Calories Burnt During Weight Lifting

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calories burnt weight lifting

Calories Burnt During Weight Lifting

Weight lifting as a form of exercise should not be limited to trainees whom seek a muscular physique. Weight lifting (or weight training) is beneficial to various people who have a whole spectrum of goals and abilities. Weight training also expels a reasonable number of calories during and after a workout, ideal for those seeking to lose fat. A person who goes to the gym with the goal of losing fat will typically focus on the cardiovascular based exercises, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowers, yet the free weight section of the gym is commonly overlooked. Weight training can not only enhance the aesthetics of a physique by increasing muscle size, but it can also effectively burn calories inducing fat loss.

How many calories are burnt from weight lifting?

This question is impossible to answer precisely, but a rough estimation can be found below. The intensity, exercise choice, body weight and composition, and a countless number of other factors all play a role.

1 hour high intensity weight lifting
130lb person – 354 calories
155lb person – 422 calories
190lb person – 518 calories

1 hour light to moderate weight lifting
130lb person – 177 calories
155lb person – 211 calories
190lb person – 259 calories

The above figures do not take into consideration the increased calorie output post workout as the body is repairing the micro-tears to the muscle tissue.

But I want to slim down, not bulk up!

Implementing weight training into your overall training plan is not going to drastically increase your muscle bulk in the short to medium term. Bodybuilders and other aesthetic focused trainees do train with weights to increase muscular size, yet this process takes time and they usually have a diet which is very high in calories and protein which is fundamental to their heightened muscle growth. A female weight trainer will also likely see less notable muscle bulk compared to their male training counterparts as males have much higher levels of testosterone which supports the growth of muscle.

Two or three one hour weight training sessions can be highly effective for trainees whom seek to loss fat or enhance their physique without becoming too “bulky”. Ensure a suitable diet, a mixture of resistance training and cardiovascular training, and the results should prove fruitful.

Which weight training exercises are best?

No exercise could be classed as being the best per se; as each exercise has its purpose depending on the goal. For a trainee who trains two to three times per week and wishes to expel calories; full body workouts would work well. These weight training sessions will be composed of two to three compound exercises which recruit a large number of muscles during the execution of the exercise.

As an example:

Bench press
Pull down

Shoulder press
Seated cable row / bent over barbell row

Back raises

Always ask for help from a personal trainer regarding the form of the exercises to ensure you perform them correctly and safely.

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