Those with a so called “healthy BMI” are obviously excluded from the target group, although it is obviously clear that body weight is just one factor in health and fitness. The weight loss drug is said to be best implemented with a low calorie and low fat diet, with clinical trails indicating a 50% reduction in weight from implementing the drug for weight loss. Those who do eat high fat can experience diarrhoea if taking the drug, although there is no mention of levels of fat within the diet which can trigger this side effect. Lets hope the individuals who start taking this new weight loss drug do not exclude important dietary fats from their diet, which play a key role in health and fitness.

If you are thinking of purchasing weight loss drugs it would be wise to firstly ensure you are following a suitable exercise and dietary approach, with these key aspects much more important to health, weight management and well being than any weight loss drug. Many people are ill-informed when it comes to reducing body weight, but with the correct dietary intake and exercise program implemented, many will see vast improvements in fitness, body weight, and mood. If you need to take a look at sample meal plans, take a look at the meal plan site for some great information. Look across this site for information regarding exercise and fitness!

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