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Dragon Pharma

Dragon Pharma company, in the market of sports pharmacology, appeared relatively recently. The activity of the young European company started in 2009. It is focused on domestic market in Europe, but sometimes Dragon Pharma products fall in other countries. The priority of the company is the production of high-quality pharmaceuitcals at affordable price.

As a young company, it has an unprecedented opportunity for development. Dragon Pharma enterprises capacities are constantly increasing, and the company’s lab develops new medicines. And this is not a simple laboratory, but a real research center! The company is working to create new products that are in demand on the market today. Modern equipment allows the company to produce medicines in vials and tablets. Particular attention is paid to the quality of products.

Dragon Pharma provides for customers with a fairly wide range of pharmaceutical products for effective muscle growth, endurance and strength development, quality muscles. Despite its wide range of anabolic steroids, the company produces every year several new injectable and oral formulations, of interest to professional athletes and amateurs. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of medicines, as control of their manufacturing is done at all stages from the purchase of high quality raw materials to packaging of finished products.

Today Dragon Pharma produces anabolic steroids in tablets and vials.

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  1. James Sotomayer - 2017-12-02 3:23 PM

    To whom it may concern:

    I am trying to order from you but I am unable to! I am in treated in your Product Anavar 50 Mg.
    Do you have an 800 number? and where in your website Can I order from? Thank you.
    Waiting for a favorable answer, Sincerely James Sotomayer.

  2. xtra - 2018-08-30 7:39 AM

    T3 – Great product, does what it should to. Using it now for 22 days in connection with diet and a lot of cardio and already lost 8kg (17,5lbs) but didn’t lose a lot of strength! Really happy with that.

  3. Soulplaya66 - 2018-09-13 9:43 AM

    I am Very Satisfied with Dragon Pharma gear, i think its by far the one of the best labs and i mean it that i will stick to this lab or pharma quality. I will review Their Test 350 and Tren E 200mg. An honest review. I have used so far many Test 350 Blends but this one of dragon pharma contains Isocaproate than many other labs contain in their T350 blends Decanoate. To be honest I feel the Isocaproate suits much better to Enanthate and Cypionate Blend, i feel the Decanoate has a to long actice life. I say this because i feel the kicking of this compound T350 much better than other T350 blends. I noticed a Bad pip at the first injection at my right glute probably becasuse its strong gear but after many injections and till now i dont feel any pip anymore even at other sights. I feel the Potency of this gear after a week slowly growing, Also i feel really more in the balls(horny) than before.My skin became a bit oily but no acne at all. I have combined this Compund with DP Tren E 200mg, and i really can say either is overdosed or it has a very high purity, I’ve injected 1ml straight first and the next days i felt immense thermogenic and became very fast sweat. I lowered the dose to 0.5ml after the first injection, The Power i feel combined with T350 is immense i got lower back pain the weights have been nearly doubled in every exercise, i feel pain in my joints ( I shouldnt exaggerate and lower the weight again ).

    I need to mention that this Tren gives me an aweful taste in the mouth while inecting and if im not injecting it slowly enough the chance getting a tren cough is way to high. Night sweats as usual, but what makes this tren different than any other labs i have used so far is its potency, i can only guess that it has high purity!

  4. I.M.Juicy P.H.D - 2018-09-19 3:14 PM

    Reviewing the lab from my latest cycle, Dragon Pharma Test En250

    Been pinning 1 cc E3D for the past 12 weeks in to delts and quads mostly

    No pip great labels smooth pin clear oils

    Ive gained about 15lbs raw since using this lab. My strength has shot up Im making great gains in my PRs and im staying lean and full on a diet

    Greasy skin great libido some nip itch and acne but no real issues at all with this simple cycle

    Loved this brand and in light of recent bllods, ill be picking up more

  5. maddogg28 - 2018-10-24 1:58 PM

    i have been using the accutane for 12 days now and i can tell u for sure it is legit.

    Started with 40mg a day for first week then upped dose to 80mg a day split into 2 doses morning

    and about 7pm and it is drying me out already. skin is dry as hell my lips are dry as hell and the acne is starting to dry out not so many outbreaks of spots so i can say for sure it is decent gear. Have not used the anavar yet but i no it will be decent quality if the accutane is

  6. JOECOOL508 - 2018-11-14 1:04 PM

    dragon pharma sustanon, deca 300, and eq 300 injectables also dragon pharma anavar, t-bol, and arimidex.

    I have been on all of the products listed for over a month, in such a short time i have had noticeable gains in mass, strength, and fat loss. I elected to go with all dragon pharma products so as to test out the labs quality and so far all is as expected. reasonable pip and oily skin, nothing good hygiene isnt taking care of. My temper has been a little hard to keep in check which has been historically my problem anyway.

    Nothing but good things to say about DRAGON PHARMA. I will be a repeat buyer from the lab products.

  7. ManimalKing - 2018-11-21 1:25 PM

    I really like dragon pharma and I’ve used many of their products before and especially the orals always are on point and my run with dragon pharma turanabol for he first time was no different

    I used 25mg preworkout and 25mg post for 50days without tweaking my diet or training much I gained 10lbs of lean mass and set a couple PRs

    I noticed hard pumps and great strength boosts and vascularity

    I didn’t suffer any sides from this hormone except some back pumps and calf pumps that sucked. But overall very blessed this cycle.

    I really liked the tabs and how well they are made and I appreciate the appearance as well.

  8. wimpy1 - 2018-12-12 2:41 PM

    2-DP sust

    DP test prop

    Ran these 2 products together during my last cycle. Along with some anadrol from another lab. gotta be the best Sust & prop I’ve ran in awhile. Usually any fast acting gear I run gives me pip like a mofo.. this stuff is smooth as silk. No pip whatsoever! Pins good thru a 25g pin. The sust & prop combined had me a beast in the gym.. after 8 weeks of running the sust i had gained 12 lbs. Oily skin, and always hungry as hell.

    Gear for the quality..


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