Are Urijah Faber’s Days Numbered?

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Are Urijah Faber’s Days Numbered?

I’ll admit I’ve been neglecting the WEC for a while now, but it’s only because I’ve been waiting for something to happen that’s, in my opinion, worthwhile. I’ve got to say, If I’d heard another word about Miguel Torres, this would be more of a suicide note than an article. He’s the best pound-for-pound in the WEC, but don’t you think the other fighters deserve a little exposure as well? Like a magnetic man wandering too close to a knife shop, this brings me to my point.

I recall another fighter being called the best PFP fighter in the WEC. His name is Urijah Faber. We all know this business is all about momentum, so when he lost his title and failed to bring it back home with his rematch, it was as if he dropped off the face of the earth. What does an impressive fighter have to do to get back in there after a slight loss of momentum? If history has taught us anything, he has to win a whole lot more fights in a row, which has proven nearly impossible for many, many fighters. 

When Urijah lost his title, he had to prove himself in a few more fights to get a second shot. Many speculate that Torres will most likely get an immediate rematch, which brings mixed emotions from a lot of fans. Is it fair? Is it a product of Faber’s slight drop from the spotlight after his latest loss? It’s true that the fighter who steps in front of the camera and takes the photo shoot and all the interviews is going to be a star, but let’s not forget that all that exposure is always taking away from training time. Every minute you’re talking to a camera, that’s another minute someone else is training to take your spot. In this case, that someone is one of the most dangerous players in the game, and he may be nursing an injury, but I, for one, wouldn’t count him out just yet. This Cali kid has a drive and tenacity like no other, but does that matter nowadays? Are Urijah Faber’s days numbered? Will we see another rematch sans broken hands? Or maybe a jump to UFC, Strikeforce, or Affliction? Any one of those options would be awesome, but are they options yet?

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