The Best MMA Fight of 2009

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The Best MMA Fight of 2009

I’ve read a few articles and a couple blogs about the best fight of 2009. I know its only July, but there have already been some great fights, and with UFC 100 around the corner, we are bound to see at least a couple more. There are a lot of different opinions as to what the best fight of the year is so far, and I have to say, it was hard for me to pick just one….But here it is. 

In my humble opinion, the best fight so far in 2009 is Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida! 

Now, when looking at all the spectacular fights of this year, I narrowed it down to  this fight and the Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki fight. You can easily argue that the Torres fight is the best because it was an absolute 5 round brawl and it was for a world title…Very valid points. However, what the Sanchez and Guida fight provided was two unmatched characters in MMA. You cannot find two more intense guys in MMA than Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida. The stare down usually begins when the second guy enters the octagon and they are directly across from each other. The stare down in this fight started a few seconds after Diego Sanchez walked into the arena and gave a couple “Yes” chants, and it didn’t end until the instructions were read and they were told to fight. The first round was an all out brawl with Sanchez getting the better of Guida with some huge uppercuts and a few vicious knees. But Giuda being the animal he is came back strong in the second round applying all kinds of pressure on Sanchez. But in all seriousness, can anyone remember seeing a guy take a kick to the head like Clay Guida did and literally bounce back within a second of being put on the canvas? In my eyes, this fight could have gone either way, but Sanchez pulled out the win in a brutal, bloody battle between two amazing fighters. 

I can’t think of two more exciting fighters in the sport right now…Street corner, back alley, or octagon, I’d pay to see these two fight any time anywhere!

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