BJ Penn vs GSP, Technique vs Athleticism

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BJ Penn vs GSP, Technique vs Athleticism

The fight between BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre on January 31st, is expected to be one of the most exciting bouts of our time.  Both fighters are currently holding belts and are making their way to be UFC hall of famers.  GSP is thought to be by many, the most athletic fighter in the industry.  BJ Penn is thought to be one of the most technical and talented fighters in the industry.  This could be a classic tale of Technique vs Athleticism.  During a recent press conference in Torronto, Penn and GSP got a chance to voice their thoughts on the up coming fight.  Here are some quotes from them.


“I think I’m going to come out with a better game plan than he will and I truly believe I’m a better athlete.  And overall skill, I think I’m better as well. But there is only one way to find out and that’s why we’re going to fight each other.”

“After watching the Fitch fight, Georges is good at everything. It’s safe to say that. But I feel honestly, when you’re such a good athlete and you’re so athletic, no matter how hard you try, you can only be so technical because you’re such an athletic specimen. And I feel that’s where I come in. I’m not that athletic specimen. I’m strong and fast but I’m not that athletic specimen. It’s more natural to me to be technical because I cannot get out of a position … where in the other case Georges can get out with that athleticism. So with that, that’s the great contrast, that’s the great matchup we have here today. The athletic machine versus the mind that’s going to sit here and think, How can I get around this guy, he’s so great at all these things?”‘

BJ Penn also expressed that he wants to fight Matt Hughes next.  When someone asked why, he said

Did anyone ever kick your ass before and you got pissed off about it?

It sounds like GSP believes he has the whole package and BJ Penn believes his technical ability will help to over come a GSP which he believes is more athletic than technical.  All in all, both fighters seem to have a respect for on another and will be sure to bring their A games to UFC 94

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